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  1. Does this mean that you can use old system skins? i still can't understand BOM.. SL has a big learning curve...
  2. don't get me started with huds for body... huds for your head... and when you got that almost right.. just almost.. there is an even more pronunciated learning curve: the bakes on mesh.. :-S
  3. thank you so much for taking your time explaining to me... i don't use mesh heads because i feel like i will loose the avie i was using since like 10 years ago.. i will be another person.. and i think no mesh head can let you tranform your head like you need/want. I don't think i will be having the same features.. my avie face is the same (or at least i try) as my RL face.... Too many mesh heads with "duck lips" it is just not me and, frankly, not as common on RL too.. Thank you so much again!
  4. yes i have. I even saw the video from omega
  5. Hi! I'm in SL on and off and sometimes i don't have time to investigate as i should. It has a learning curve and it seems i need to know more. I don't want to change my head. But i do have a Maitreya body. The problem is skin. I tryed demos at, for example, LAQ (the skin says "omega"), and even tho i have the Omega System Kit - Maitreya it doesn't apply on my body or head. Other skin brands apply on my body but not head..... Do i need an extra applyer?? What did i miss?
  6. A mesh head, not "catwa". Why give to that head the most press?? duck face in all its heads. there are a LOT of different vendors in SL, and more creative and realistic.
  7. I know it is an old thread.. but i was looking for a normal AO too... I can't really express how horrible i find that catwa heads... for me, tey all look like a duck, no matter what head model you choose. And almost everybody uses it!, and to add more insult to my eyes, they often do animations and sounds that are super annoying, like chewing a bubblegum like a brat. It is super difficult to find a normal natural AO, i also can't do it by myself without the weird lapsus between animations.. Did you find it after all?
  8. 1- different letters, including the ones that are somehow difficult to read 2- there is a first life tab. don¿t want to use it? just dont be smug putting stuff like "i don't have a first life" or something to tease or shame the people who clicked on that tab. 3-the pics with the "family" looking dorky and idiotic 4- a profile with another person. it is a profile pic, just you in it!. 5- the links that sometimes see where they change your avatar (happens to me once, in a dance club, in the first life tab.... >. > 6- this---> "Mess with ____ and i will destroy your world" 7-"loading RL..." in first life tag 8- all of the above
  9. I'm not new. I guess you can't understand what i wrote.
  10. I played a lot. The reason i got killed is because i was questioning if it was lag or not. The monster killed me and not this avatar. As i say, it was coming and going, touching the sphere, not killing this avatar. After that, i went back and the avatar was still there... And they aren't playing quests, they collect gems.
  11. Then i think it was cheating because the mnonster was touching it, coming and going. i was next to that avatar and it got me.
  12. the quest prevents not to be killed by monsters? if so, i understand. I personally didn't do the quests.
  13. Well, i hope LL do something about it... i bet that fairy avatar wasn't Garden Mole or a Mole
  14. ohhh. no. I can't remember user name. It deffinitely wasn't a linden. But It was on my report abuse. I won't have an answear about it because that is the way abuse report works in SL..
  15. and what is a mole? (legit mole?) "Garden Mole" is the creator name
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