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  1. I must say something. Everyone, I think, have their voice. And with respect, saying what you believe, it is OK. Lord Jamal, a rapper, say he doesn't believe in BLM because it is a pre organized movement to control people (just an extract of all he said) And I've been watching Bret Weinstein on his podcast. I'm sure a lot more serious and educated people have a lot to say about it, around internet. No person alive in USA lived as a slave. But sure are slaves in some parts of this world. Researching about all that, for me, means awoke, unless, you care about what the trending movements are saying, the extremist ones, and only in your country. Black people can be free and have money and do what they want and like. Being white, I've never felt privilege, and I know what bullying is, because I've been a victim even as an adult (by the way, talking about racism, was a native american, and I didn't take it as "I'm white and I'm being discriminated". I know the difference). I watched live The Second Life Book Club with Draxtor, when he invited LL McKinney, and she said: "I think people need to comprehend the difference between fault and responsibility. It's not your fault (slavery) but it's you're responsible for that legacy, because you are the legacy, like it or not. I'm a descendant of slaves, whether I like it or not. And if you are not the descendant of the people who enslave my people, you're a descendant of the people who put into place a society that benefits from that....." I made my comment saying: "I don't believe that, I'm not responsible", something along the lines. With respect. And not only YouTube bury my comment by the algorithms, not being visible by others, but now I've found that my comment was deleted. So, like, it is a book club.. and that censorship reminds me of Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid's Club (they burned books too), because they are censoring and silencing people. And it is sad because I find Second Life as a part of something that I really like, I find joy, I even find friends (not longer playing) and thanks to one of them I met my boyfriend, so important to me. I invested a lot of my time into. I even make videos about it to help people and to come and enjoy this game. So it is so sad that some dude censor my voice. Ebbe Linden is so pro BLM and I consider that extremist movement ridiculous and and left-wing fascist, but I wouldn't censor anyone with different thoughts. They are doing just the same they are complaining about. I wish nobody censor or bully this.
  2. Yeah, same in Argentina. We could have 10 candidates to vote.. but only 2 are highlighted. Maybe it's the same like here: the world government is the one that select and pays in advance those awful people that say are my patriots like me. But no. Selling my country since the get go. So much potential... 😞 It is a really really long talk.. Not simple.
  3. It is easy to go to the extremes. I think your country is really extreme. I'm introvert too.. and I feel even tho I live in another country, It's a matter that is really controversial to talk about, and worse, to talk a little against it.. Mobs raging in the streets, in universities... I heard that thanx to BLM many places went out of police, and there were murders and more. That's what you get for following an extremist minority group, or staying quiet in fear the mob call you "racist". No politician wants to go against them because it is a political suicide.
  4. That's how an annoying person turned out to be a friend... 12 years from now... And his RL friend is my boyfriend 😁 (more than 10 years) so.. take a plunge!
  5. Exactly, that is what's happening to me
  6. I applaud avies that still have system head! I'm one of those, and for what I read, we are mostly if not entirely, the older crowd, the before mesh avies (even before standard mesh). This is my avie. The first one I made. (picture not touched at all) I just can't change her features. And I won't pay a LOT to have sliders almost working, or not working at all (bento or not).
  7. I didn't have that option. Next time I´ll look for it. Thank you for the response.
  8. I didn't know you could search out demos now.. and it's true that you can flag them! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines ...but it's a pharaonic work!! There are thousands of those mother f*kers.. Shouldn't a moderator do it? I'm not payed to waste that much time... But in case i do it from time to time, in Detailed Reason, with a non item listing, don't know what to choose (advertisement, or information only listing)
  9. Better looking, not better in performance. That's not a progress, really. I agree with skirts, but not with hair. Flexi can come trough the avie, but mesh hair can't move (and some of them have a gap between the boobs or alpha problems. Yes, but in busy sims I can't see them.. Again, not a progress. Thanx LL!
  10. It's a public forum, people might find useful the info I just posted. It might be directed to someone, but anyone can read it... find it interesting, search about it, find more info, and could take a decision base on that 😉
  11. Maybe because Belleza has 1trillion polygons and never should have existed. Not that Maitreya has few, but it's better. I blame LL for not doing decent avatars in the first place. Buy buy buy buy shop shop shop shop
  12. I had to look at what pet peeve means hehehe -Please don't discriminate flexis. I still love my flexi curls that got from Analog Dog ❤️ -Unreadable fancy fonts: I'm with you. I payed attention: usually low IQ women that have at least one of the things that annoys me (detailed below) -I don't mind empty profiles.. even tho I like to read them... but what annoys me is the stupid excuses people put in "1st life" just to elude talking about it. I have my fkng real life pic. -Avis without aos: Sometimes I'm without one because I don't want to spend in a expensive one. I have a lot free ones but don't really prefer them... Maybe Ao's would lag in a sim or maybe I'm focusing on my face, and don't need my avie to go around.. -Didn't saw anyone without a hairbase with an updo What really annoys me: People that don't use use alphas. I see a lot of naked people, usually women, doing that as it was a norm to be naked (I was at a club, and the host said that if the tips get to 2k, they will get naked................ they were already naked, (and if you are wearing mesh, with no alpha, anyone could derender your mesh clothes and see your naked ass for free). Now we have BOM, use a textured thong at least. Catwa ducky lips. Fish mouth. Invisible pony riders. Deformed huge bodies: like Willendorf Venus, but always minuscule head and waist (usually huge gap between legs) bubble gums: immature, and annoying sound. respiration: annoying sound all over the sim too. Animations with tongue out: stupidly immature and disgusting. Seductive attitude almost like she's having an orgasm in the pic. I bet most people don't care about my points.. But, I think, I don't want to see prostitutes wherever i go and all over the marketplace. I just derender people like that. (wow, 202 pages...! I hate that! Nah I'm kidding.. I bet a lot of us really are annoyed by each other somehow)
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