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  1. I use CTS Wardrobe, it takes a while to set up but it’s so helpful finding stuff, they have a list of tags you’ve used which is helpful. I use mine like a catalogue for my store so instead of looking through my inventory for something, I just look for the tag I want like shorts and it shows all the item photos of the shorts.
  2. Position has been filled, thank you to all those who replied.
  3. Im looking to hire a model/ photographer to do my Vendor ADs, i own a Womens mesh clothing store. I need someone who can model and take pictures, No editing needed, i will edit them myself. Most of the photos will be on a plain background which ill provide, the rest are blogger style photos. I make new items every week so its ongoing work, Payment to be discussed. If wanted your name will be on MP Listings description, if your a blogger I could add your blog link. Mesh body is needed. If interested or have questions contact me Amethestpearl Resident inworld.
  4. I use CTS Wardrobe, it does take some work to set up but I love it, makes my inventory manageable. I can scroll through the different categories and look through the photos looks sorta like marketplace and can wear the items using the website. There are tutorial videos that show you how to use it, they are very helpful shows you how to do it step by step.
  5. Looking for a Store Manager Women’s Mesh Clothing Store. Some of the things you will be doing are: .Finding events to join .Keeping track of events set up times and such .Customer service .Spend some time at the store wearing TRS Clothing , Greeting and helping out customers .Familiar yourself with the store and products .Keep a record of when you do work .Spam Midnight Manias and Lucky Chairs .Finding new bloggers .A couple of other things can’t think of atm. Requirements: .At least a year old .Good looking avatar with Mesh body .Have some experience in store managing or at least store modelling .Able to work 10+ hours a week .Organised and reliable person .Good with people Bonus skills would be photographer, If you have any other skills that would help the store would be great. Pay will be discussed depending how much you work, it is negotiable. You will get lindens and store credit. Contact Amethestpearl Resident via NC.
  6. TRS Designs is looking for bloggers. Women’s Mesh Clothing Store. New Bloggers are welcome to apply. Not many rules requirement of 3 items blogged each month. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LmJBVPM0RkSv-IIm_Tkq0aO095WRe2mgusPLM8-GXDs/edit?c=0&w=1
  7. I’m looking for a photographer for my store TRS Designs a Women’s mesh clothing store. Need someone who can model and take pictures, No editing needed, I will edit them myself and make into vendor Ads. I make new items every week but photos aren’t needed right away, Mesh body is required. Your name will be put in the MPs description as the photographer with a link to your Flickr or blog if you have one. Payment is to be discussed. If interested or have questions please contact me Amethestpearl Resident Inworld with examples of your work.
  8. I thought they were fixing this, it has made MP listing take so much longer. I now have to activate my listings leaving them blank except the basic info and go back and add the photos, related and demo I easily get confused which listing I am up to, it takes a lot longer. The old way I could list the demo first and then list the other items as I list the and all the info would be there on the active listing, the unactive items list would get shorter as I listed and I’d know where I was up to. It’s true they wouldn’t show up on the active item related listings until they were active but they would appear as soon as I listed them which didn’t take long to do. The way now how they have to be activated before I can add them to the related items and demo is annoying and time consuming, it leaves me with blank items being listed until I edit them. It was fine how it worked before making the changes, I add new products every week and it has made it harder and longer to list them, takes a lot more work.
  9. They have to be active listings to show up, it’s some MP bug they are working on fixing. It is very annoying.
  10. Is the demo listing activated? They won’t show up otherwise
  11. I had a stop by your Sim looks great. Unfortunately I don’t know any designers so makes it really hard. I went to a bunch of malls and stuff and they are all full or space not big enough. I own a women’s clothing store and use 1/4 sim.
  12. If the item listing isn’t activated it doesn’t show up, it’s a bug they are working on fixing it. It’s quite annoying.
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