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  1. Being a DJ IRL also and used to DJ a lot in SL. I always use BUTT to stream with my shoutcast. https://danielnoethen.de/butt/
  2. A little gift from a long time friend of mine. It does have a special meaning to it all.
  3. Kevin hits our club a lot also. We were banning the accounts from the land, but that is just useless. If there is enough complaints... Why doesn't LL just ban this persons IP address?
  4. Even with my previous post. Yeah... This makes two post that has encounter something with child avatars. The first one was someone just trying to grief me over made BS at a store, just because he is or was a stalker fan and jealous. Then this happen. And wonder why I just stay on my land, build studios and produce adult videos. I wonder away from the land and I see way too much messed up things with people here.
  5. First of all, I just go to these places for a good giggle and laugh. 2nd... These people that use child avatars in SL for this is part of the bad rep that SL gets from the outside world. People that own the AFK place need to be more responsible of these problems.
  6. But my whole thing is... When you see something like with a person with a child avatar doing a sexual act on an AFK avatar. Should we report that child avatar?
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