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  1. For me SL is a place where I can be creative and if I want to I can socialize too. Ive seen more people who want to be creative and create stuff then those who are looking for sex.
  2. Kenbro Utu wrote: Chelsea Malibu wrote: There is a list of Authorized exchanges at : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_Marketplace I understand what you mean to imply, but the word "authorized" in conjunction with third-party Linden exchanges always makes me cringe. LL makes quite a disclaimer about dealing with third-party exchanges, and while they are using the Risk API (making them relatively safe), they are not really authorized to exchange Lindens. Anyone can exchange them whether they use the Risk API or not. It is just that the Risk API a
  3. It I want to sell/buy my lindens very fast.. then I use EldexExchange. I use it from time to time. They are trustfull. I had only one problem in these two years and then I noticed the Support is very great (They just wrote me back 1 minute later). I would suggest them when not using LLs L$ Services..
  4. Sounds for me like a guild. Or better like anything similar to the EU: The EU is a great example for what could happen with your mafia.... You defenetly need some big business in your mafia.. like germany and france in the EU.... You also must be sure that you save poor mafia friends... in the EU like greek or portugal.. and that costs money.. If you agree to such a system... well.. then go.. why waiting?
  5. Yes.. sandbox is the magic word You´ll find tons of these places via inworld search by typing in the word. Thats how I did start as well
  6. I am very happy that there is a way to spend for the peoples who had to experiece the daster in japan. Its very friendly that you did set that up so that we can donate.
  7. If you ask me.. I also would never ever suggest any newbie to stay on Viewer 2x.. I rather would tell him "If you really want to enjoy SL there are alternative Clients... you should try.. Not much peoples use Viewer 2" But not because performance, tp or inventory problems. I would suggest a TPV because it is a fairy-tale to believe that Viewer 2x is better to use. I dont know if this Viewer 2x has any stability or performance problems or what ever. All I know and in fact thats what peoples feel as biggest problem is the USABILITY. It is a user unfriendly software. It looks and feel like a so
  8. Well as long as they do not transform it to ipad grafics and I can enjoy it still with my "high end system".. well then nothing to say agains it.. but only if the webbased stays as alternative and not main login variante. But in fact thats what I did mean with the example of tiger woods from ea sports. The web based version looks like a 5 years old game while the other versions was looking very awesome. So good to know that TPV´s and so will stay.
  9. Can anybody explain me why there is need for a web viewer from user standpoint (not dev standpoint)? I mean which of us users could like that trend apart from those facebook and twitter freaks? Are peoples to lazy to install a client today? Are peoples overstrained with there own system and all the scopes today? Do we really need to transform everything to those facebook and twitter style trash? Serously... I played a game which you had to install in the past... I talk about a golf game called Tiger Woods. Now EA is offering the newest version of this game as web-based or better browser-
  10. You are right Phantom. I think there is no need to port display names over to Viewer 1x. Thats really not what I did mean. You are right Phantom. I just have the feeling that most peoples I talked to refuse to deal with the Viewer 2 generation. I only would agree to Phantoms point with Mesh. I think Mesh is an improvement and peoples will use it if it is working good at least. So I would like to see it on Viewer 1, Phoenix VIewer.. or what ever Viewer. Just this Viewer 2 is something me and all peoples I talked to dislike. Look around.. many peoples seems to dislike it. LL should notice an
  11. Still a horrible usability of this Viewer. I really wish they close the whole VIewer 2 Project. I cant imagine why they still hold on a Viewer wich the community refuse to feal with. Seriosly... you still develop this VIewer for those 5% of Peoples who like it? Stop it and update the old Viewer! Believe me.. peoples will be happy then.
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