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  1. Store photo contest.

    Hello. Has anyone done a photo contest for there store and could help me out? Or know any stores doing one atm send me a IM please. I was thinking of doing one and I have no idea where to start. Anyone got suggestions on how to do it?
  2. Fatpack into huds Help on how to do

    Thank you for your suggestions I appreciate it. Dakota: the only bad thing about that is going back and editing the MP listings. There is over 500 Fatpacks with most 10 colours so over 5000 listings. I have each pack in a multi vendor in my in world store it all takes up a lot of room as well as prims. Most of them have mesh body sizes so I don’t want to retire them yet. That’s why I came up with the idea to re-release them as huds. i have made nearly all of the items as huds took forever to do and am ready to release them but stuck on how to do it. everyone your suggestions are very helpful
  3. Fatpack into huds Help on how to do

    Hello Everyone I need some help. I’m re-doing all my single items/Fatpack into huds but I’m stuck on how to do It. I could either delete everything and pretty much start over releasing them as huds but that will be 3/4 of my store contents OR I could delete the vendors as I released them but I thought it might cause some issues if people bought a single item and the next week I release it as a Hud. Though I will be offering to upgrade to anyone who’s bought in the last month. Has anyone done this and could share there experience about it. Any suggestions are welcome. I know it’s a stupid thing to ask but I really can’t decide what to do
  4. Which vendor system should I chose

    I suggest trying the demos before you buy. MD has a free demo on MP and caspervend has a free version but it takes like 5% of your sales full version doesn’t though. I have caspervend its great but it does take abit to set up stuff.
  5. Really need help for product settings

    Check the last steps of the instructions once you finish making the hud like after u set it all up, you got to delete the license script. depending which item of bosh u have some you got to click the root prim and a menu comes up and u click ‘ encrypt’ there’s some other word with it I can’t remember. Other ones you can just delete the license script once your done.
  6. How to sell a service on the marketplace store?

    There is a gift card category abit hard to find but it’s here: Business- Retail - Gift Cards & Vouchers
  7. Hello, i was wondering what do yous do with previous group gifts and Midnight Mania Items? I have been just removing them from my store but have people asking about them. I was thinking selling them as ordinary items or have them in a vendor for a small price for group members.
  8. Designers For Monthly Event

    Pure Events is looking for Designers. A monthly event April Theme is - What's Your Style. 50% Off this months event fees!
  9. Empty items won't delete

    To delete them they have to be named just go into the edit listing and give it a random name after that you should be able to delete it.
  10. Bloggers for TRS Designs

    Hello, I am looking for bloggers for my store TRS Designs please fill out the application if interested.
  11. Interior Decorator For Store

    Looking to hire someone to decorate my store for Halloween. Payment to be discussed contact Amethestpearl Resident Inworld if interested.
  12. Wanted interior store decorator

    I'm looking for a intorier store decorater wanting to change my store around Abit. Message or notecard me inworld Amethestpearl Resident
  13. Bloggers Wanted!

    TRS Designs is looking for bloggers Any questions please IM or notecard Amethestpearl Resident
  14. Business to share land with

    Hello. I have been thinking of upgrading to bigger land right now using 1500 Prims (around that) Looking for a business to share land with IM me in world Amethestpearl Resident if interested
  15. Store to share land with

    Hello. I have been thinking of upgrading to bigger land right now using 1500 Prims (around that) Looking for a store to share land with IM me in world Amethestpearl Resident if interested