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  1. No, you should not have to use paypal, at all. If the bungling incompetents at LL actually earned the meoney they are paid, the billing system would have been checked to make sure it worked as per the 'resolved' notification on the 7th. However, the billing system is a total mess. Customers who have used cards sincee they joined SL cannot buy $L to pay rental - as I and many others on the forums (just look at the number of threads, for heavens sakes, Rod!) have found out. - NOR can they add any other payment method. This has gone beyond the level of mere bungling, now, in my opinion and some aplogy/compensation is due from Mr Bumble himself, no less. Do not hold your breath, however. This is a company with abysmal customer care.
  2. Possibly, I am guessing, because SL itself was - and still is - brilliant. LL, however, are a customer disregarding disaster, no matter how much you and the other apologists apologise for them. Also, as a customer, he has the right to expect a reasonable, and improving level of service, and not the shambolic mess the chimps at the lab are giving us under the 'dynamic' leadership of Mr Bumble. But do feel free to pretend otherwise, by all means.
  3. Billing appears to be a right mess. Just for a change! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  4. Yes, despite the billing system maintenance supposedly resolved last wednesday, the whole thing is another LL shambles. Who is responsible for this crock? Is there anyone at LL actually competent? My card which I can use everywhere on the web, and have used for over 2 and half years on SL, will not process on the mysl lindex page. Try and imagine any other company - be it online or RL - making such a incompetent mess, and making it seemingly impossible to give them money for their product?!?!? Well, it wouldn't happen. Simple as. Sort it, Rod. So far, so bad. Finger out time, mate. FIX things that are broke, and STOP breaking things that have been fine for years!!!!!
  5. It seems LL go from bad to worse. I cannot buy $L even from the proper SL lindex webpage, now. Truly hopeless. Rod, forget trumpeting about Linden Realms......FIX things that are broke, and STOP breaking what has worked perfectly well previously....like buying from the SL webpage Lindex...!!!....your customers of many years cannot even buy $L as the new billing page will not process our cards that every other company on earth use with no problems whatsoever. How much more bungling incompetence do we have to put up with???
  6. My advice - bearing in mind you are no stranger to LL, and are well aware of their ....*coughs*....customer ambivalence - is to send a message right to the top... Companies hate that, be they RL or LL, and I sincerely believe old 'Bumble' does not have a clue just how much his ship is sinking; I suspect he is surrounded by 'yes' men and the only posts he seems to have responded to swarm, as ever, with the ubiquitous LL apologists and shills. Try and contact him every which way, at least once a day. He is doubtless still languishing in the belief the grid is super efficient and the shills in the forums speak for everyone, so give him some food for thought and maybe even a little indigestion. Going through standard LL channels is an exercise in futility, as LL is such a catastrophe as far as paying customers go. No CEO would be happy at the experience you relate in your OP, let us hope Bumble may yet pick up the ball. Good Luck
  7. Hi, Susie. Yes, I been having a lot of problems buying $L for a good few weeks, now. At one time, I could simply top up inworld using my viewer, but that stopped working a good month ago. Contacted the online help/chat about my problem, but - surprise, surprise - they were truly hopeless, and bleated on about my browser ad nauseum. Seems the lab still don't like the words 'customer' and 'service'...although 'facebook' and 'social networking' make their hearts beat faster. I did manage to still be able to buy $L on the SL website, logging into my account there, but even that was a tortuous process, having to log in two times, but eventually I managed to so so. That said, last time I purchased via the torturous route was couple of weeks ago, and I am gonna need some money soon to pay for my two rentals. Sad thing is, I would not be surprised in the slightest if the situation is now worse, as your post would seem to indicate; we are dealing with a company that is not exactly a shining example of customer care, when all is said and done.
