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  1. Hey all thanks for the constructive conversation, but please be aware I'm not asking for no boxes. I want to address a few responses here just because I think my original post wasn't clear. I didn't know this, thank you for that clarification. I said in my original post it was fine when Caspervend did it anyway. This post isn't about boxed items. It's about boxed DEMOS of items. You know, the free things that creators make so everyone can try on the product and then delete after they buy the real one (or if they dont want it/doesnt fit/etc). There is no real reason I
  2. Creators - please stop boxing up demos posted to MP or sold via the built-in vendor system. Caspervend and other vendor systems is ok, because the demo box goes to objects by default as a box alone and not a new folder, so rezzing it makes sense. But when you buy from MP or in-world built in vendor, it puts the contents into its own folder already, the box is unnecessary. It's not only an extra step, and clutters inventory needlessly, but also requires you rez rights to rez it (or even worse, forcing you to attach it to your body one at a time).
  3. Then if that's the way it is, we would expect wire transfers and credits to paypal to be in the exact same manner, yes? eg, a $20,000 wire transfer would result in you receiving $19,000 to your bank account, right? Edit: Clarification - Requesting a $20,000 cash out via Wire transfer would result in Linden taking $1,000 of fees and sending an actual wire for $19,000.
  4. Thank you all for explaining it. We'll agree to disagree and thank you for the responses. I'm going to consult with my accountant on this issue, because I still fail to understand it. Obviously, if everyone seemingly has the same explanation my line of thinking is incorrect, so I want to really understand this and maybe he can get me a better explanation. I am also going to use a wire transfer for my next cash out and see what happens, but I would bet its as I say it should be and NOT the way everyone thinks it should be. I'm putting that out of my backside, but I would bet I'm correct, and
  5. As far as I can tell, they have no processing fees out of the USD Credit account because the money in the USD credit account is already USD. In fact, even if you're banned from second life and have USD in the credit account they are obligated to give you this USD back one way or another (see tilia terms of service section 3.3.5). There's nothing to process. Paying for land, premium, or any other myriad of charges and fees in second life are not subject to this 5.26% fee when they pull from your USD credit balance. It's only when cashing out to paypal. For them to take out a 5.26% fee from a c
  6. If you buy something from the store for $100 that is taxed at a 10% rate, do you pay $10 or $11? Linden says it's an $11 tax, and you seem to agree with this. I also said, in my original post, that is how it was done now, and that it's an incorrect way. What is being processed is $4,750, not $5,000. The $250 in this case is not being processed. It's just being removed from teh credit account, like paying land tier. 4750 * 0.05 = $237.50, the proper 5% processing fee for processing $4,750 to paypal.
  7. Charging you 5.26% fee for something that is listed as 5% is cheating.
  8. That's just not accurate. The part being processed into USD credit is done when you sell L$, not when you cash out to paypal. When you cash out to paypal, the conversion from lindens is already done. That's an entirely different fee (3.5% fee from the lindex)
  9. I understand what they are getting at (and you), but even the link you provided says "processing USD credits". The credit is the amount you get in the end. Your money is what's processed. The other part is the fee. The credit should not include the fee. The fee should be added to the amount you get. It's a very easy mistake to make. It's further confused by the MP commissions, because in this case, 5% of the sales price is 5% of sales. That's more clear cut. Just like the 3.5% of L$ to USD charge on the lindex. Simple and clear cut. But 5% for processing credits is not clear cut, bec
  10. I have done a few cash outs in second life, large and small and I feel that Linden Lab is unfairly skimming off the top, but only on paypal transactions. I have not done a wire transfer, but I think they are cheating ONLY on Paypal transfers. Allow me to explain the two ways of doing this, and why I feel they are cheating you. Scenario: Let's assume you want to cash out $5,000. How it is currently done (Incorrect way): $5000 * 0.05 = $250 (This is the fee taken out of the $5,000 cash out). $5000 - 250 = $4750 (This is what you get in your paypal.) How it should be done (Co
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