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  1. I am, online and offline. I found out later on as that he's bisexual, he's just amazing
  2. Kinda besides the One-on-One conversations with that one friend, I find the voice feature to be annoying specially when used in groups. If there should be any type of disagreement or difference in opinions, people talk over you, interrupt constantly and then it becomes a screaming match (at which point I will leave, I have enough headaches dealing with people offline) as opposed to typing which allows me to clearly express what I meant to "say". so.. yes, I do voice use voice but it's rare and mostly among friends which aren't a lot. This!! If you're sick.. for the love of all that is Holy, turn off your audio. Nobody, I mean nobody needs to hear the constant phlegm.. the coughing, the choking, chewing nachos. Come on! That was my last straw.
  3. Indeed, they have the best ad machine. Although in my opinion Blueberry holds the Forth because unlike some other creators, she hasn't ditched the other popular mesh bodies just to support Legacy. I actually really like seeing diverse mesh bodies being supported (Maitreya isn't gold for everyone , particularly me), I can only imagine the effort that goes to accommodating each one but I'm grateful for that, for creators who go that extra mile. As for BOM, I am going to have to wait for Firestorm to test that out, I simply like the option of no longer having to fight and choose between appliers. Even then, I am really still very fond of Slink and might be my default for awhile and that's where BOM will be most beneficial for me/ Legacy second.
  4. I greatly appreciate your input to clarify why I ran into to the skin gloss/shine issue. Clearly something was missing there .. I can’t say where because it happened with several skins. This is something that Legacy perhaps needs to address in a notice to all creators.. I’ve experimented material editor and I’ve seen Stray dog’s tutorial so I know what you’re referring to but the confusion is everywhere it seems and it has not been communicated properly somewhere. I don’t get the concept that any time constructive criticism is applied, suddenly we “love to hate” lol, I .. bought this body. I spent decent money on this body. I would love to be able to enjoy my purchase but yes I feel limited. I even made a post on Flickr.. pouring out the excitement I felt when I finally found a skin that fit me for legacy, including proper clothing only to feel absolutely silly because I realized that I couldn’t do this or that.. couldn’t apply this or that due to some error. Who’s responsible for the problem ? I’m not sure. Livehelp was more concerned to dismiss my concerns instead of helping, some creators just don’t reply at all except one and I am not a rude customer. Products designed for the body don’t apply too well.. I can’t use my tats and shine at the same time until it’s fixed. It’s an important aspect, it’s not omega compatible.. So bye bye to those appliers and I’m done asking creators to update (I’ve had some harsh responses, making me feel like I’m a beggar or I’m nagging for suggesting to update or create for legacy). Dismissing important aspects that are lacking for a new very expensive mesh body isn’t “hating”, this constant fawning over Legacy isn’t helping creators nor legacy improve where it’s needed. I like the body too... enough to bleed 5k. it has some issues tho. Damn. Can we be real about this?
  5. You are right on the money, it smelled a lot like BS. Don't get me wrong, I love shiny stuff so I buy.. but a lot of creators/bloggers, particularly on flickr are hellbent on selling the body as if it's this God-sent thing and it's not. I find it offensive that they've dropped some very good mesh bodies like Slink /Belleza for Legacy. It does have a great shape (for my liking) but cankles.. ugh. It is what it is, I am a masochist so I deserve every bit of this pain. If anything.. the silver lining is, it has given me a brand new appreciation for my Slink. They're also one of the first to quickly prepare for BOM. I don't even know what Legacy plans to do about BOM considering how rigid they are with doing things "their own way" aka.. hell.
  6. Oh man.. it'll be the day Legacy gives out anything free. Anything.
  7. Will there be an update tho.. ? lol that body hasn't updated in forever. I just think only BOM could literally be the only thing to force the creator to do anything at all. Only to avoid losing to other mesh bodies who have been updating and keeping up with SL. I have given up on Maitreya, not just because I feel absolutely generic and boring wearing it (this is personal, not an attack on its other users) but because it's so limiting in options compared to other mesh bodies now with BOM, even more so. I feel really happy I've moved on a while ago but I'm curious.
  8. So.. it's possible that BOM may force the creator of Maitreya Mesh Body to come out of the cave.. deep in the belly of the Earth to finally update this thing ? I don't know why I find this funny.
  9. I read all the warnings about the Legacy TMP body, I also read the few.. rare good reviews. I love shiny things so there.. I took a chance. I don't regret it but I was.. umm pissed. I love all aspects of Second life, particularly fashion and photography. It was a big fail for me to realize that the body gloss/shine only applies to the default legacy skins. Their CSR did her/his best to convince me that it was the skin creator's job to provide some sort of shine to the body.. that other popular mesh bodies do the same (which is untrue). The only way I can see a creator providing shine that you can increase or decrease at will is via an applier aka taking away the option of applying anything else like tats, body freckles, scars, body hair (if I'm wrong, correct me). So you basically have to choose.. Skin gloss vs Tat, Skin shine vs Freckles.. I was annoyed and I do own other bodies who have made it their priority to provide shine to the ANY skin you decide to wear so you're not forced to walk around looking two-tone because you have to wear a Legacy skin. Perhaps if more of you do make a complaint, they may address this but I'm not going to hold my breath. Meh.. it is what is is. Also, Eva Artemesia (Creator of This Is Wrong)provides some very nice shine that work as tattoo appliers. Those might work out for some of you.
