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  1. The thing is, someone spammed a group chat selling a gacha hair outside official channels. Then that person wrote me a personal message with same copy pasted info. All I could find about it was disturbing the peace / repetitive spam (since was spamming the group chat + myself and probably many groups and residents) but nothing about selling outside marketplace or inworld. It could very well be fraud but when i read about it, it really didn't apply.. Not so long ago someone was complaining because was scammed that way. Those are new to the game and unless we oldies are awa
  2. This could have happened on Black dragon because I was playing with that viewer, but I guess It could be true with it too
  3. Well, that's the first thing one can think of regarding this issue.. No matter how many times, the password didn't get trough
  4. Oh, interesting.. So it could be that I was logged out because a failure in my internet, and than what you said.. Never happened to me before.. I thought It was a hacking attempt 😅 But it was kind of weird that I couldn't use my password anywhere...
  5. Well I was in Black Dragon in the middle of a hunt.. Looked away for a minute and I was disconnected. Happens sometimes, no bid deal.. Closed the viewer but when I tried to connect again and was weird because it said that my password and or name were incorrect... Then I tried on Firestorm and i got this message: All my accounts were erased (as you see it says: "username" instead of the last avatar used. So I freak out.. Went to log in here and couldn't.. I tried another account and I could. So then I tried to change my password and now it's all good, I could log in successfully.. but
  6. Hello, thank you for your response.. I was looking for fairy AO or just one stand That's something I didn't thought about!, I'll try! Thank you!
  7. Oh, yes, that could be, just one pose will do.. I'll check that out.. Thank you
  8. Hi! I was looking, as the title say: a non static fairy stand. I really need something CHEAP or freebie/dollarbie because it is for a couple of hours, I actually don't play as a fairy, and since I hardly have lindens, I don't want to invest much in it.. (like 10 lindens is too much) I have got around 10 stands, but they are static, so my avie looks like a robot changing from one to another using the built in AO from Firestorm. At the marketplace there is no AO or stand as I'm looking for. Any fairies around that can do some magic with information? Thank you.
  9. No, it is not. Everyone wants your money. Most people making stuff, even tho they have many fans and expensive stuff, they aren't professionals, so, what do you get out of that: You feel you are the problem. It is not that stuff is difficult to understand, you think it is you. High complexity, but if you aren't interested in this, you go for the pretty and then wonder why nobody can see you or things are laggy, and lag everyone else, even at events. Deficient objects that worth a lot but are broken, like an expensive head I got long ago: incredibly beautiful but, e
  10. Well.. you have to admit you wanted to look super young in an adult body, and possibly, show it off here in these forums. If You took that face, change the hair, and do a more child like body, it wouldn't be weird. Skin goes a long way. Either way.. at most you look 18 years old, and not furry at all.. And of course, I agree with most that said it is their sim, they can do whatever.
  11. I'll check out Vista.. Mostly, I wanted hand/arms movements, like when we usually talk (for when I'm doing voice talk) so I don't look like a robot
  12. I was looking for an AO or non static pose to complement my voice talk so that I don't look like a robot. I don't know if it exists, but I wanted to work even if I'm seated, moving hands and arms naturally like when you talk. It could be an entire AO or just a pose, that work with my base AO (I'm looking on doing an AO with Firestorm), and maybe, some movement on my face (like arching of my eyebrows) I'm using mesh body + default head and mesh head (AK and Fiore Alura. I have Genus but they have ongoing defects on their animations) I'm not an expert on this 😅 Than
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