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  1. I don't know if it's SL, mi pc, mi adsl cable internet.... But SL it's laggy as HELL. I have a nice dsl connection I have an AMD Athlon II X2 240 processor 2.8 ghz 2gb ram Ati Radeon HD 4600 series It's something wrong??
  2. I'll try. I don't like SL viewer, so i never played since that huge change on that wiewer (like a lots of people, but if i can run it, i'll play sl with that wiewer...) But first i'll try Firestorm and i'll tell you what happened Thank you!
  3. It's true, but it also happens with snowglobe, and i never liked SL viewer. Thank you!
  4. I have 6 megas and i already try that with my internet provider. Thank you
  5. I got the same problem.. The only thing i think of it's format the computer... Did you resolve the problem??
  6. On my last trade http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/I-can-t-play/m-p/995567#M1497 i explain things and people tried to help me but i still can't play.. i disable firewall (not active anymore). There is something wrong since i play Vindictus. I live in Argentina so i had to make arrangements so i can play where i cant.. (vindictus is not able for latin america) I disable firewall... i don't know... Anybody can help me?? I cant get in with phoenix or snowglobe.. Below it's the error message.... :womansad:
  7. Thank you!! I have problems of all kinds 'thanks' to the fkg firewall from windows!!
  8. that's the message i get after this one: "waiting for land handshake" or something else.. I'm using phenix or snowglobe, and i have this problem since 2 weeks ago.. I was playing other VG, 'cause i can't play SL..... I don't like SL viewer... Maybe it's 'cause i'm not usnig it?? What's the problem??
  9. i can't log in eather... "waiting for land handshake" or something else.. and then.. nothing... Did you resolve the problem??
  10. Hey!! thank you!! i'll look trough those useful links!!
  11. I was checking Dr Life, but i didn't find any good SHAPES, not as asian as i can expect.. and i was thinking that i can't create the asian shape out of any shape that i have... but.. the final touch it's the skin??? Eather way, i rather practice doing a shape myself. Will be that possible?
  12. my question as well.. Since a long time ago, there <are hunts with stores that not fill the theme. If it's a zombie theme, i go to places with no zombies or apocaliptical stuff or sim. Anns the last i did, the dark future hunt, there were lots of items i coudn't find or grab
  13. NOT all the lucky chairs or MM boards are greate, many or the most of them are ugly or cheap stuff. Try "pinkmare's"
  14. Hi everyone and thank you everyone!!! I did find some stuff at tutty's, but i though, it' not oriental just for the chinese eyes.. it's the hole face shape, not just the eyes what's importante. I went to Dr Life and i didn't find any shape, just skins. Skins 50%, shape 50%, i know... I'm on a slow (very slow) machine, and i can't play sl here :-((( But when i reach to my pc, i will search and find all your suggestions and i will tell on detail. I like to find and search, it's one of my favorite stuff to do on sl.. TY for your suggestions and for been just as crazy like me about sl!
  15. well.. i did try it.. that's why i did a post here 'cause i didn't find anything.
  16. Hi! Since i started to pIay on sl i knew something: make the avie looks like me, so places i visit will be almost like i visited myself (and a touch of imagination).. But now i want a japanese avie and i need a shape for it. The shape i'm wearing don't know where did i get it (maybe from a skin from rotten toe) and before that, the original shape wich came from the avie. I wander if all the shape builders model and shape a basic one into the form they want and then sell it or do a technical stuff, use a program or something... I'm asking this out of curiosity and because i don't have too much money to spend. If it's just manage some controllers with the actual shape i have, i'll do it. I don't have to much time to build, i want to do something else. If anyone knows a place where i can find japanese or chinese shapes, that looks autentic (not just the tipical chinese eyes and that's it 'cause i see a lot of them, i'm talking about actual japanese looks aliike) plese let me know. I don't know why i can't find any on marketplace nor 'search sl' Thank you so much Elisaisabel
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