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  1. I'm not sure which post I missed, but who called who names or made cheap shots? Forgive me but I only ask this since I can't seem to find that post.
  2. They didn't market SL they changed it. Marketing SL would be to sell what makes SL unique, not to copy others.
  3. I wasn't aware that Facebook and Google+ deleted accounts set up by SL residents. Perhaps SL does need to employ this type of feature as a way to safeguard against such discriminating actions. What I really think worries me is that as long as people can communicate out of world why would anyone come in world? All these post are really insightful and well thought out. I know I will not completely accept this new change for myself personally but for now I will try to be more understanding of its need for those who have been rejected by Facebook and Google+.
  4. I know I might sound paranoid, but I've used the beta viewer in world and I've seen the interface. They have posting walls for avatars in the profile, including buttons for Love and Comment. Anyone can post and include pics. You can comment on someone else's wall and send personal post to people. It looks so much like facebook it's really hard to ignore. As was mentioned in a previous post LL should not venture toward new markets when they already hold the top slot in one specific market. Playing too many songs at once will sound like confusion and people don't like confusion. Also, meeting people has never been a problem for me in SL. I go to place that interest me and I meet people that are interested in the same thing. LL has a new feature call Recommendations where they send you a list of people you don't know but have selected similar interest in profile. You can choose to Follow, Add Friend (in some cases), and IM. This is not unlike something you would find in FB.
  5. It's hard to stomach the idea of my online escape becoming facebook. It's heartbreaking to think that LL has somehow forgotten why people come here. Content that is created by people who don't have an agenda other than just having fun in a 3D world. If I had wanted to be on facebook I would have gone to facebook and I would have stayed on facebook. I come to Second Life to enjoy things that people create. In my humble and personal opinion LL should focus on the user experience in world rather than trying to compete with facebook.
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