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  1. Bleh I saw that and the first thing I did was try to log back in ._. just tried to log back in a few moments ago...
  2. I've been watching this thread trying to log in just to post something. I had some good laughs. Then I went back to thechive for more laughs. Should be doing my papers but this is more interesting!
  3. Hope there is nothing against bumping but saw the topic and well didn't know all was going on but yes I am one of those people who have to pay for rental (as well as do a bit of shopping) finding it rather frustrating that I cannot get either one but thankfully I have until next week to put in my payment for another month. Though since I have no other option at the moment and want to do the payment now looks as if paypal will be my only option edit I decided to give it another go and suddenly I was able to reconnect it to my profile not sure if this is a one time deal or what but just stating what happened
  4. Aaw okay hmm may have to look into using paypal then I ran into some troubles with it before and wanted to opt out of doing it but looks like I may have to then. Thank you for the answers!
  5. Hello all I am not one to usually post as I am more of a person who likes to search for the answer but I am rather stumped at this one. Some of the things I have seen or been told is that there is a bug within' the system that causes one to not be able to change their balance (?) whether it be buying or selling L$. Yet I have one in which I cannot even add my debit card to my account and kept getting payment information failed message. I have tried several times and even have checked my card to make sure it was still activated (to which it is) and yet still get the message. So wondering on perhaps the course of action to take on this? Also if this is in the wrong forum I am sorry I just saw some others and thought I might be in the right one.
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