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  • Information for educators

    Purchasing a private region as an educator or non-profit

    Verified, approved educators and non-profit institutions purchase land through the Second Life invoicing site:  specialorders.secondlife.com.  This site provides invoicing for educators and certain other customers.  See Invoicing for special orders for more information.

    Note: Educators can purchase a Homestead Region without owning a full private region.

    The invoicing option is available though the special orders selection in the Land Store.   

    Invoicing for special orders

    If you are an educator, non-profits organization, Resident under 18 years old or a business entities that requires a formal invoice, then place your order for private regions with the Special Island Order Form. Qualifying non-profit organizations and educators may be eligible to purchase private regions at a discounted rate; see the Special Island Order Form for more details.

    Use the special order form under these conditions:

    • Orders for eligible educational institution or not-for-profit. Your status as an educator or non-profit does require verification, and there is a minimum initial purchase of five regions to qualify for invoicing. The five region minimum purchase requirement does not apply to currently-invoiced customers.
    • For all under 18 Resident, non-Linden Home, land orders (requires parental/guardian approval if under 18). Note: users under the age of 18 cannot purchase Linden Homes.
    • Any order requiring an invoice (payments by wire transfer, check or credit card). Specifically for business entities purchasing more than five regions (minimum requirement does not apply to currently invoiced customers) requiring a formal invoice/receipt or PO# type process. PO# not required at the time of ordering.

    If your purchase does not fall into these categories, then place your order at the Land Store.

    • All orders placed through the Special Island Order Form require advance payment of six or twelve months maintenance fees.
    • Maintenance fees are added to your island order invoice based on the payment cycle chosen at a discounted rate of $99 for a full private region and $54.50 for homestead regions (subject to eligibility), or at the full maintenance fee rate of $209 for a full region, or $109 for homestead regions. All prices are listed in USD.
    • Payment is made from the invoice which is issued upon the delivery of your island. Your first invoice will include both the setup and the first cycle of maintenance.

    Where to get an invoice

    Second Life offers the invoicing option though the special orders selection in the Land Store. You can also access invoicing directly from specialorders.secondlife.com.

    Verification information

    You need to provide the following information to use the invoicing option. Please read the guidelines below carefully. If your questions are not answered by this document, please submit a Support ticket to request explanation (include "Education" in the ticket summary).

    Note: Second Life cannot provide invoicing option to Individuals, including educational professionals who wish to purchase a region for personal use or developers who wish to purchase a region for an institution.

    Approval and Private Region delivery

    Submitting an order does not obligate you to pay immediately; payment is made once the Private Region has been delivered and the invoice sent.

    • When you place the order, you receive a sales order confirmation. This is merely an order confirmation, not a notice of delivery.
    • Once you place the order, your order enters the approval queue.
    • Once the order is approved, you receive an approval email and your order is placed in the delivery queue.
    • After approval, delivery time under normal circumstances is 10-15 business days.

    You cannot make a payment until you receive an invoice, which you then have 30 days to pay. Invoices for maintenance are emailed when the payment schedule is ready for renewal.

    Warning: Late payment may result in the closure of your Private Region and the loss of any inventory it contains.

    You have access to your account in Netsuite (Second Life's special orders system) through the special ordering website.

    Note: Netsuite is a different website than secondlife.com.

    In your Netsuite account, you will be able to:

    • View your sales order.
    • Add your credit card information.
    • Pay your invoice with a credit card.

    Payment Information

    You may pay via check, credit card or wire transfer. We cannot accept PayPal or use funds from your Second Life account to pay for your invoiced Private Region order.

    Note: Currently, VAT is not added to our invoiced orders, but we will inform you if this changes. Find out more about VAT and Second Life in Account balance.

    Wire Transfer

    See Account balance for more information on paying by wire transfer. You must pay your bank's wiring charges, which are added to your invoice total. Be sure to reference your invoice number in the wire details.

    Credit Card

    To pay by credit card:

    1. Log into your Netsuite account. You are directed to menu options.
    2. Select Make a Payment. All outstanding invoices appear.
    3. Move to the bottom of the page, where you may add your credit card information for payment of the invoices you select.
    Note: The list of outstanding invoices is not the sales order document.

    Check or Bank Draft

    Please submit a check or bank draft to:

    Linden Research Inc
    Dept. 34109
    PO Box 39000
    San Francisco CA 94111

    Those who use Purchase Order numbers should send us the required vendor forms for completion. We will add the PO# to the invoice as soon as we receive it.

    Other useful information:

    • Federal Tax ID#: 94-3364615
    • VAT #: EU826011179

    For more information specific to educators and non-profit institutions, please see:



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