  8. Ford and GM actually listen to their customers and improve.
  9. People? Let us talk instead about residents. Residents who are customers. Customers who pay good money for the dynamic Rod 'Bumbles' sojourn into facebook-itis. With me so far? Good. Residents are pissed off LL does not listen Residents are pissed off LL does not listen to the very people who pay their wages. Resdients are pissed off LL seems to be embarrased about their own creation, and wishes it was something else. Residents are pissed off LL does not invest in improving the grid, but chase facebook and twiiter rainbows instead of making SL unique aspects marketable. Residents are pissed off LL ignore the platform they created and wish it was facebook or twitter, and make decisions with no consultation from the residents who actually use SL. Residents are pissed off LL seemingly will not dip into their profits and invest in more and better servers. Residents are pissed off LL is happy for shills and apologists to flourish in the forums and maintain the fiction residents themselves are to blame for the never ending insane lag, through spending money inworld on all sorts to make content creators and LL richer, whereas more and better servers would do wonders. Resdients are pissed off their loyalty and years off spending in SL seemingly means nothing whatsoever to LL Residents are pissed off the fantastic content of SL is effectively often brilliant unpaid development created by residents - not LL - that LL reaps the benefit off, yet LL still cannot make the gird run smooth and low lag. Residents are pissed off LL stubbornly foisted onto the grid one of the worst viewers ever, that only now is begining to look hopeful, after spending a lot of money and time, while unpaid, part time third party devs effortlessly trumped any LL viewer. Residents want Bumble to deliver, and improve SL...not make it into SLFacebook. It is what he is paid for. His 'settling in' period has long expired. Residents want Bumble to communicate either personally or via LL just what is being done to improve and take SL forwards, not reply to obsequious posts in a jocular fashion, but actually let the residents know what will happen for the future SL enjoyment.
  10. Some well thought out and good points. I particularly liked #3, as the LL AR system is way beyond a joke, currently. Also, you are quite correct re. the age verification being equally crocked. Alas, LL care not one jot, it would seem. Interesting to note your first two replies are by solid apolo-shills....so no surprises at the negative vibes. The idea of charging a $1 for adult access/Zindra is absurd, albeit amusing, but one can really expect no less...after all, more cash to LL keeps the apolo-shills ultimately content. As for Ms Paper-Shills lament that the poor lab can not afford to improve the system that pays their wages and make it workable, well...how my heart bleeds...... but that is what all solid, customer-orientated companies the world over do. All except LL. Ignore the apol-shills, and keep posting. Remember you are a customer and fully entitled to a good and improving level of service; something the afore-mentioned apolo-shills hate for you to be aware of. A good company listens to those who query rather than the 'yes' men or women. Who knows, Rod may yet by the dynamo to make SL so. I seriously doubt it, quite frankly, but I sincerely hope I may be wrong.
  11. You are not alone by any means!....In the last month, I have had to come out of SL and go onto the sl webpage via a tortuous process to pay rent on two parcels. In the past, I have always been able to pay via the viewer, phoenix in my case, but that simple process of helping to pay wages at LL ha snow turned into an ordeal. WHat RL could get away with anywhere near the sheer abysmal customer service of LL?? None!! Last time this fiasco occured I foolishly tried live chat (funny how they have live chat when it comes to getting money of basic members via Lindex, but the same basic members who - in my own case - easily spend as much if not more than many premium members inworld get no customer service whatsoever to speak of :smileymad:) but it was worse than a joke; truly, the person on the other end was simply not reading the sentences I was typing, and just trottted off rote questions about my browser and windows system which have been not changed in the last 3 years. I just gave up after 8 of the longest minutes in my life. Unless the...cough..'dynamo' that is Rod 'Fumble' gets his finger out and directs his employees to rolling up their sleeves and actually fixing exploits and longstanding SL problems that longterm customers suffer needlessly from, then his retention figures are not going to improve and the gradual drain of older residents out of SL will increase further.
  12. God help us! My confidence in LL I thought could sink no lower, but - boy! - was I mistaken. As a couple of previous replies have said, we are sadly lacking the dynamics of a strong, sound leadership with this man. It explains his 'quiet' impact to date all too clearly, and bodes badly for the longterm in my view........short of a miracle. Business as usual, then. I suspect even the apol-shills almost wept.
  13. Tonight, for the second time in a row, I had to come out of secondlife to buy $L in order to pay my parcel rentals. In the past, I could just use phoenix viewer to do so, nice and easy. Now, I have to go through the convoluted process of buying them from the webpage, singing in twice in the process. Eventually, after a torturous process, and signing on twice (what?...are fraudsters going to throw in the towel because SL asks them to sign in twice?? I think not.) I managed to pay Rod's frappacino and sandwhich for the day, and keep my landlord in SL happy. I noticed a live support chat box for problems, so duly opened it and tried to query why inworld currency purchasing was not working, resulting in an emails saying :- An attempt to purchase Linden dollars for your account via the Lindex page on secondlife.com has failed The customer service rep was hopeless. At the end, I actually asked if they had read anything I had posted in the last 5 minutes, and closed the chat. But, hey....we got shiny profiles like facebook and twitter, and AI is coming...which is what long term residents have been begging for, and is much more important than fixing the grid and investment in servers.
