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  1. I think for me is part of the fun arrange the inventory, go trough stuff.. like a licence to be a little girl again... I wouldn't mind to rearange my outfit folder..... I think BOM is not a new learning curve that is difficult to understand. It can use system skin. You bought it, click on it, and you are ready to go. You don't need to buy for more. eBody says it clearly: Why should i use it? It's efficient. BOM reduces texture memory usage by up to 75% offering better performance, lett stutter and more fun. It's simpler to use, BOM doesn't require any kind of applier you can add or remove it just like your clotes. No hassle, one BOM skin can be applied over every mesh attachment all at once. In short: it's efficient, simple and easy to use. That doesn't mean it would be cheaper, i guess.. But more convenient for the newbies to start with. You know, I'm not the only one with a bad economy. With high prices, SL becomes elitist.. and the game i love sice 2008 becomes a little hostile because only credit card people can look good and modern. And after that, you see that 80% of all activity or more is around "buy buy buy" like if SL is a virtual shopping, not a virtual world. But thanks to events that give away free stuff, I'm really glad I can change my old flexi skirts and "clothes" wardrove and have a little more and up to date. Thank to all the merchants for giving away their creations, specially the ones that made their stuff to adjust to the free genus head and the free bodies.
  2. Thank you for youre reply. No, if i had ctrl+alt+T on, it would be a lot more stuff red highlighted. I already rule that one out. I don't have much money left, and with my country's economy, when 1 dollar is 100$, i will not buy lindens. The means i had to make lindens inside SL was way more fun than wasting my RL money (going to sploders,but the owner of that company that steal IPs, banned me because "i clicked too much" in a heavily crowded sim, and all my avies that didn't used to go to those events). That's why I'm ok with my light skin avies, but not with my african avie (or my asian) because it is super hard to get for free/dollarbie/freebie. I did buy that revoul skin, hard to pass because it is a greatly regarded store and cheap, but I find that brand to be too much airbrushed, too much lights... and of course, I forgot I have to buy the body applier, to it was not really $65.. So i was thinking to find a cheap one for the body and put the one i bought. I love Angel Rock but they are way out of reach. I would gladly spent my bottom lindens on that, but can't reach it hehe.. Not for revoul.. I'm not convinced. I think it would be really fun to make my own skin... but I don't know how to. Don't know where people learn to make hairs, skins or clothes. Than you for the guidence!! The mistery remains: why the HUD is red?
  3. This is MY opinion: You don't miss anything. I've said publicly that i don't like those heads 'cause they all have the same lips (you can notice that seeing the head from the sides), and those lips are the ducky one.. that i don't like.. and, people use those silly animations (tonge out or bubble gum) that lelutka just copied. You pay a LOT of money for a head that you can't modify as you want (some sliders don't work). I've been banned before, from that voodoosploder.. because i clicked too much.. so I even can't go to some regions for that. They know my IP and banned all my avies. fck them. That head is kind of ugly... You are better off!
  4. Appliers are really inconvenient i so many ways, and expensive! system skins have been for much longer than these appliers.... Well, let's wait and see.. I'm not buying.
  5. Thank you both for replying! I only recognized the applyers as the ones you buy in a skin store, not the ones that came with the mesh bodies... What I'm finding intriguing is why merchants are still selling appliers? It is CERO complicated to use a system skin. When you buy a skin, in reality, is just skin for your mesh head, not your whole body.. then you have to buy an extra applyer for the body or the omega.. and that's when a newbie get lost, and I'm not a newbie but I've never like the appliers, mostly because i like to use my system head for my main body and no new skin has a classic version. For this avie I'm trying so hard to get an african skin that is farely cheap... So it will be a difficult search. I'm going to pick myself up from the changing room and see that link
