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  1. Does anyone know where this chair is from? Actually, everything in this pic is nice
  2. Probably the first and last time I wear this dress from Erratic. Not the colour I'd normally wear, but there was something that attracted me to it. Tomorrow I'll change to one of the outfits I got from the new round of Uber if I get a chance to login.
  3. I don't know either. It's a topic I've started to write about it but not sure where it's going. I think C88 is one of the original events. There are quite a few that are old, but lately there has been quite a few news ones, and not all are advertised on Seraphim, so it must be a profitable business. I think last year Tres Chic has one of their events themed after sport/gym and I was so looking forward to it, but there was like only a couple of things related to the theme. I was talking to a designer the other day and she said she much prefer when she is not given a theme because she can just create whatever comes to mind.
  4. To me what is questionable is the point of a themed event? Especially now with all those events launching.... You look great.
  5. Realised that I have only one photo of my house, so better start taking some.
  6. Would anyone know where to find a tyre swing with couple poses? The only one I could find on MP seems old and not much detailed and Revival has only one with single poses.
  7. You can come and cam mine anytime you want. My bestie does that to see what's new before going shopping lol although I've not bought anything new besides the Dust Bunny laundry.
  8. A friend of mine bought me the kissing booth to set up on Koala Beach. I decided to wear an old outfit from Dead Dollz as the colours matched well lol and using Lumipro to pose.
  9. My avatar can walk, jump, or fly. I'm like stuck to same spot. but I can turn around. I removed all my HUDs, stopped any animations in Avatar Health, but I still can't move. I'm using Firestorm. Please advise. Thanks.
  10. That was before I messed the beach. I hate terraforming lol
  11. This is a brilliant idea. I love it. Where is the island from? I might do that instead of a plain skybox.
  12. @Marianne Little I think it's beautiful. Not overdone at all.
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