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  1. persaphone that was a really good post, very helpful, thanks! All this land talk was confusing me, all i realy need to do, is as u said, find a house or appartment for rent!! bethany, this sounds really good, I'm gonna have a look now
  2. hey, i was wondering if there is a place on SL, where u can live in a community, for example, u rent a room in a dormatry and theres a communical area to meet everyone alse who lives in the same community....any ideas?
  3. sounds fun, friend me in world, or ill find u, ill be in world a little later
  4. thanks for everyones help and advice ive fixed it now, basically theres a bug that can be temporerly fixed by blocking something...... not very helpful for new members of second life....thanks again for the help!
  5. Hi, I'm sorry if this is the rong section for this, but i dont no where alse to post it. When I'm offline, and i recieve an object or an IM, it is supose to apear when i come online again rite? wel mine doesnt. I recieve email notifications about objects and IMs, but when i go inworld, nothing seems to be there. This also includes items that I have purchased from the marketplace, have been charged for it, and the status is delivered, but i dont have it, please help me fix this, thank you
  6. thats a good point, thanks, I'll shop around for some freebies for now! ye i have herd of NCI'S i missed one of there busines education events.....i didnt no they do the help thing tho, thanks!!
  7. DJMistryUK


    Hi everyone, I'm very new to SL, and am looking for people to chill and hang out whith whilst learning about SL, and getting familar with it. I like partying, exploring, shopping, learning, meeting people, and learning. I hope to live an entreprenerial life on SL, and I have plans of running various busines, so it might be a good idea to stick with me loll!! I am also a RL DJ, and would like to take this to SL, I DJ with hiphop RnB, slow jamz, garage, drum n bas and dubstep, and much more. So if you are fun, friendly and can show me some good places in SL, come and find me. Thanks!
  8. Hi, and thank you, thats very helpful. First of all, I believe that the free stuf, is the stuff that makes you look like a noob, is that correct? secondly, I find the search thing a little difficult as, when im looking for skins and shapes, i either get irelavant results, or places that sell shoes and accessories, and no shakes or skins, do you or any1 have any suggested places for the sort of thing i am looking for? thank you for your help, it was very helpful!
  9. Hi, I'm new to SL and need to fix up my avatar I'm looking for a male, dark skin or asian avatar. Profesional, but also a little bit gangster, Someone who can wear a suit and a tracksuit depending on the occasion. Please get back to me asap if you can help thank you
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