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  • Premium Wilderness Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Premium Wilderness?

    pwe2.jpgPremium Wilderness is a high-quality jungle experience created by Linden Lab. Its Amazonian river stretches across six regions of lush greenery, waterfalls, and mystic ruins.  

    Premium Wilderness provides premium account holders with opportunities for social interaction and potential friend encounters. In addition to jungle hiking and river boat exploration, Premium Wilderness provides numerous social hubs with activities and rewards.

    What do I need to access Premium Wilderness?

    You need two things to enjoy the Premium Wilderness regions:

    How do I get to Premium Wilderness?

    Use the following SLurls to teleport to any of the six Premium Wilderness regions:

    You can also find links in the Second Life Destination Guide.

    I tried to teleport to Premium Wilderness but got the error message "You do not have access to that region"

    Make sure you have an active premium account and use one of the SLurls above or the Destination Guide.

    What's there to do?

    campfire.pngAside from exploring the lush, mysterious jungle trails on foot, you can:

    • Ride the riverboat that stops at all the docks and tours the entire Wilderness area.
    • Try your hand at fishing. See Fishing.
    • Swim or scuba dive in the river.
    • Enjoy social activities such as playing guitar around the campfire, grilling, drinking at the bar, alligator wrestling, dancing, and so on.
    • Additional fun activities include competing in a goat race, charming rats with a magic flute, capybara herding, playing fetch, riding around on guided mounts, and various mini-games.

    Here's a map of the Premium Wilderness regions.


    How do I get the best visual appearance?


    To see Premium Wilderness as it is intended, with misty atmospheric fog and subtle climate changes, enable region environment settings:

    1. Choose World > Environment Editor > Environment Settings.
    2. Choose Use region settings.
    3. Click OK.

    Then, set your graphics settings to get the best results.  Higher settings are more richly detailed, at the cost of performance. If your computer is powerful enough, set your graphics to High or Ultra:

    1. Choose Me > Preferences.
    2. Click Graphics tab.
    3. Click High or Ultra. If your Viewer runs too slowly, choose Mid, or Low.
    4. Click OK.

    Only powerful computers exceeding the System Recommendations can show Ultra graphics comfortably. However, your jungle-exploring fun will be significantly enhanced, with trees and wildlife casting shadows.


    If you experience any graphics issues, follow these steps:

    1. Return to your home location.
    2. Log out of Second Life.
    3. Log in again.
    4. Return to the Premium Wilderness region.


    You can fish in several areas of Premium Wilderness.  To go fishing, you need a fishing rod.

    Once you find a fishing rod:

    1. Wear the fishing rod to use it.
    2. Click on the rod.
    3. Choose Cast to fish.
    4. Wait a while.  It may take some time to catch something!

    In addition to standard fish, you may catch some special Premium Wilderness fish.

    For more information, see the notecard that comes with the fishing rod.

    How do I report griefing or other issues?

    Premium Wilderness is subject to the same rules, regulations, and guidelines as the rest of Second Life.  In the Second Life Viewer, choose Help > Report Abuse to report abuse.

    For more information, see Filing an abuse report.

    A note for content creators

    Our teams used many of the new Second Life pathfinding tools to bring life to and create activities in the Wilderness area.  We will start rolling out these pathfinding tools in a Viewer beta release soon and plan to share with Residents some tips and tricks learned while building this exciting experience.

    How do I get more help?

    If you tried the troubleshooting steps above and were not able to resolve your issue, please create a support case on the Second Life customer support site. If the issue is particular to a specific inworld location or object, please provide the name of the object and location.

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