  6. As you can see in all the pictures i uploaded, I'm not.
  7. Long story short, i can't have my meshbody BOM, because my system body explodes as soon as i take off the alpha. I think I'm doing something really silly, and the solution is in front of my eyes but i can't see it. I'm using [CLASSIC] Meshbody (f) Gift Edition (1.2.1) from The Shops!, but this error happens with ABAR - eBODY CURVY - BOX - FREE VERSION (and classic too).... I'm using Firestorm in the latest update, and Windows 10. The 2 PCs i use are really great to run SL, but of course, i have a little lag.. But I know is not the issue here. I started this from the reset defaut female avatar, several times, but still can't do it. In this picture below you can see i have nothing else in my avie. Next: I took off everything i could, then, I put on what was needed in the classic meshbody: first the alpha, then body, feets and hands. At last, the HUD as you can clearly see, it is redish, and i don't get it. Has something to do with this whole thing? I don't know. Above you can see in graphics, that allowed what the hud needed to display. Next: I clicked on "apply BOM", and of course, body dissapeared and hands and feets are red. What was expected. Then: The body appeared. Great!.. But as you can see, it is the default skin, and i don't want it... So i need to click on some of the skins the HUD already has: In the picture above, i pointed out to the eyes, I meant the skin. There are stuff I can´t take off. System/classic skin can't be taken off.. So you can see in the circle that i want that skin, so the nex step would be click on it? right? So I did, and this is what happened: My system body exploded. I have the free Genus strong face, and i have a revoul skin (it has the tattoo and applier to be used) but I'm not using it because would be a real mess! I need to discover what is happening. Thank you in advance.
  8. I could give the same advice to trolls: if you can't respond to a question, don't respond laughing or lashing to the OP. I think the 6yo are the ones that can't read and start to laugh like pubescents, or 6yo. No info, no answers, just silly "jokes". You don't agree with what OP said? just clarify it with a normal answer. Or do your own funny post. Behind a screen a lot of people forgot that there is actually other people. Another one says that he is shocked or something to be blocked because of what he commented.. yes, why not! if people can block in internet, why not! keep trolls away.. we mostly can't do that IRL!
  9. I agree with the air-brushed skins.. they look like dolls, and some of them cost a LOT. I don't see any changes in events were there are a lot of avies, except with the fact that MANY of them appeared naked for a long time. I have to see naked women that "forgot" to use the alphas provided by the hud. That changed alright! Threads have a life of their own, but punish OP for wanting the thread to be true is silly and trollish, and of course, easy, because a lot of commenters are ganging on him/her. The topic needs to be true, because in nowhere was meant to be funny. It could help newcomers, people who returned, and actually give help. Trolls are trolls, and they mask themselves behind a screen in anonimity. Trolls offer neither ideas nor information.
  10. stop justifying yourself. you are a troll. OP just described you exactly.
  11. and what are the sploders doing? It IS the same. And worst because there is that one that keeps track of every IP. And what is "cheat"?? What only LL think it is? is it because they want money flowing?? 😉
  12. Sorry for the wall of text.. Yes, this forum has a lot ot trolls... and they don't care about you or anybody. I percieved your post more as a need for advice, to see if people agree with you or not and why, and not ""funny"" stuff and people laughing when you want serious replies. If they think it is "set in stone" then, move along! why comment here to troll?? An erupting volcano is better than a troll. Regarding your question: I needed to read and watch a LOT of youtube videos that explained what's going on. The thing with the appliers after the new mesh bodies was, and still is, difficult to understand and a scam, the same as with the the heads... you buy the skin applier and need to buy the applier for the body, because the skin applier is just for the head.. and not every head. THAT IS A SCAM. I refuse to buy extra appliers.. In the past, the classic skins were for the whole body. Things are super super expensive. I don't have a credit card or dollars.. I play Skyrim. That game, along with MANY others have Nexus Mods, a website were modders uploads mods: mods would be full avatars, bodies, full set of clothes, animations, skins, hairs... anything you imagine!! AND FOR FREE!! They work as much as anybody in SL, and they do it FOR FREE. I have like 300 mods in Skyrim. When you get to know another community, your eyes widen and see things with other light. Regarding the knowledge curve, a friend of a friend just started to play SL, and he didn't understand a thing! The tutorial at the begining didn't explain much. It is not user friendly. You have to waste hours on end to grasp stuff. He wanted to meet people, have sex.. but, yes, i think nobody would have wanted him with the system avatar.. It is simple to say: "Stay with the system avatar!" while you will be looking like a time voyager from 2010. It wont happen. Don't ask from other what you woldn't do in their place. Thank you Genus Project for the free head!, while in Nexus Mods people are giving away everything for free, in SL people are giving each other DMCA complaints. I hope everything resolve for the best. Thank you for the Classic Mesh Body by The Shops! (i wish the back would be more straight, natural looking. Not fan of big butts, but appreciate the free bento BOM body) Thank you for every merchant that givew away stuff for free, specially for the free Classic Mesh Body. Thank you for BOM (bakes on mesh) because now i can use my old skins!! yes! i wish old skins came back!