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  1. Hmmm... was curious what a "cacha reseller" is, and it appears to be a person who resells stuff in the district of Chimborazo Province, Ecuador.... very interesting. But on a more serious note: When you want to resell stuff from gacha, usually you have a stockpile, and since it's mostly commons you'll have to sell it for cheap.... Now idk about you, but adding details as Li or size (relative to what system you din't even bother to mention) or inventory count, would require a person to have an impressive quantity of disposable time. I personally don't even bother with taking it out of the
  2. The only thing I don't like about boxed content is that you can't see the permissions for the box's contents before purchase. Other than that (as was mentioned before) boxed content is pretty useful when it comes to backing-up your inventory, and thus I keep the boxed content inside the un-boxed content folder as a back-up. Could I use a re-delivery instead of using boxed content? In most cases yes, but boxed content is already there in my inventory for my convenience and I don't have to go back to the marketplace or use a re-delivery terminal. In conclusion, maybe boxed content is not
  3. The changes don't make sense to me, outside of the fact that LL thinks they're gonna get more subscriptions by forcing basic users to upgrade to premium 😠 (LL logic: hey nice groups you have there, but if you want to keep them gives us some money) . I've had problems managing which groups to keep, which to discard & which to keep even with my 41 limit. Now, it's going to be even harder, I guess I'll have to quit even groups I payed to join if I need to join a new one, just cause LL wants more subscriptions 🤑👎. I seriously hope LL is going to go back on this decision but for some reason I
  4. This and having more than one shop under the same user would be really helpful in my opinion.
  5. From the menu on the upper left of your viewer go to Me > Marketplace listings I also added toolbar shortcut for the marketplace since it makes it a bit easier to see the listings (for this go to Me > Toolbar buttons>Marketplace)
  6. And I thought this is going to get resolved fast... guess not. Just gonna have to edit everything multiple times from now on, which is dumb but what can you do?
  7. Hello. I have some products that became unlisted 2 times in the past month. I checked for errors (none found) and checked that the item is not set to limited stock. I didn't receive an email about it being unlisted, nor was there any reasons. Also I couldn't list it back from the website I had to do it from my viewer. I'm going to be away for probably 1-2 months (RL busy) and I was wondering is this a recurring issue or what can I do to "fix" this (since I won't probably have the possibility to check my viewer every second )? Thank you in advance.
  8. Comparing second life to real life is like comparing apples to oranges, different rules, different experiences. It just doesn't work like that.
  9. I don't think there is a problem with having a demo priced at L$ 1. I have a store on the marketplace and my demos are L$ 0 just because I don't want angry reviews on my products and people with the mindset that paying L$ 1 is such a big deal and might think they got ripped off. Believe it or not I spent as much time preparing the demo as I do the actual product. I have to script it; I have to make sure it's a demo in one way or another (otherwise people would just buy the demo instead of the product); I have to create a listing for it on the marketplace with description and image and make sur
  10. Thank you all for the help and suggestions
  11. Hello, I made a HUD, and I found a script for detaching it: 1. This is the X prim script (and it works just fine) default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { llMessageLinked(LINK_ROOT, 0, "detatch", NULL_KEY); } } 2. This is the root prim script, but I encounter an error on it: (4, 29) : ERROR : Name not defined within scope default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llRequestPermissions(attached, PERMISSION_ATTACH); } link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id) { if ("detatch" == str) { //if (PERMISSION_ATTACH & llGetPermissions()) { llDetachFromAvat
  12. So I have a marketplace shop and I branded it (basically it's clothing), but I'd like to sell other things under a different brand, cause it would make things confusing and the already established brand (in my opinion) wouldn't work with other products than clothes. Also, I would still like to keep my already established shop instead of rebranding everything. Is there a way to open a second shop on the same account? PS: I know I could make an alt, but I'm not sure if I can add the same payment method so that I can start a shop.
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