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  1. I kept clicking, then enlisted the help of http://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ (makes it much simpler!), and created this map. Very likely other people made a map like this before, but I never saw anything like it, so here it is:
  2. I agree. (Afer all, moving whole continents around the grid is the main subject of this thread!) There's a problem, though, which is: Connect the unfinished east edge of Gaeta I to what? Most unfinished landmasses have developped west coasts and cutoff edges on their east side: The old LH continents, Zindra, and even Sansara are like that. So no chance of adjoining two of those unfinished continents back to back.
  3. I was looking at the (outdated!) map of the Sharp continent (former TSL = teen grid) and it crossed my mind that it was created as a copy of a slice of SW Sansara and gradually become more and more different: At least regions, say, Barcola and Hyperion look like clones, as do Dore and Card and so on. (And their coordinates match, too: they are exactly 159 regions apart horizontally.) Not sure how it much of a clone it is down to the southeast, but at least there are snowlands in that direction in Sansara too. (Maybe move the whole thing 3-4 squares south and 159 west, add a few regions in
  4. Does this mean that the map tiles are updating for some regions? I thought it was broken everywhere since last October…
  5. Meanwhile, looks like this is already (more than) half done: While Diving Belle region is still at the northeast corner of a lage multi-region (not sim!) gap, Glub Glub region is no longer at the other tip, with stilt LH regions SSPE1735 to SSPE1770 added to fill most of it. The reduced gap has its SW tip now at regions Mango Salsa and Pool Shark, only 4×3=12 regions. Surely to be filled up soon, too?
  6. Yes, and maybe futurely also beyond? Maybe LL will fill up the void that currently stretches from Glub Glub to Diving Belle: That'd be 44 sims of open water!
  7. This hole in the grid was meanwhile filled up: it's now http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sawmill Junction/149/133/65. It's a nice bit of loghomes land, more rugged than most, with a serpentine lake in the middle and no railtracks at all, let alone a junction. No sawmill, either, though lots of wood. Sadly map updates is still broken, so it is seen still as a void blue square.
  8. The stilthouse islands are nice. I noticed a few random things: Lots of rez zones, way more than in the traditional and victorian areas, with up to two and three contiguous regions showing one each — these are both on water and road. At first glance there's one rez zone on each medium sized island and even more on bigger islands. There's some cloning of islands, readily apparent in the map, but not too much as to feel fake. Street lamps in varying colors! Lots of aptly signalled waterways (there are now buoys with the ICS alpha flag on region corners all around Bellisse
  9. SSPE1104 to SSPE1111 are finally inworld, filling the gap between loghouse country and stilthome islands: Meaning also we can step on the (still red framed) new LH regions, which have been tantalizing us for so long: Yay! I'm now on http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackchapel/133/168/26 and loving it!
  10. Frost Mole at work at SSPE1212, earlier today: This SSPE1212 is at 1051;969, between Jarka and Chapel Brook.
  11. Omg, blue dot on the map!! It's Lulabell Mole at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1193/175/162/52, a lovely fairy hard at work!
  12. Rez zone at southern The Elms region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Elms/128/89/23 (draw distance: 600 m). The strait water is regions Charidbis and Edgar Seamount and the other shore are regions Yurim and Sanchon — which technically are the northern tip of continent Jeogeot but not really as it's an (5×5 regions) island on its own: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/File:The_Map_of_Jeogeot.png . The closest you get from here to an actual open road that can be travelled on is either on Mirr region , at the end of Route 9A http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mirr/20/159/23, or on Maem
  13. SSPE1462 is back, but I noticed another hole on the Bellisseria map, this time a persistent one: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beedle/255/128/20 Why nothing on this spot (map coordinates 1047;963)? Here's from Chuckle Pond, looking south:
  14. Yes, a great job! (B.t.w., I've been following this post as a lurker for months!) Two days ago I was at SSPE1217 as I drove on the green dummy track:
  15. Level crossing at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1460/223/77/56, with station (?) still under construction.
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