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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vibus Ten/160/160/47
  2. I would build a new Governor's Mansion on a full size sim that would be built so grand that it would be the 9th Wonder of the World. A swimming pool to lounge around. And a English Garden to sit. A tennis court. Have the place landscaped to the hilt not using those old style two sided flat faced prims. Use it as an info hub. Maybe even have the Governor show up once in a while to meet and greet.
  3. ''IMs get capped please send a notecard.'' I pretty sure I will continue to read that. lol I want one of those one time fee Charter Memberships I was told some of those old timers are getting L$500 to L$1,000 weekly stipend.
  4. The sellers do not supply a detailed description about the product whatsoever. Why is it so hard to do that? It's no wonder sales are nose diving on these things. They need to take the time to completely describe the item. The description is a broken record: This is a gacha resale store. I am not the creator of the item No refund..etc... I saw one the other day, all that was in the description was the number 1 and they expect someone to buy the item for L$450 on that description alone.
  5. I never buy Gacha items reason being the sellers don't think it's necessary to describe anything about the item at all. I want to know everything about what I will be buying. That information is completely left out in the description.
  6. So the Behind Closed Doors is no longer a policy. Got it. I suppose it's time for someone to update things. Left me confused as to what is right and wrong. I decided against renting there. Just the fact that Peeping Toms will undoubtedly cam is enough for me not rent the skybox. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted "behind closed doors," meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the parcel is private. That means turning on Hide Avatars. Clicking off □ Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel. I was searching for places to rent and found a really nice skybox with a lot of options. In the rental's description it assured tenants of total privacy that neighbors can not see or chat with you. However it failed to mention that the multiple stacks of people above and below the rental skybox could. So my question is if were to rent the skybox and a Peeping Tom renting above or below me finds my adult activity offensive to them and ARs me, who is at fault me or the property owned landlord? I know I wouldn't be able take the necessary steps to hide avatars so I would be knowingly violating the Closed Door Policy. I don't know if that policy is enforced but I don't want to put myself in a position where I would set myself up to get an AR Thanks for any replies in advance.
  8. j0Q

    Mesh Bike Tracks

    I ride on this one bike mesh track which causes my bike to frequently bounce around violently as I increase my speed and causes my bike to get snagged up in some cases tosses me off the track. I've only experience it on that one bike track so far. Other tracks I ride on I have no problem at all, I get a very smooth ride. Anyone have any thoughts what might be causing the rough ride?
  9. Has anyone seen a crash dummy for sale somewhere in world? The Marketplace doesn't have any.
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