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  1. i recently bought some things on the marketplace, and one of them was going to be gifted to my alternate account i use for roleplay purposes. it never showed up on that account and when i looked in my shopping history it doesnt show me ever purchasing it when i know it was in my shopping cart. same thing with another item, only i didnt gift that one. the MP glitched up my shopping cart and now i dont have anything to show the merchant so they can redeliver. what do i do?
  2. every time i try to teleport out of this one area to another, im disconnected in mid teleport. my voice chat wont work, when its enabled i lag horribly and dont hear anything said on voice chat. help?
  3. you dont get it. griefers target us and most think its our fandom. our sim is relatively young. us bronies are just a fan group, the nicest community youll come by so far that involves a cartoon, or atleast the nicest community i know. but i doubt were the only high risk sim. thats why i wish to ask linden labs look after the higk risk areas and let the low risk areas be. they dont have to notify the sim residents that theyr being monitored. i just want the griefing to end. its tiring, old, and basically being overkilled, and its annoying (ulness you trap the griefer with the griefing object in a hollow ball, then its funny to watch them grief themselves to an extent.) as well as too common. minecraft is good about getting rid of griefers and i wish second life to be the same way, if not IP ban then respond to every abuse report.
  4. im just asking the lindens to monitor the high risk sims to ban griefers. i think us bronies can handle trolls, its just a griefer issue. trolls: we bronies love and tolerate em till they flee. doesnt work with griefers so we need help there, the mods and the sim owner are rying their best but the griefers keep coming, though i appreciate the occasional long lulls. the animation based crashin item, though, drew the line. the lindens have been notified, and i hope they delete any item of that type. btw: is there a way to mod our bot to where it auto ejects griefers, not everyone who rezzez items? that or notify if someone is griefing?
  5. well the thing is we dont do anything. they pick on us because were bronies and they think its funny. they not griefing little girls, no, theyr griefing people of all ages. we never anger the wrong person. and thats our problem, they troll and grief our sim just because of our fandom and thats not right. weve tried and tried, but the griefers come back on alts. the lindens never IP block them.
  6. few edits, my keyboard died on me a few times. one: i just realised how many times i lost the game making this. two: i left out trying in the part about being overly dramatic. *slaps keyboard* three: im actually paranoid about griefing and trolling. ive got some psychological issues so its possible that, like usual, i might have blown the griefer issue way out of proportion, though i accept opinions. though the griefer didnt just grief me, but a whole sim, using a script to make everyone in the sim crash repetitively. LL was notified, but usually griefers leave before they can be reported so im just asking the lindens constantly monitor high risk areas. that should keep a realitvely low number of griefers and trolls. i just dont want anyone else to fall victim thats all.
  7. griefing is more dangerous than you think. if the lindens dont do something, one griefer can ruin SL and the business. if the griefing isnt stopped, just one griefer could end up crashing ever sim, thus renderig second life unable to work, and in turn the business is ruined. something needs to be done, now! we will not stand by while griefers try to ruin this gme, we need the linden labs to take action! im not being overly dramatic here either. everyone here has or has been griefed. the bronyville sim is a constant target. it is now high risk. how long till other sims follow it? i dont wish to find out. i ask, for the sake of everyone, that linden labs helps us, more so that usual, as it could also mean the game is on the line. i know its not the end of the world if this happens, but griefing can give rise to something worst. they could resort to hacking. please keep that from happening. i beg linden labs and everyone work to prevent griefing AND trolling. anything is possible, wether its good or bad. i wish not to take any risks. so with an end to what seems like a rant to me, PLEASE help us!
  8. it stopped. but now i found out: an animation based crasher. can the lindens make sure those items go away? people with those items could crash any account and ruin SL. atleast thats what i think.
  9. it wont stop crashing for pete sake someone HELP!
  10. please someone reply its getting frustrating! i need help!
  11. i can only get on for a few seconds then it crashes i really need help!
  12. i tried viewer 2 and phoenix and they keep crashing! can anyone help me?
  13. well i had just gotten in, and the sim i was in was brought down. i kep thinking it was because of griefers.
  14. ive tried everything, nothing will work. i usually get in fone even with my connection but now it wont load any place for me.
  15. that was fast. and i tried clearing my cache, but just as i replied windows finally started trying to fix the problem. hopefullly it fixed it. but just in case ill try what you said. edit: i just tried going to a different region and it didnt work. i think somethings wrong.
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