  14. Nonsense. Other than that, your post is fine.
  15. Unfortunately, you have a lot to learn about LL and it's priorities re. their own platform and customers. I suspect, though, you can probably begin to guess :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:.
  16. A satirical bullseye. Well done. Alas, 'twill fall on deaf ears - as always - and the ubiquitous forum apolo-shills will strive to convince all and sundry otherwise.....as they have (failed to do) with the mess that was, and is, V2/V3. However, I suspect, it is even more of a mess than you actually portray. Our shiny, new (ish) CEO seems to make more announcements and comments about the product he is paid to improve in Twitter, by all accounts, instead of the forums herewith. Clearly, he is of the firm opinion all of his customers are in social network sites first, and SL second? I think that says it all really. Our hopes of LL actually caring, listening to out long term lament, ie. 'fixing what's broke and not breaking what is fine' are once again dashed.
  17. Nicely put. If only LL listened ..or cared about their platform and it's customers..... or carried out resident surveys...... or had a CEO who saw the uniqueness of the product and customer base he is a) in charge of and b) well paid for, instead of wishing he had a job at Twitter or Facebook. If only.
  18. Hilarious. Alas, as the OP points out - and the overwhelming majority have pointed out since the disaster that was V2 made it's less than stunning debut - the current viewer 3 is at best clumsy, can bring even super computers to their knees, difficult to use, frustrating, and laughably way behind the TPV's based on V1 for game/world immersion, and at worst a joke that Rod and his chums must chuckle over a few beers on a Friday. As far as the 'usual suspect' apologists and shills go, that shoal like sharks in these forums, your posts are usually not as obvious and a tad more considered vis a vis the other tiresome LL 'Yes' men and women, but you do appear to be making up for lost time with this one.
  19. Nope, drama on this is not dying down. It appears this is due to an exploit LL were well aware of back months ago. Their handling of the current saga involving these money-spinner breedables is risible, and hardly sends out confidence in the management and competence of LL. There is a write-up here, which pulls no punches.... http://alphavilleherald.com/2011/08/meeroo-scandal-no-surprise-ll-hides-behind-privacy-shield.html The only slight upside is that the creator(s) concerned seem to have done very nicely indeed, thank you, from sales so far. A smaller, newer creator could well have thrown in the towel over this.
  20. Possibly because the overwhelming majority of male vampires in SL are late teens early 20's, and men generally lag women on the maturity side by 5-10 years. :matte-motes-grin: Unless there is a sim for the only viable vampire storyline - Necroscope by Brian Lumley, and these are not 'pretty-boy' vampires by any means! - you are going to just have to spend some time and get fishing in the hollywood vampire sims. :matte-motes-grin: Why not give up the vampire balloney and try Lars, instead? :smileywink:
  21. You have made a timely and good post. It is therefore all the more disappointing at some of the negative replies you have received from some who should know better. You are not being dramatic whatsoever. The people who foolishly say so appear to have forgotten what it is like to be new to SL, and not longterm shills who know all the answers or - in this case - shrug and say 'nothing we can do, those griefers got us over a barrel'.. Griefing is still a very large problem for SL and LL. I know of two people recently trying to join SL who were totally stunned when the welcome island area they emerged to was full of grief prims and naughty boys, and not a Linden in sight. Needless to say, they left never to return. Perhaps LL should reinstate Zfire Xue and get him to find a solution? :matte-motes-evil: Sims may no longer crash (wow. progress, huh? They should never have been vulnerable in the first place) but griefing is annoying at best and game destroying at worst. Welcome areas and safe hubs should be high up the priority list for protection, as it only takes a few minutes to lose a customer. LL's 'laissez faire' attitude to it's customers notwithstanding.
  22. Yes. They should. But, they won't. Any company stubborn enough to ignore the customer thumbs down when v2 was introduced is not exactly customer-orientated. If any other company had released a product like that RL and got the same feedback, the team responsible would have be shown the door, and a better solution found quickly. What LL should have done, was contact the developers of the other TPV viewers, sub-contracted them to merge the finer parts of the TPV's, and produced the definitive SL viewer which would have been head and shoulders the best available to the customer. Why didn't they do this far more effective and cost-saving action? Perhaps, an unwarranted confidence in their V2 team, the embarrassment of getting part time volunteers to do their job better? Who knows? It would have been an elegant solution,but.....
