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  1. You should come and hang out the "Old Lar's Club". We don't judge people at all, we have a lot of fun, there is usually some great funny open chats. Gawd knows because I have messed up on some live mixing while DJ'ing because I was laughing so hard from the chatter in the club. We get a lot of people in there from all walks of life of SL that join in the conversation. But yeah, but at times the club can be dead, but the evening times the club seems to pop with a lot of great people. The talk is very adult, but a lot of fun.
  2. I like the Mayreal or the Logo Bento heads for a mature older look.
  3. I use to use the Xcite Touch, but once I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10, I started using the Lovense Lush 2 and the Hush. Which your partner can download the app, create an account with it, trade user names and your partner can control the toy. Yes, it is a lot of fun. A few of my partners have the Lovense Max. The fun can go both ways.
  4. Ok... I see your point on that one. The outrage mind thought was by-passing that.
  5. I have been locked out of my account for 14 days due to "Keyword Spamming". To start with... The products were RLV collars that have been on my Market Place since May of 2015. The keywords that I thought I was using where within the guidelines of the keyword use. I didn't use any copyright brand names, just generic words related to the product. They didn't flag all of the collars just part of them. I did do a screen capture of one of the collars with the keywords that I use on all of the collars that I posted on my Market Place. In which I didn't get any notice about it at all. Just BOOM! Locked out of my account for 14 days. Yeah, Linden Labs... This is a total croak full of you know what! SOOOOOOO... Linden Labs... Tell me which one of these keywords are spam from the photo attachment
  6. Personally, I build all my own studio sets on my land and it helps to have land in a residential sim for lower lag.
  7. On everyday things with SL, I always text. But I do use voice, it is only on Skype, but that is when I'm doing a video project and it makes things easier to give directions. But also being a roleplayer, I prefer text and emoting. I just love the art of it. But I have met men with a smoking hot avatar and then hear their voice... Such a letdown. The fantasy is truly blown. I just run my SL with the voice off and I usually have the sounds turned off also. But the only other time I do voice in SL is with my Live Mix DJ shows.
  8. OK... Now here is a subject that I can really weigh in on. I'm one of the original OG pornographers here also. The http://jennnnnajameson.blogspot.com/ was the first blog to get out there to the world about SL Porn and have known Jennnnna a long time. But she was probably the first to publish SL porn videos on the Naughty Machinima website. In which that site has really gone downhill for good machinima porn. I produce a lot of SL porn. There is some really good SL porn video out there and there is some really BAD SL porn video out there also. But it is their art and more power to them with their bad porn. Mainly it is no different than RL porn, it is good and bad. Most any of the really good porn machinima producers (including myself). All of our work is totally set. From buying products for the videos to building sets for the themes. Reviewing poses and animations, making notes on it all, and then the time it takes to shoot it all. The shoots can be a couple of hours to days to a week or longer. And there is nothing sexually going on with the shoot. It can be long and boring. If you are not into the art of it. Stay out of it. Or just do photos and post them on your Flickr. Then if you have a cast of people... Then it is trying to get everyone online at the same time for the shoot. But once the shooting is done... You have the editing part of it all. Which is usually 3 to 4 times longer than the whole shoot. I personally usually only shoot with people that are willing to get in on a Skype group call for directions. It makes it so much easier. But the whole misconception that all the SL porn stars are into having sex all the time is so far from the truth. I'm not saying we don't like our sex, but as for producing video content. It really doesn't happen. BUT! I have roleplayed sex and done video and yes, I told the sex partner that I was going to take photos and video of it all. Which usually ends up with some of the short videos that are less than 5 minutes. My full productions are usually 10 to 20 minutes long. I have an XVideo channel for my work and I do have a really nice SL fan base with my videos and I'm all the time getting IM's from people on how much they enjoy them. But my RL following is huge. Yes... People that are not into SL, have nothing to do with SL... My fan base is really large and I get tons of private messages on how they love my videos and when they say they ***** to my videos. That is when I have given myself a little pat on the back and say... Well done Kayla. Plus I produce videos on many different topics and fetishes, there is something there for everyone.
  9. As for me... in SL, I just can't do the monogamist relationship and make it like my RL. I like to have too much fun with my SL with men. Oh yeah... One other thing... Cuckolds are whiny little snots. LOL
  10. Yes, I know several people that RP people in there 50's and 60's
  11. Kayla is a mid-30s SL video and producer adult entertainment star... And usually a Gold Digger also... hahahahahahahaha
  12. When I get any of the bloodline people... I just start reaching for the block button... Too many reasons why I to write here.
  13. I deal a lot with the SL adult entertainment community here myself. A lot of people are partnered, but also they have open relationships. And even away from the SL adult entertainment... Many people do have open relationships here. Then that is usually a deeper subject and fetish.
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