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  1. seems a lot of mesh here.. Cool Viewer is a 1.x clone which supports mesh allready No need to use the buggy, user unfriendly 3.x viewer from LL You can find Cool Viewer here: http://sldev.free.fr/
  2. for europeans: mature is the same as adult... for people from the usa: adult is mature, but more mature
  3. wondering when you start doing things again for the people using second life instead of doing things like renaming sims with great names... Also bring back last names, continue working on the 1.x viewer, stop the 2.x/3.x viewer and bring back the Lindens who where fired about a year ago.. Melvin
  4. pls do not rename, i wouldnt be able to find it back, why change good things?
  5. add this to your host file (if youre using windows) to get rid of the facebookspam facebook.com enjoy sl all
  6. just upload it in world and load it from inventory?
  7. hihi thats scheherazade : )
  8. Did you try to clear cache? (in the viewer and manually by deleting the contents of your cache folder?). If you did and this is still happening LL may need to have a look at it and rebuild your inventory.. to do this you need to submit a ticket Melvin
  9. I think LL should start making a 3.x viewer... A viewer that looks and works like a 1.x viewer and with the new things on the grid (mesh). I think 2.x is an dead end.. Its there for over a year (almost 2 years) and still not many people are using it because they dont like it... most people love 1.x.. wondering what you think :) Melvin
  10. get phoenix or another 1.x based viewer 2.x is very buggy and misses a lot of functions...
  11. to start with: I still love SL and it will be always fun ) But... things that makes it less fun are: -the buggy 2.x viewers... laggy... an not understandable interface.. dont fix things that aint broken... im happy there is phoenix -dispay names... i have turned them off -no more new last names... the family Resident is getting bigger and bigger Also many people with silly names (numbers in it....) -the forced leaving of over 200 lindens... (many great ones... they made sl from the beginning...) but... i still have fun i just love sl lol
  12. You can helping finding bitcoins using http://mining4lindens.com/ more info about bitcoin here http://www.bitcoin.org/ and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin but don't expect magic, and maybe you better just buy or earn lindens
  13. Also, when this feature is enabled and you share a computer account (login) with other people, they will see your list of Favorites if they run the Viewer 2.5 Beta. mmm? other people can see my list of favorites when not logged in? do we want this? better not turn this on then..
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