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  1. Ooh my god.. yes. I thought I was the only one! Literally can't make those combos without buying the entire package. So painful..
  2. Aah well I hope you're right lol 'cause I'm an impulsive buyer and it'd be awful if I lost all those accumulated points. Thanks
  3. This isn't about the group limit although I am truly glad that there is no longer a reduction in the group amount for basic members. My lil bank can't afford premium yet. I often leave one or two of my favorite designer/creator groups (temporarily) in order to join another when there is a gift giveaway or a specific sale in another creator group. By doing so, do I lose my linden credits or points accumulated ? I am just curious cause I can't quite tell ?
  4. Ah I understand, just hope it won’t happen again (Aka knowing what could have caused the corruption itself, if that makes sense). The panic level was up there >.< lol and thank you dear.
  5. I wanted to thank you all so much cause I was naked for a long time (thank god on my private land) because my entire saved outfit section was gone. I knew the links had to be there ( not completely gone ) as I had my mesh body there and hair, basic items.. but damn. Thank you all for linking the right stuff and eventually clearing the firestorm inventory cache was the step that worked for me. Any ideas on what’s causing this to happen, tho? It’s happened twice in very little time for me lately, specially after going into shopping events (a lag nightmare for me, forcing me to resort to only visiting those locations on odd hours) but yeah often enough if I do visit those shopping areas while it’s busy, when I return some inventory items in outfits are missing and in the main inventory section too. I think that’s the cause but.. is it tho? Could there be other factors ?? I love to shop Again, thank you for helping me and others but I wish I knew the cause so I could prevent it. It’s incredibly .. stressful when you think you’ve lost so many times precious.. items, specially the naughty ones >///<
  6. Amazing transition! welcome to the Mesh Club.. even the long-timers in mesh are still struggling I think. I know I do ?
  7. ♥ Ain't much to say there. It was a good day.. those are rare.
  8. Love what you've done with this. I was blown away ^^
  9. About time too.. been waiting forever for Halloween
  10. It was supposed to be "jogging day" but.. I ended up on a bench watching birds ? and wheezing.. #outofshape #don'tjudgemeh
  11. Lazy sundays.. Oh who am I kidding...any day is lazy day ?
  12. They look fine.. lol, I love how original your look is. Feels authentic.
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