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  1. Have you found a family? I would love to have a daughter/son in SL and looking to adopt possibly two young adults.
  2. Took this pic today just to tweet a thought, and OMG I just love this dress from Astralia 😊
  3. I see those and I don't understand how someone has the time to post in that many groups. I attempt to post mine to 60 groups and I'm quickly over it, so there are days I post to just five, with the intent of posting to more later.
  4. Aussies Shores is celebrating its first anniversary so we have organised a little photo contest. We have gift cards from RKKN, ChicChica, Foxcity, Minimal, THOR.... Not based on skills as we are all about having fun. Come by the club to pick up the rules. Draw will take place at the party on the 13th of July, so don't waste any time and get snapping Any questions, feel to IM me. Get all the details on Koala Beach http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koala Beach/95/129/29
  5. Koala Beach is turning one in July so would like to organise a party/dj/contest/sponsors/ideas.... so need someone who is capable of doing all that. You can IM me inworld. Thanks.
  6. Not only that. Watch creators raising their prices. Some of them already do it for no reasons, but now this will give them a reason. Already I received a notecard from a well-known saying "due to price increase to Premium memberships, the group will now have a 250L fee to join." Not sure what the price increase has to do with the group, since there is not even any advantages to be in the group (no gifts, no discounts), but anyway...
  7. We have to pay an extra $27 to get just 10 more group slots but stipend remain the same. Not sure if there was ever a raise with the stipend amount? 50L extra would be a nice start.
  8. I agree with that. People have different needs. While I don't care for offline cap or whatever that is, I care about group space as I always have only a couple free slots. Since nowadays everybody charges a group fee, it makes it a difficult decision to leave a group, yet groups are needed. Some free groups I use an alt to join them but then I can't be bothered to log in with my alt. Groups are part of the economy (=group fee to avoid spammers or for worthy rewards) and lifestyle (=group chats for DJs or Estates...). But not everybody needs that many groups, so if that is a strain, why no
  9. Does anyone know where this chair is from? Actually, everything in this pic is nice
  10. Probably the first and last time I wear this dress from Erratic. Not the colour I'd normally wear, but there was something that attracted me to it. Tomorrow I'll change to one of the outfits I got from the new round of Uber if I get a chance to login.
  11. I don't know either. It's a topic I've started to write about it but not sure where it's going. I think C88 is one of the original events. There are quite a few that are old, but lately there has been quite a few news ones, and not all are advertised on Seraphim, so it must be a profitable business. I think last year Tres Chic has one of their events themed after sport/gym and I was so looking forward to it, but there was like only a couple of things related to the theme. I was talking to a designer the other day and she said she much prefer when she is not given a theme because she can just c
  12. To me what is questionable is the point of a themed event? Especially now with all those events launching.... You look great.
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