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  1. Glad to have been able to spark some discussion here Re: the audio, agreed, very much sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom. If we catch up with Rod again sometime I personally will make sure the audio is spot on I know this is inconvenient, but if you want to see the full version of the interview question by question, you can on our site with a free account. I know signups suck, but if you're curious enough: http://www.design3.com/interviews/2011/rod-humble-linden-lab Have a good one, everyone. Pat design3.com
  2. Hey Everyone, I thought you'd all appreciate seeing a fairly recent interview with Rod Humble, hear some of his outlook on game development, etc. Let me know if this is inappropriate for this forum, but I'm pretty sure it's all right. Interview with Rod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYqlAiUbe-E If a few people are interested, I can open up the full version of the interview for free on our site design3.com. I think there's about 5 minutes of additional footage that's not included in the Youtube version. Pat design3.com video editor
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