/ Regarding the inventory mess, it is true. In the inventory i go Appearence/edit outfit once i have the right one that i like. And i save it giving it a name that can identify it. But if you move stuff out of place, the links would be broken. Is practical. I discovered that function not so lomg ago, and i'm in SL since 2008. I was lucky i met friends and they show me the way around.../ but they are gone now. Regarding lag, it's always been a mixture between you PC and your internet. Your PC always needed to be a good one. I always buy them thinking in SL requirements. At least for me, it is not something from 2012. It always been like this. I think SL always subsisted because people are selling things, and people are buying. They even have a currency that you can exchange for real money.. no wonder people are avid to charge you. I'm not in a position to buy lindens, but i worked a lot gaining them in game. I remember the campers...... but LL decided to take them off the grid... WHY???????? Now if you don't sell anything, be an escort or host, i don't know what can you do, besides eating cristals in linden realms or beign humilliated by the software of the voodosploders, that knows you IP (which is illegal) because if you "click too much" you will be banned from all sploders, using any avatar you have.. and LL cares nothing about it.
  13. Does this mean that you can use old system skins? i still can't understand BOM.. SL has a big learning curve...
  14. don't get me started with huds for body... huds for your head... and when you got that almost right.. just almost.. there is an even more pronunciated learning curve: the bakes on mesh.. :-S
  15. thank you so much for taking your time explaining to me... i don't use mesh heads because i feel like i will loose the avie i was using since like 10 years ago.. i will be another person.. and i think no mesh head can let you tranform your head like you need/want. I don't think i will be having the same features.. my avie face is the same (or at least i try) as my RL face.... Too many mesh heads with "duck lips" it is just not me and, frankly, not as common on RL too.. Thank you so much again!
  16. yes i have. I even saw the video from omega
  17. Hi! I'm in SL on and off and sometimes i don't have time to investigate as i should. It has a learning curve and it seems i need to know more. I don't want to change my head. But i do have a Maitreya body. The problem is skin. I tryed demos at, for example, LAQ (the skin says "omega"), and even tho i have the Omega System Kit - Maitreya it doesn't apply on my body or head. Other skin brands apply on my body but not head..... Do i need an extra applyer?? What did i miss?
  18. A mesh head, not "catwa". Why give to that head the most press?? duck face in all its heads. there are a LOT of different vendors in SL, and more creative and realistic.
  19. I know it is an old thread.. but i was looking for a normal AO too... I can't really express how horrible i find that catwa heads... for me, tey all look like a duck, no matter what head model you choose. And almost everybody uses it!, and to add more insult to my eyes, they often do animations and sounds that are super annoying, like chewing a bubblegum like a brat. It is super difficult to find a normal natural AO, i also can't do it by myself without the weird lapsus between animations.. Did you find it after all?
  20. 1- different letters, including the ones that are somehow difficult to read 2- there is a first life tab. don¿t want to use it? just dont be smug putting stuff like "i don't have a first life" or something to tease or shame the people who clicked on that tab. 3-the pics with the "family" looking dorky and idiotic 4- a profile with another person. it is a profile pic, just you in it!. 5- the links that sometimes see where they change your avatar (happens to me once, in a dance club, in the first life tab.... >. > 6- this---> "Mess with ____ and i will destroy your world" 7-"loading RL..." in first life tag 8- all of the above
  21. I'm not new. I guess you can't understand what i wrote.
  22. I played a lot. The reason i got killed is because i was questioning if it was lag or not. The monster killed me and not this avatar. As i say, it was coming and going, touching the sphere, not killing this avatar. After that, i went back and the avatar was still there... And they aren't playing quests, they collect gems.
  23. Then i think it was cheating because the mnonster was touching it, coming and going. i was next to that avatar and it got me.
  24. the quest prevents not to be killed by monsters? if so, i understand. I personally didn't do the quests.
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