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  1. Thanks Marianne, I'll check on that and work things out on my own, outside of the forum. I appreciate the help but posting here in general was a mistake for me.
  2. Yeah, I guess I am confused and I suppose that is funny to some of you. I wore my Slink Redux and the BOM skin seems to show as it should with and without Advanced Lighting Model. My graphic settings are working decent, not having an issue there but I'll consider that next time. I attempted the same process again with the Legacy BOM; that wasn't successful when advanced lighting model was checked but without, it worked. I am not going to attempt to explain further because doing so hasn't been productive at all on my end. According the responses above, I'm either severely confused, not doi
  3. I am using the latest firestorm viewer designed for BOM Version 6.3.2. I am using a the BOM Body provided by the mesh body creator (for example: Slink Redux or Legacy). I repeat I am not wearing the Mesh body, I am not wearing the alphas. I removed them, I was able to see the BOM skin on the BOM Body just fine until I turned ALM on. Do you understand what I mean, now ? It just feels that you are assuming I'm not doing it right. When I turn ALM on, my body is not invisible. It shows a default skin, not the BOM Skin (I purchased /redelivered from ItGirls, among several) I am currently wear
  4. I specified in my post that I tried/worn 3 different skins, from 3 different creators who are not new to the skin design industry, each BOM skin worn didn't appear on the BOM body & head worn. I am not referring to the default body skins that a lot of mesh bodies naturally provide in the hud. Try not to make it seem like I am not making things up, this isn't helping. I'm glad it's showing on your end while using ALM, perhaps you have the default body skins on? I don't know. I know for a fact that a lot of people use ALM, I can't see all the beautiful features when I use BOM. If you do
  5. I have seen new or updated skins with exquisite quality without Advanced Lighting Model turned on but my issue is that you would still other things such as clothing or a hairstyle that is best seen with ALM on, now you'd have to deny yourself that option because paired with your new BOM skin, it's mismatched hell. One requires ALM off, the other is best seen with ALM on: I really do not look forward to that. I am one of those who like to have things look in order, not mismatched or two-tones whether ALM is being used or not. I'm uncertain it will be implemented and whose responsibility it is
  6. This is about Bakes on Mesh (BOM) and Advanced Lighting Model. Perhaps this discussion has been brought up before, the search didn't come up for me. Is anyone not bothered by the fact that we can't quite use BOM with Advanced Lighting Model? I'm talking about the fact that I can't use shadows, light effects; I can't increase gloss/shine on the body and the magnificent new BOM skin disappears to show the default body skin. Let's say I'm using Slink HG, the body's default skin work fine but as soon as I attempt to use a skin I purchased from another creator, my skin only shows the default if I s
  7. Gah.. you made me tear up a little. Nothing else to add to this post tho, everything has been said and most of all the OP is probably very content with himself now.
  8. I am, online and offline. I found out later on as that he's bisexual, he's just amazing
  9. Kinda besides the One-on-One conversations with that one friend, I find the voice feature to be annoying specially when used in groups. If there should be any type of disagreement or difference in opinions, people talk over you, interrupt constantly and then it becomes a screaming match (at which point I will leave, I have enough headaches dealing with people offline) as opposed to typing which allows me to clearly express what I meant to "say". so.. yes, I do voice use voice but it's rare and mostly among friends which aren't a lot. This!! If you're sick.. for the love of all that is
  10. Indeed, they have the best ad machine. Although in my opinion Blueberry holds the Forth because unlike some other creators, she hasn't ditched the other popular mesh bodies just to support Legacy. I actually really like seeing diverse mesh bodies being supported (Maitreya isn't gold for everyone , particularly me), I can only imagine the effort that goes to accommodating each one but I'm grateful for that, for creators who go that extra mile. As for BOM, I am going to have to wait for Firestorm to test that out, I simply like the option of no longer having to fight and choose between appl
  11. I greatly appreciate your input to clarify why I ran into to the skin gloss/shine issue. Clearly something was missing there .. I can’t say where because it happened with several skins. This is something that Legacy perhaps needs to address in a notice to all creators.. I’ve experimented material editor and I’ve seen Stray dog’s tutorial so I know what you’re referring to but the confusion is everywhere it seems and it has not been communicated properly somewhere. I don’t get the concept that any time constructive criticism is applied, suddenly we “love to hate” lol, I .. bought this bo
  12. You are right on the money, it smelled a lot like BS. Don't get me wrong, I love shiny stuff so I buy.. but a lot of creators/bloggers, particularly on flickr are hellbent on selling the body as if it's this God-sent thing and it's not. I find it offensive that they've dropped some very good mesh bodies like Slink /Belleza for Legacy. It does have a great shape (for my liking) but cankles.. ugh. It is what it is, I am a masochist so I deserve every bit of this pain. If anything.. the silver lining is, it has given me a brand new appreciation for my Slink. They're also one of the first to
  13. Oh man.. it'll be the day Legacy gives out anything free. Anything.
  14. Will there be an update tho.. ? lol that body hasn't updated in forever. I just think only BOM could literally be the only thing to force the creator to do anything at all. Only to avoid losing to other mesh bodies who have been updating and keeping up with SL. I have given up on Maitreya, not just because I feel absolutely generic and boring wearing it (this is personal, not an attack on its other users) but because it's so limiting in options compared to other mesh bodies now with BOM, even more so. I feel really happy I've moved on a while ago but I'm curious.
  15. So.. it's possible that BOM may force the creator of Maitreya Mesh Body to come out of the cave.. deep in the belly of the Earth to finally update this thing ? I don't know why I find this funny.
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