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About Me

Found 21 results

  1. Rand Linden

    Second Life Glossary

    The Second Life Glossary can be found on the Second Life wiki.
  2. Rand Linden

    System Requirements

    Please see the official Second Life System Requirements page. For additional information, see Graphics Cards.
  3. Landmarks and teleporting Troubleshooting telporting SLurls How to use and make SLurls Converting a landmark to a SLurl (and vice-versa) Setting your home and login locations Home location Login location Landmarks and teleporting Landmarks Landmarks are similar to bookmarks or favorites in a web browser. They record a Second Life inworld location, so you can teleport back there whenever you want. To create a landmark
  4. Jeremy Linden

    Camera (point of view) controls

    Keyboard controls Onscreen controls Mouselook Avatar mouse steering Advanced camera controls This article explains how to control your point of view in the 3D Second Life world. Keyboard controls By using your keyboard and mouse to control the camera, you can view nearly any object or avatar from any angle or distance. Alt + Left mouse button: Press and hold to zoom your view in when you move the mouse up or down. Orbits your view around the focal point when you move the mouse left or right.
  5. Jeremy Linden

    Basic movement controls

    Moving your avatar Walking Running Jumping and ducking Flying Double-tap run Using vehicles Physical v. non-physical vehicles Where to use vehicles Scripting a vehicle Troubleshooting avatar movement In other languages: Deutsch Français Moving your avat
  6. Jeremy Linden


    What are notifications? Some actions or events in Second Life can deliver information to you by displaying a notification. A notification is a brief message that appears in the Second Life window and then automatically disappears after several seconds. Some notifications, such as Linden dollar (L$) transaction notices, system messages, friend invitations, and group notices, are saved and may be viewed at any time by pressing the envelope button that appears at the top right corner of the Second Life window. The notifications window The Notifications window allows you to vi
  7. Rand Linden

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Movement View Communicate System General For advanced users Shortcut keys differ between PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac not just in Second Life, but across applications in general. PC shortcuts are indicated in the tables below. For your convenience, here's a table showing how modifier keys for keyboard shortcuts translate between platforms: PC Mac Ctrl Cmd ⌘ Alt Opt ⌥ Shift Shift Right-click
  8. I just reactivated my account after about 9 years, yes years, absence and I've found I've forgotten everything I ever knew about navigating Second Life. Can't even find my avatar. Help?
  9. Rand Linden

    Search FAQ

    Questions about searching How do I use the search window? What is the difference between the Everything tab and the other tabs? Why doesn't the Everything tab show what I searched for? Is search functionality available on the web? What about search in Viewer 1.23? Why don't I see the item I'm looking for? Why am I getting an error that some search terms have been removed from my query? Why isn't my last search sh
  10. Rand Linden

    Second Life Quickstart

    Before you start Registering for and installing Second Life Your first steps inworld Basic skills Finding cool stuff to see and do Doing more Moving on In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Türkçe
  11. Rand Linden

    Second Life Hızlı Başlangıç

    Diğer dillerde Başlamadan önce Second Life'a kaydolma ve Second Life'ın yüklenmesi Second Life dünyasındaki ilk adımlarınız Temel beceriler Görecek ve yapacak ilginç şeyleri bulma İlave imkanlar ve beceriler Sonraki adımlar Başlamadan önce Önemli: Second Life içerisindeki zengin 3B içeriğin keyfini çıkarmak için bağımsız bir program olan Second Life Vi
  12. 他の言語 始める前に Second Life への登録とインストール インワールドでの第一歩 基本的な操作 見たいもの・やりたいことを見つける 他の操作 世界を広げる 始める前に 重要:Second Life の充実した 3D コンテンツを楽しむには、Second Life ビューワ というスタンドアロンのプログラムをインストールする必要があります。 プログラムは簡単・迅速にインストールできますが、まずお使いのパソコンが 動作環境を満たすことを確認してください。動作環境を満たさないパソコンでは Second Life を実行できませんのでご注意ください。 Second Life への登録とインストール 以下の 3 つの手順に従って Second Life を登録・インストールしま
  13. Rand Linden

