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  1. are you a software engineer who works at linden labs? i am a software engineer. can you explain to me the technical reason why what i am proposing is so difficult? one thing i know through being a software engineer is that the most common reason technical problems tend to persist is because of laziness and disinterest on the part of the corporation who owns the product to actually address them.
  2. This problem would be very easy for LL to fix. Each sim can support 31680 avatar/hours of usage per month. So all LL need to do is impose a monthly usage cap that is proportional to a parcel size, e.g. if you have quarter of a sim, you get 7920 avatar/hours of use per month before your usage is capped by LL. This would mean that even if you only had a tiny parcel, you could still have an occasional party with 40 guests, but that no single parcel would have the ability to hog all the sim resources 24/7.
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