  10. Yup.. deleted my skybox, ground cabin so often it’s not funny. I sit there, screaming “ noooo” at my screen.
  11. I had asked LiveHelp (CSR for the legacy mesh body) for some clarifications on that and the statement was that the shine in the body hud can only be applied to the legacy default skins. I was told by LiveHelp that the skin creators would be the ones to add shine/gloss when wearing that creator’ skin. Usually.. most mesh bodies (at least the very popular ones like Maitreya/slink/Belleza)have an option to increase or decrease shine in any skin you choose to wear however the legacy mesh body is different in how they do things, so I was taken back by that.. eh, it is what it is.
  12. I just needed to vent a little bit. I'm not going to name any specific creators as plenty do this, also I'm not here to take business away from anyone (not that I sincerely think my one opinion can affect anybody). I understand that with clothing and with so many diverse mesh bodies out there, we as customers must make good use of our common sense/our fashion smart to utilize the Alpha Hud provided by the mesh body to hide the body parts that stick out through clothing. In this case, a creator is making items with the undress me option (meaning the clothing item reveals a buttock/breast/tummy on purpose when that area is clicked on/touched) and somehow the pelvis or breast area clashes through the clothing, almost as if I'm wearing the wrong body for it but I'm not. When I contacted the CSR, she replied "First of all, **** products are only made for Maitreya. **** made some clothes for other bodies in the past but now she only makes products for Maitreya.If there are problems with the hud or products in the future even when you're wearing Maitreya, try to do re-delivery. If it doesn't help, feel free to contact me again ". I took a bit of an offense to that " First of all", lol almost as if I went out of my way to nag her about mesh bodies the brand isn't advertising for, isn't creating for and absolutely do not reflect in demo and actual products the various bodies showcased (but they do). Yes, yes .. I did try a demo prior to purchasing but at the time I had only owned the Maitreya Lara body and I now wear a different one. Yes, I am wearing the latest version of my current body ( not Maitreya). Yes yes.. the Maitreya Lara body is very popular and has become the standard for a lot of creators out there but this is still not fair, the response was not appropriate. This product was not old and if you are advertising for other mesh bodies besides Maitreya, it's only fair to the paying customer that the item.. fits properly, that they are not forced into a shape they're not comfy with, or perhaps avoid false advertising if you are not devoted to aiding your customers. My frustration will probably fall into the void. It's completely my fault that at the time of purchase, I did not own every single mesh body advertised in the product, to test each mesh body for accuracy and THEN purchase it. Mistakes happen, glitches occur.. however to make a customer feel as if it's their fault for not assuming that the product you are showcasing/advertising for several mesh bodies only fit Maitreya, that isn't okay. I will move on but yeah I needed to vent. I am fine.. 🙃
  13. @Chic Aeon Yeah, most design for maitreya first THEN eh.. others too. As for the Vista Hands, I have heard awesome reviews for them but I don't think I'm ready to pair my body with 3rd party hands again (requiring buying extra set of skins for those hands, some creators include them/some don't), it was even more of pain like when I did Belleza Freya for a while with slink hands. I do adore those tops but like with everything in life, as much as I'd like to make the most of my old inventory, I know when to stop and maybe it's time to move on. Maybe that creator will reply, maybe she won't cause those items aren't exactly new.. It was a good run while it lasted. I just wanted to see if I was doing something wrong, I'm always learning new tricks in this forum and I thought I'd put it out there. Thank you all ❤️
  14. Aaah.. yeah that may be why. It’d would make sense.
  15. Ah well.. I did attempt the shrinking of the hands to T. Rex proportions (for slink, it still looked decent tho, I mainly keep it a little on the proportionate side when it comes to size cause I do like wrap my fingers around “things”, proportionate is best :P) however, even when scaled to 0 the hands simply don’t fit. Honestly, I had bought those tops around the time I mostly wore Maitreya and haven’t quite figured out which body type I preferred. They fit nicely on Maitreya Lara. The silver lining is that creators are maybe aware of the issue, newer tops with similar tight sleeves around the wrists/hands fit perfectly (even with using the alpha to hide parts) so I’ll invest into new tops. Time for a change, I guess I was so fond of those tops.. they were cute and I bought several of them. I try hard to not shop too much and re-use older items .. Thanks for the suggestions
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