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  1. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. My brother says he know what's wrong and will get back to me, but if he can't fix it I'll definitely try out those services
  2. Are there ANY downsides to these services? Upsides? I must not be desperate enought to be asking these questions, but I really do need to know.
  3. I've tried adding my paypal information but it keeps failing to work after I submit and agree the info, and it says they've experienced an unexpected error, please go back to the cashier and try again. Contact Second Life Support if this happens again. Things to Know 1. I live in the US 2. My paypal is already verified 3. Using Mastercard 4. Recently deleted old credit card information 5. I've tried submitting the information several times for the past 3 days. Is there a common reason why this might be happening to me? I prefer not to call in unless its my only option.
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