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  1. Well, i hope LL do something about it... i bet that fairy avatar wasn't Garden Mole or a Mole
  2. ohhh. no. I can't remember user name. It deffinitely wasn't a linden. But It was on my report abuse. I won't have an answear about it because that is the way abuse report works in SL..
  3. and what is a mole? (legit mole?) "Garden Mole" is the creator name
  4. 1 dollar= 30 pesos. So yes, there is no possible way to spend that much RL money.
  5. maybe some of linden realms users are aware of this, and can give me info about it. I'm not exactly 100% sure it was a cheat (i'm 99%)
  6. This is another pic. The monster comes to attack, bumps to the sphere, and goes away (just 2 steps away), then return. This happens in a loop. I needed to check if i was having an awful lag: check the avatar: i was able to bumped it and to change its place just a little, normally. And i also checked the monster: i approached it and it killed me. So i cofirmed it was a cheat. Or at least i thought so. I hope Linden check on it soon.
  7. Because buying lindens with RL money is not an option for me (i don't live in USA or Europe, or my salary is in Euros or Dollars) i have to work in SL. So i went to Linden Realms and while i listen to podcast i play a little. And i saw a couple of avatars that have a shiny sphere (as seen on the pic) that were iddle on the field, and the monsters werent able to kill them. I bet they can't kill them when they are running around either. I already made the abuse report. I wil make a video if i see someone use it again. i inspected the object and couldn't find anything about it: "carry flare" made by "Garden Mole".
  8. not, while voodoo sploder is up and running
  9. i remember years back when camping was a normal way to earn decent lindens. ¿WHY they banned that system? And alow, on the other hand, those awful sploders that banned you for any stupid reason and you can't enter that land (and to unban you, you have to allow being humilliated, and treated like you are a child that do something bad), and they got your IP, something that is prohibited, supposedly, by linden lab. I think camping should be allowed once more.
  10. You were doing something fun that doesn't involve egocentric superficial stuff. I applaud you.
  11. i don't know if it is the right place, but, here i go: Those of you who have voo doo sploders on your parcel, who let the management to 3° party people, should do it by yourselves. I've been ban multiple times for stupid things (like overclicking, using 2 accounts at the same IP-while just one where playing spl oder. If you don't know if i'm exploiting the game, just don't ban just because in case.). I'm not going to play that anymore, i really don't care. I'm not a bot nor i have bots. But I'm playing with traffic cones now and i'm beeng sent home because i'm in the voodoo ban list (just ban me for playing that, not for staying in a club. I didn't do anything to be ban at any place). I am here to just stand near the cone: you gain traffic, i gain a couple of lindens. If you let the ban list to a group of self indulgent ignorant assholes who ban for every stupid reasons, and let them control your club, it is not just your club anymore, and you are lame. Elisabel.
  12. Ohh my, I will try it out now. I didn't saw it ?
  13. I can't tolerate sound gestures anymore. That generally happens at clubs. I'm using Firestorm. I don't want to mute all sounds. I would like to hear everything but the annoying chat gestures (cries, screams, gunshots, laughs, more screams and laughs, and music). And there are new annoyances: dances with sound, and those disturbing catwa lollipop sounds (i'm blocking those, they deserve a permanent block and permanent derender). Is there a way, now at the year 2017? Thank you!
  14. Thank you for your explanation! i'll check that out too. It is amazing that all i see is caucasian naked women al around me.. when clothes rezzes, half of them wear something...well, not discrete... it is really curious..
  15. Yes.. i have the SaeBom mesh and has no animation.. and it would be great to have some.. and she doesn't really look asian hehehe so i was out on the market again... witch is fun!!!
  16. i saw one, it was great, but since i saw almost a couple on the market i wanted to explore and have more options to choose.. but it seems that there isn't a detail list with all the mesh merchants..
  17. Thank you for you reply, i still don't know what an applier do to a mesh head.. I really don't like catwa.. they look duckish and are too expensive.. (from what i saw, almost all best seller brands have big and sticking out lips, like all the mesh body brands have breasts with no natural look.. that is why i'll keep waiting)
  18. wow! they are really beautiful! I'll go check it out! Lelutka had only 3 mesh heads (or the big store confused me) and non asian.
  19. i will check out LeLutka.. i already did with catwa, but they are so overpriced and look like they all mostly have duck face. I know it is better to buy known brands; the best sellers will have the most skin appliers and clothes, etc.. but i really don't mind exploring the not so known brands...
  20. it is the one i already have, i really don't need another one.. and of course, i won't pay that amount... it is ridiculous... Thank you for your input tho..
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