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  1. Seems to be a shop in a skybox. I know RP sites never last long, but it seems to be gone in under a week.
  2. Should be 'Semotions'. Memory is a little foggy today.
  3. Hi, does anyone have a handy list of all the major stores selling up-to-date AOs? I've visited some big AO stores over the years and failed utterly to bookmark them (or failed to organise the bookmarks!) Stores I do know about include: Vista; Tuty's; Voir; SEnimations; [Sinse]; Akeyo; Kuso. I think I'm missing some good ones. I'm looking for general AOs, ideally Bento, that either have demos or in-world stores where you can try them out. If there's no way to demo, then not interested.
  4. Thanks Amanda - I'll take that on advisement. I've decided to replace the moon with... the Earth - so I can keep an eye on RL while I'm in-world.
  5. I don't understand much if any of all this, but - (/me adopts solemn yet commanding tone of voice) - "Make It So"
  6. Now that we have EEP we can easily make windlight settings to match our parcels and our moods. I can put the sun right on the horizon for a glorious sunset - in the east. I can if I want to. But why only the one sun and the one moon? That's a bit traditional isn't it? I say we should lobby the Lab to give us the option of extra suns and moons if we want them. Any takers?
  7. I guess directions would help too: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aplasta/145/144/144
  8. 5632 mountain land at 5632L or less - make an offer I’m selling my 5632 plot in Aplasta at a bargain price because I need to sell real fast. The plot is protected on one side by the Great Linden Wall (which is also a raised road) and has abundant abandoned land on the other three sides. There is little pressure on land around here, so it is free of neighbours with a good chance of remaining so. It is also high up, with great views and you can see the sea - if you reduce your draw distance! I can sell the plot with all the landscaping intact but the houses and walls pictured are gacha and will be going with me. (I can replace it with housing from Trompe or Scarlet Creative if that helps you out). The landscaping includes trees, rocks, waterfalls with It’s Not Mine showers scripts and a lifesize model of Stonehenge. Happy to reduce the size of the plot if it exceeds your tier. It’s sized at present for 5x1024 + the 10% bonus for group ownership. If viewing please note that some of my landscaping may have ever-so-slightly spilled over the edges of my plot onto adjacent abandoned land, so please check out the actual size of the land being sold. (Unrender volume = alt-cmd-shift-9 on a mac) Please contact me with any questions or offers. I’m on UK time but will get back to you as soon as I can.
  9. I've used many different Macs in SL over the years and none of them have given the results you mention, so no idea what is going on there. CalWL can be a bit harsh in itself, though the colors are usually kind of balanced and neutral, but try some of the others. I have an M1 mac mini and it does go beyond 'high' on the settings - will go all the way to ultra and shows it quite well, though very slowly if you go to a crowded club. Have you tried enabling support for HiDPI, to see what impact that has? It is specifically for Mac retina screens, which you have on the Macbook.
  10. Pintowit - have you calibrated your monitor yet? If so, that might help. (System Prefs | Display | Colour ) But is this only happening in SL and not elsewhere? If that's the case then you could try changing your windlight settings, or even making your own windlight setting using the new EEP thingy.
  11. I've recently got an M1 Mac Mini, and been comparing it to my old computer, an Intel i5, five years old but with an 8GB graphics card (a 'hackintosh' tower running MacOS Mojave) . I've been getting terrible FPS on the M1 - and logged in with a trusty alt was getting FPS of 42 on the hackintosh and 3.2 FPS on the mac mini. So I compared the Firestorm preferences, and the big difference was that I had 'Enable OpenGL vertex buffer objects' turned off on the M1 but turned on for the hackintosh. When I turned it on for the M1 my FPS immediately shot up into the high 30s. So, if you have an M1, check that setting under Preferences | Hardware.
  12. Optimo - I've already tested the animations and found many that do work. This is an option. It takes time, but you can get good results. The Lelutka animations work on the Genus head and in most cases are better than the Genus animations. Rowan - I suspect the Catwa hud would only work with the Catwa head, though I haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a go, but I suspect that will be the case.
  13. I want to find a face animator hud / AO - or persuade someone to create one. (I’d do it myself but couldn’t script my way out of a paper bag). Why is such a thing needed? Most of us these days have mesh heads that come with a range of animations. The huds that control these tend to be a bit clunky and lack flexibility. You can’t create your own animation sequences effectively. In particular, what I want to do is take the best animations from a series of heads that I own (Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, AK) and blend these into a series of sequences for different occasions. (In truth, I’m wearing a Genus head at the moment because it goes with a skin I love but I’m using Lelutka animations with it almost exclusively. They’re much better, IMHO) I’ve already extracted the animations I need (wear the head, right click, edit, contents tab, drag and drop to a suitable folder in inventory, repeat for all the other brands of head you own). I’ve also made sequences - such as chatting; flirting; sensuous; happy; etc. I’ve tried two approaches so far, both of which work up to a point but are fundamentally flawed: 1) Put them in a Zhao AO and use notecards - They do work as face animations and you can run your standing anims using the Firestorm AO or a second AO hud. This approach is flawed because when you sit on furniture such as a seat, bed, etc they stop working. And that’s when you are likely to need them most. (Kissing someone tends to attract their close attention - in an ideal world). 2) Create ‘standing’ animation sequences using the Firestorm AO which are actually face anims. This works and is dead easy because there are no notecards to deal with. You can still have your standing animations running by also wearing a traditional AO. But this is once again flawed because they stop working when you sit. So, I want a hud that will allow me to keep them running at all times - or at least until I turn them off. This is possible, because the head animators that come with the mesh heads achieve this. I also have a head animator from Chrysanthemum which provides ‘sexy’ face expressions which continue to run while on a chair or bed. (It comes with its own anims, but doesn’t allow you to add your own. They are all a bit ‘advanced’ and wouldn’t be used for a mere cuddle). Please note that I’m not aiming to sell this or load it with animations to then give it away. This is for personal use and once loaded with the anims taken from the mesh heads it would not be transferable. It might be something which a creator could sell to people such as myself, provided the customers were willing to load up the animations they already own. It might be possible to edit the Zhao scripts to adapt them for this scenario but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone know of such an animator already available? Or does anyone know where I could find appropriate scripts to create one? Or is anyone keen on making one from scratch?
  14. I find Discord unuseable. I routinely use a VPN for privacy, but Discord won't let me login when running a VPN without first verifying by email and blah, blah, blah, all of which takes far too long. So I lost interest. Now SL groups are moving to Discord, and I won't be part of the conversation, but I'll survive.
  15. Ardy, where are these regions with zoning restrictions? Any easy way to search for them? Or a list of them all?
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