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  1. For me SL is a place where I can be creative and if I want to I can socialize too. Ive seen more people who want to be creative and create stuff then those who are looking for sex.
  2. Ja ich sehe gerade auch Aber nehm es mir nicht übel.. Den Post hab ich an dem Tag von Position 5 auf 1 im Forum gefledert. Muss ja richtig tote Hose hier sein im deutschen Forum. Wer denkt schon daran, das man auf Page 1 ne Leiche findet.
  3. Second Life ist im übrigen garkein Spiel Mister Trolljof. Nur mal so nebenbei.
  4. I really love the idea to shop & sell inworld. And this is how I started in Second Life a few years ago. But from business view I dont miss my inworld business. I always felt like I had a hard time to find land where people actualy wander in stores (or where real person wander and not bots lol). Only one time I met a person who had a club full of real people arriving each day. She did put some of my vendors directly near the floor and this was indeed a good time for me then. I had a lot of sales. But I never had this luck again. My friend the mentioned club owner did leave SL... This wa
  5. oh my god. Marketplace is so incredible slow like hell. Now the Marketplace is sometimes completely inaccessibly.
  6. that explains why I do not have much sales this month
  7. Really, really, really... DD is a nice new feature but I cant understand how they did forget that we merchants might want to update any listings some day? Now.. how it is.. I just can say its much more easy to update an item in a magic box then with updating an item in a merchant outbox, lol. Thats crazy.
  8. Some things I learned exspecialy if you are female. Do not accept each friendship just because some words are spooken. After over 3 or 4 years SL I learned that 20% of the people instantly send you a friend request while 70% will do it after a few sentence. The last 10% are those who really seeking friendship and who are shy to ask for friendship when they found the conversation interesting. Those 10% are really interesting friends. This is what I learned and I´ve seen it in my friendlist. Some day you login and really dont know who is that who wrote you a message. Simply because you got to m
  9. Also if you rent land anywhere there are some landproviders who created an own community and make weekly or monthly neighboar meetings. Lionheart for example is such a community.
  10. I would also say yet where Phoenix has Mesh Support.. most of SL residents can see mesh now.
  11. ohn wrote: how about a quiet place where not many people visit wouldn't that make logging back in a little easier? Edited: typo Agree. And its not hard to find those places in SL
  12. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Surely an attractive young Barbie type girl such as yourself can find an attractive young Ken type guy... LMAO. This was my first thoughts as well
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