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  1. Have been there, aswell as NIC. Any building island.
  2. Hello residents! I've been around for a while, and regret never really having got the hang of building. I think I've seen most tutorial islands like ivory, and an unimaginable amount of web resources. What I really could use is someone that sits down with me, and runs me through my problems I endure when building. If the favour is not enough, I can trade the classes for scripting-lessons.
  3. Sorry for going completely off-topic here, i just love your taste of fashion on that second picture. *deep sigh within.* If only more girls IRL would dress like you gear your avi!
  4. Back in the old days you had them skycraper-island with office-rooms for sale, including small amount of prims for your furniture/servers etc. Anyone know of a place that still provides such service?
  5. Heya, just exploreing SL on my slow little pace. Just wondering if there is any -crowded- rp area's for European times around. As i tryed most showcase RP communities, they are usually based on US times. And therefor 95% of its population is asleep or working when i log my ass on. If there is any RP area you know that has a steady amount of players on, please let me know. Any theme will do, except for adult/gor.
  6. Afraid to hear so Jeanne, I was talking SLT. I'm on GMT+1 .. and im staying up till 5 in the morning just for the event,afraid i cant stretch it much longer! But if you promise me you donate to greenpeace yourselve, i am proud of you!
  7. Tonight from 10AM till 4+PM We invite all clubbers, dancers, musicians, bloggers and hosts to visit our club. We wish to do afundraise for Greenpeace, and all the money tipped, will go the SL-Greenpeace fund. (The official organisation registered with LL.) About the club: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Favorite-Destinations/Club-FUUD-Modern-day-clubbing/m-p/1316197#M2359 See you then! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wongala%20East/202/201​/3993
  8. Heya Mick, if you dont mind me calling you Mick. Hehe. By successful i mean having fun. A decent amount of people to interact with. Ahh ill try.
  9. Hello dear Marketting miracles. I've recently start-up a club. (One of fewer things i have never done on SL.) I seem to have every ingredient to a good club, and got very positive feedback from the few visitor i had. I would appreciate you shareing your idea's on how to get a party mob to enter my club. Once the marbles are rolling and people are tping their friends thats fine, but where do i get that first wave? xxx
  10. Hey yeah, glad you remember me. Have i been such a pain in the past? lol. I went abroad to volunteer in the UK for 6 months and military aside. But I'm home sweet home now.
  11. Please explain to me, why so many residents think they're oppinion is of any importance to LL? Daily they come to me and complain with arguments like 'why did LL ban gambling? they cant do that.', 'LL doesn't have the right to delete my forum post / reply' or 'They banned me for nothing so i have the right to come back.' NEWSFLASH: Just because LL is a company, doesn't mean they have to act to please. They can ban you if they dont like your IRL picture for that matter, they reserve the right. STOP MOANING
  12. About the club Who I'm looking for: A dynamic young lady aged 19-30 that enjoy's clubbing IRL as much as I do, and shares the love for dance/dubstep/laid back music. (oh god this nearly sounds like dateing) What will you be doing: Recieving people, as well as trying to pull people onto the club. Get people to advertise, do some marketting, spam some invites till the marbles get rolling. Reply or IM x
  13. Dear Resident, my name is Pammymy, and it fill's me with great joy to be able of inviting you to my brand new club. The reason for opening YET another club, is for a few simple reasons. I love dj-ing, as i travel allot, i like to show a variety of European clubbing music. Second is, i got sick and tired of laggy clubs, with fog's of war unimaginable. The club exists from a sitting area, where we serve the finest champagne in the land, as a dancing area with lightning. (NON-LAGG) and a second floor serving as a balcony with view on the dance floor. Not to forget, our unique DJ stand with mu
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