  23. I have been on SL for over two years, and this last week has been the worst SL experience of my time here and, frankly, I am now fed up with the dreadful grid performance, like yourself. The lag is now beyond a joke. As you have clearly spelt out, and despite what LL and their tiresome apologists try to offload - ie it is your machine, your graphics card, your connection, your 'laggy' clothes, etc, etc - we have the irony of SL performing at an all time low right on their 8th year celebrations. It is time - God, how long we been asking this? - for LL to invest in new servers, and more of them. Think of the time and money they stubbornly put into V2, which many older residents consider easily the worst viewer available? All that time and manpower could have been used to make SL RUN better. But, do they ever listen to what the customer actually wants? This week, LL have virtually cured my SL addiction; I have logged on for 20 minutes tops and logged off in dismay each time. Also I am now uncomfortably thinking more and more about the cost these last two years of renting two parcels and spending on all manner of gizmos and outfits! Now, there's irony.....LL curing people of their SL addictions. :smileywink:
  24. Are you a premium member? if not, you are wasting your time sending emails, I'm afraid. Secondly, do you have any alts? If so, have you been anywhere like shops or clubs with your media settings on? Sadly, SL still has data gathering spyware devices that process you avatar and any alts via your IP address IF you have media open in your viewer settings. It is possible you have false positive alts - like I did - and have been judged and banned as a consequence. I am perfectly happy to pay for a great virtual world, but the customer service and the grid performance needs a radical overhaul. What HAS Rod been doing since his arrival, incidentally? Anyone know?
  25. Welcome to the wonderful, contrary world of LL........ This message is 9 times out of 10 because LL thinks you have been naughty in some way. Note that they frequently a) get this wrong and b) do not first of all send an email to establish your side of the situation or to see if their information is correct, but they simply ban you from accessing SL. I had been on SL for a year and a half, kept my nose clean, enjoyed SL in line with LL's TOS, and rented not one, but two nice parcels and spent money freely and frequently. You would think LL would appreciate such a regular, paying customer, wouldn't you? Guess what? ...They don't. LL's total lack of appreciation of it's long term residents and their views is the stuff of many a google search and forum post. However, to your problem. Unless you are a premium member, LL offer no support whatsoever. Good, huh? :matte-motes-crying: Even if you are a premium member, customer support is not exactly...shall we say ...first class... In my case, for example, I probably pay at least as much, if not more, money month by month to the bulging purse pockets of LL, than an average premium member.....but in the crazy world of LL, this counts for nothing, nothing whatsoever. Oh, they are quick enough to cash my RL money, but seem only to think that premium members spend money, and are therefore worthy of LL's polished customer service...:smileyvery-happy: Anyways, so what did I do about my ban, I hear you ask? Well, at the time, Redzone (data-mining spyware dressed up as security for paranoid landowners and club owners. ..Read about it in google or many a SL blog) was running rampant in SL, and I happened to have a friend who had it, and she showed my alts according to Redzone. This was impressive, even more so as not a single one of the 6 were my alts! Now, the snag with this is, no matter how well behaved I - or my genuine alt - is in SL, ALL it takes is one of those other 6 alts to be a griefer or copybotter, and bingo!....my IP address is banned by LL and I get the message of Doom, as you have done. Fortunately, usually, an IP address ban is not permanent: in my case I eventually could log on a few days later. However, all it takes is one of those 6 alts to do something really bad, and in theory I can be banned permanently whilst being totally innocent, because in the UK, lots of people go through the same IP address. I suspect, your IP address ban has occured because of a similar situation, somone has been naughty and LL have banned that persons IP address along with whoever else uses it. Give it a day and try to log in, then another day, et cetc. I suspect you should be able to get back in before too long. Oh, and try and guess if I received a nice email of apology from LL for this inconvenience and their own error?...I suspect you already know the answer. :matte-motes-angry: Of course, with the dynamic, motivating presence of Rod Humble at the helm, such silly LL errors and casual disregard for long term paying residents will be a thing of the past...coughs....:matte-motes-bashful-cute:
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