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  1. Yep, been having these inventory issues myself since the last update, so maybe it's spreading? I wasn't having issues until the last few days. >.< Hope it gets resolved soon. Just now in a premium sandbox, I try to take a copy of something rezzed, it gives me a "cannot derez object due to inventory fault" (but I'm not trying to delete it or anything..) and after the error pops up, the object shows up in my inventory. Makin' me nervous about the stability of the object that is now in inventory. This has happened in my own store estate sim, in premium sandboxes, and in the RC sim i
  2. Maestro Linden wrote: Hi Sera, can you describe where to find the mesh objects that you're having issues with now? The earlier issue with all meshes failing to load and TP failing sounds like the sim was having capabilities issue, though I don't know what would cause only certain meshes objects to fail to load. Hi Maestro, I cleared my cache and that seems to have fixed the problem of this particular item not rezzing in both the parcels on different servers. Everything seems pretty ok now! Thanks for following up.
  3. Many (most or all) mesh items on my estate sim (Low Prim Furniture) will not rez, and every time I have tried to teleport to another sim, I've been logged out. Just restarted the sim hoping that would help, but mesh items are still not rezzing and I'm still getting logged out upon teleport attempt. I am also having inventory fetching issues on that sim. Will post back if things improve. Edited to Add: (this is the next morning) - things seem to have improved, most mesh is rezzing, I can tp in and out, inventory seems to be loading ok. I do have a couple mesh items that are not loading t
  4. Thanks for the replies Whirly and Steph, neither of them hit the mark for what is happening to me, I think. I am watching the bug though, I haven't ruled it out. Steph, I am well aware of group notices from large groups not going out at all, in that case I would not receive an offline IM about it, but in this case I did, and I lost inventory offers as well, so that doesn't quite fit. I'm still not sure whether this is SL Server or my ISP, seeing as how I've been having weird issues in SL such as needing to wait an extended period of time before an object that I have taken a copy of actually
  5. nod, i had not capped either of those times so it is some other issue. crossing my fingers it will just stop...^^ and wondering if it's my connection.
  6. I'm posting this here because I'm mostly trying to find out if it's just me or a bug that has resurfaced, and I know my fellow merchants often get as much offline mail and notifications as I do. Twice in the last couple of weeks, I've logged into SL after being offline for a few hours to find the offline group msgs and inventory offers are just /gone/. There are group notices in my emails, and offers from scribos, etc. so I know there are things waiting for me when I log in. Today I logged in to find nothing but personal IM's that had been sent offline. No group popups, no inventory offers for
  7. Welcome to the reason why most sane people would not think of doing business in Second Life... Really though it's like any new process - once you do it a few times, it will be easier. Good luck.
  8. I have received all missing payments but one. I can't help but wonder if there is an intern or temp being handed chunks of database to compare and pay out manually all the missing transactions^^
  9. Yes CTL I have 2 questions about the new payment system. 1) Why am I not getting paid for things I sell?!? 2) When are you going to fix this ridiculousness?!?
  10. 3 more orders already today unpaid... And it's like pulling teeth matching up SLM orders with Transaction History after the fact... Thanks for the extra work, CTL... gonna be fun going through the last week of orders seeing what I didn't get paid for. BTW, WTF!!?!!!? UGH. ETA: Just went through my transactions... 28 orders missing starting on 6/27. It increased a lot the last couple days, almost like whatever "bug" this is was somehow getting more courageous. The last few missing transactions have been much higher L amounts too.
  11. P.S. One of the orders contained the same item, but one went to the purchaser, and another was sent as a gift. I was paid for ONE of the items, but not both. So that's weird...
  12. 2 items today I haven't received credit for. There are probably more, I just haven't been checking regularly when I'm away from email. >.<
  13. My bug report was closed as a duplicate, of course I can't view the bug report that it duplicates... so hopefully this means they are dealing with it quickly, but I really have no idea.
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