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  1. I am pansexual in both lives. I have an open relationship in SL, but not in RL (other than SL, if that made sense)
  2. I love all the styles posted in general and may give them all a look. However, I found one that I thought was just right for me.
  3. Yes, I am using Maitreya. I currently use a very old skin that still looks pretty good, I think. But I just wanted an update.
  4. I am looking to find a BOM skin with natural looking breasts. Not ones that look like just half melons stuck on. cleavage or no cleavage is fine. Looking for them to be regular size. But just....I dunno, natural. And pale, I like pale like skin. Names of skin makers would be awesome.
  5. Thank you all. I will get demos and play
  6. @RowanMinxThat is cute but I'd like something a little longer with more on the sides. Thank you tho.
  7. I'm looking for the classic red hair like the lovely Molly Ringwald of the 80s. I have found one that would be cute but it's no mod and it's bright brassy fire. Any suggestions?
  8. Sorry @Lewis Luminos you are REALLY robbing the cradle !!!
  9. You look lovely. Where is that pretty hair from ?
  10. My husband before he was my husband joined around the time I did. We had a long distance relationship at the time and SL really helped. He stayed on a couple of years and once we were living together that trailed off. My rl BFF is in SL, we like to hang out from time to time when her schedule allows it. I had two others that were brief. One was an ex boyfriend and one was a really good school friend.
  11. I switched to a mesh body a few years ago. But I kept my system head. I like the way "I" look and don't care to spend the time and money trying to replicate that. I honestly don't know why mesh heads are preferred. I have an alt with one and all it does really is add lag. Also my computer is very low end. So, the fact that it won't go past mid graphics means I wouldn't even get the benefits of the "perfect" AV. This one makes me happy.....
  12. I'm afraid I know nothing about men's mesh. But I just wanted to say that I love your house and garden.
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