    Guia rápido do Second Life

    Em outros idiomas Antes de começar Fazendo o cadastro e instalando o Second Life Seus primeiros passos no mundo interno Habilidades básicas Encontrando coisas legais para ver e fazer Fazendo mais Seguindo em frente Antes de começar Importante: Você deve instalar um programa independente, o Visualizador Second Life, para aproveitar o sofisticado conteúd
  14. На других языках До начала игры Регистрация и установка Second Life Ваши первые шаги в игровом мире Основные умения Поиск особо интересного, на которое стоит посмотреть или попробовать Дополнительные возможности Далее До начала игры Важно: Для доступа ко всем возможностям трехмерного мира Second Life вам надо установить автономную программу Second Life
  15. Rand Linden

    Guida introduttiva a Second Life

    In altre lingue Prima di cominciare Registrazione e installazione di Second Life Primi passi nel mondo virtuale Nozioni di base Trovare cose interessanti da vedere e da fare Impara altre cose Proseguiamo... Prima di cominciare Importante: Per apprezzare il ricco contenuto in 3D in Second Life devi installare un programma indipendente, il Viewer di Second Lif
  16. Dans d'autres langues Avant de commencer Inscription à Second Life et installation du client Premiers pas dans Second Life Compétences de base Rechercher des endroits et des activités intéressants Autres fonctions utiles Informations supplémentaires Avant de commencer Important : Pour pouvoir profiter du contenu en 3D fascinant de Second Life, vous deve
  17. Rand Linden

    Guía rápida de Second Life

    En otros idiomas Antes de empezar Registro e instalación de Second Life Tus primeros pasos en el mundo virtual Habilidades básicas Búsqueda de cosas interesantes para ver y hacer Otras cosas que puedes hacer Y por fin... Antes de empezar Importante: Para poder disfrutar de la gran variedad de contenidos 3D que te ofrece Second Life, debes instalar un program
  18. Rand Linden

    Second Life-Kurzanleitung

    In anderen Sprachen Bevor Sie beginnen Für Second Life registrieren und Software installieren Erste Schritte inworld Grundfunktionen Coole Ziele und Aktivitäten suchen Fortgeschrittene Funktionen Weiterführende Informationen Bevor Sie beginnen Wichtig: Um die interaktiven 3D-Inhalte von Second Life nutzen zu können, müssen Sie ein eigenständiges Prog
  19. Jeremy Linden

    Setting your preferences

    Setting your preferences Getting help Resetting graphics preferences Turning off particles The Avatar impostors feature Setting your preferences Choose Me > Preferences or Ctrl-P to set the preferences that control how the Second Life Viewer runs. The preferences window has the following tabs: General - language, maturity preferences, start location, away timeout. Graphics - quality and speed of graphics display; advanced settings. Sound & Media - volume contro
  20. Traduction fournie par Linden Lab. Contents 1 Comment faire bouger mon avatar ? 1.1 Marcher 1.2 Toujours courir 1.3 Alterner entre la marche et la course (Tap-Tap-Hold To Run) 2 Using vehicles In other languages: English Deutsch Comment faire bouger mon avatar ? Marcher Pour faire marcher votre avatar, utilisez
  21. Jeremy Linden

    Grundlegende Bewegungssteuerungen

    Diese Übersetzung wird von Linden Lab bereitgestellt. Contents 1 Wie bewege ich meinen Avatar? 1.1 Gehen: 1.2 Immer Rennen 1.3 Klick-Klick-Halten zum Rennen (Doppelklick-Rennen) 1.3.1 Wie aktiviere ich das Doppelklick-Rennen? 2 Using vehicles In other languages: English Français Wie bewege ich meinen Ava
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