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  1. For a sense of community that I just don't get in world. I have my little bubbles I live in with others, but this is nice to expand out.
  2. Back in the day there were the three "I's" for vintage shopping....Ivalde, Ingenue and Icing. Sadly Ivalde is long gone. Ingenue only does shoes and some modern clothes. And to be fair I am not sure about Icing these days. There was also Jetdoll, and Donna Flora (who made amazing Jewelry), and Pocket Mirrors (hair). I still have tons of outfits from Ivalde (I used to model for them) and Ingenue (who also made really cute vintage hair) and Jetdoll. A few still from Icing. With BOM I have been able to revive many of these old pieces. All of these clothes have held up very well. Especially Ivalde. Ivalde Donna Flora Donna Flora Jetdoll
  3. I am over 40. I don't really know the ages of most of my friends. I'd guess they are between 30 and 60. I love vintage everything. I enjoy going to clubs that are pretty chill with my friends. (Club Noir, owned by my boyfriend and Caffeine Nights, owned by another friend) I love to play table top games. I love to shop, but mostly on the MP. My computer is old and slow, like me.
  4. Sounds like a bot would be right up your alley 😛
  5. Yes. I would love that. It is an era that is too often forgotten. I love the fashion of that period especially.
  6. Hey! I think I know you sir. In fact I think I am on your friendslist. Don't be shy. IM me anytime.
  7. I've been a ginger right from the start. The prettiest hair color around. How could i resist this guy?
  8. Ideally this place would have a fair amount of activities and have a theme like medieval or somewhere that was vintagey. No adult regions please.
  9. Yes it is Maitreya. I wasn't even aware there was an updated body. I assume I can find that at the store? Thank you so very much.
  10. This happens to me every time. How do I fix it? I have tried alpha-ing out my nips but that makes two big holes.
  11. I have been in SL for 13 years. I have a ton of vintage clothing from Ivalde. I saved it all just cuz I couldn't throw it out. I really missed flexi skirts for dancing in. I regularly wear my old Ivalde dresses and they still hold up. She was an amazing creator. So very happy to bring these back to life.
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