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  1. Rand Linden

    Using your inventory

    New Tattoo is under New Clothes, not New Body Parts.
  2. Rand Linden


    Thanks for bumping, Irene. This just fell through the cracks. It's an excellent suggestion. I added the section "Keep it suitable for everyone." Currently, we have "official / policy" information in the wiki's "Linden Lab Official" namespace, and all other information here on the community site. The reason is largely historical and logistical - we haven't had the time or resources to move that info into Lithium. Rand
  3. Rand Linden

    P+F sobre Hogares Linden

    Irene, No, it's a good question. We are revising many of the KB articles now, and often consolidating several related articles into one. In this case, we have moved the content of the English article "Linden Homes FAQ" into Linden Homes. I will change the link in the "In other languages" box accordingly. Unfortunately, Lithium does not have a good mechanism for redirects. You can rename an article, which will redirect to the new article URL, but you cannot have more than one article redirect to the same location. Thus, when we merge several related articles into a single article, only
  4. Rand Linden

    World Map and Mini-Map

    AHA! For a second there, I thought I was going crazy! ;-) Glad you figured it out. Rand
  5. Rand Linden

    World Map and Mini-Map

    Irene, I just tested this with Viewer 3.2.8 and double-clicking on the Mini-map DOES open the world map. Double-clicking on the World map teleports you. As for the notes about "retranslation" they should not appear--there was a small CSS mistake that I just fixed. What's going on here is that we are "transcluding" (to use a wiki term) Viewer Help articles from the wiki. In this case, the articles https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:World_Map and https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:Mini-Map are being transcluded. We have a custom in-house application that "reskins" th
  6. Rand Linden

    Renting land from other Residents

    Thanks, Irene. This is still a work in progress, and I am revising reorganizing all the KB land articles. So please wait a little while before making suggestions. Thanks, Rand
  7. Rand Linden

    Renting land from other Residents

    Overview Why rent on a private estate? Billing relationship Types of land for rent How to find private estates on which to rent land Important things to be aware of Renting land on the mainland? Determining a land parcel's owner Some landowners charge alternate tier for rentals on private Regions Overview Any Resident who owns an estate can rent part or all of the estate to other Residents. Thi
  8. Rand Linden

    Managing your parcel

    Thanks again for the input, Irene! I added that requirement, and split out the prerequisites to join two parcels. Rand
  9. Rand Linden

    Parcel media

    Thanks, Irene. I removed that link.
  10. Overview Backing up your user settings and preferences Procedure Windows 7 Windows 10 Mac OS Overview Typically, when you install a new version of the Second Life Viewer, you can simply install over your existing version. However, if you are experiencing problems, one of the first things to do is completely uninstall your current version and reinstall the same or a newer version. Sometimes this is referred to as a clean install. A clean install may hel
  11. Rand Linden

    Information for educators

    Verified, approved educators and non-profit institutions purchase land through the Second Life invoicing site: specialorders.secondlife.com. This site provides invoicing for educators and certain other customers. See Invoicing for special orders for more information. Note: Educators can purchase a Homestead Region without owning a full private region. The invoicing option is available though the special orders selection in the Land Store. See also: Second Life Education FAQs Other resources for educators in Second Life Educator success stories Instit
  12. Rand Linden

    Graphics cards

    Thanks, Nalates. I removed the reference to Driver Sweeper.
  13. Rand Linden

    System Requirements

    Please see the official Second Life System Requirements page. For additional information, see Graphics Cards.
  14. What is Premium Wilderness? What do I need to access Premium Wilderness? How do I get to Premium Wilderness? I tried to teleport to Premium Wilderness but got the error message "You do not have access to that region" What's there to do? How do I get the best visual appearance? Troubleshooting Fishing How do I report griefing or other issues? A note for content creators How do I get more help? Wha
  15. Hi Irene, Yes, there are some "quirks" (to put it generously) in the Lithium editor. If I understand what you're saying, the problem is the edit toolbar scrolls away when editing articles longer than a single screen (most of our KB articles). This is a serious problem, unless you always want to edit the HTML source directly. As a workaround we use a bookmarklet to pin the edit toolbar to the top of the window so it doesn't scroll away. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with all browsers. It works with Chrome, but I have not been able to get it to work reliably with other browsers. Here's w
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