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  1. First of all, ignore the tiresome, predictable reply posts from the shills. They, of course, have never experienced possibly the worst customer service of any large online corporation that has long past into legend - or should that be notoriety. All is sunny in their garden, and to these enlightened ones, you are not voicing a very fair (and oft heard!) criticism, but are merely 'ranting'......note how they rephrase your post,,,:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Your post has as every bit as much merit as their never ending 'candy-land-dreamworld-where-all-is-rosey-and-LL-care-deeply-for-you, any-problems-are-your-fault-for-being-a-fool'..... posts. Shortly before these new forums came into being, a SL blog was posted to the effect 'Linden Lab is gonna start listening now, you better believe it!'......by I forget which Linden. It met - bar the odd, usual shill worship posts - with exasperated skepticism and bewliderment; and as one postee said ,,,,,,'he'd heard it all before, and was wise enough not to hold his breath'. There is NO excuse for their CSR's to be anything but polite and helpful. None. That is what we pay them for; service. But do we receive it as we should? Very doubtful. Is ole Rodvik listening? Has there been a dynamic upsurge with SL since he took over? Will LL fix things that are broke and leave things that work alone? Competition is now a lot closer to SL than it has ever been; he does not have the luxury of knowing residents can be ignored because there was no where else for them to go, as was certainly the case a couple of years ago. Good for you for speaking out strongly. Praise where praise is due, but the opposite is eqaully vaild, despite what the shills may try and convince you.
  2. Frankly, my friend...you deserve the ...coughs.....technical marvel that is Viewer 2. Nothing else will do for you. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  3. Yes, the old GD suffered, sadly, from perma-forum personalities. Alas, some of the them are still here..!!..*groans*....instead of being in SL, but hey ho. At least some of the tiresome forumites left to form their own clique within cliques elsewhere, although I still see one here who was forced to change her indentity after getting a damm good spank off LL for being rather silly and naughty.....*chuckles* This new look forum, however, is one of the better things LL have done...*holds onto wall for support at the shock of his statement*......it is very helpful and informative. Over-moderated? Hmmm, yes. Very much so, unfortunately. Still, there is always a down-side, I suppose. That said, the return of GD, and a few - gasp :matte-motes-agape:- critical posts of LL, even....*holds onto wall some more*....suggest the forum is healthy and valid. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  4. I will have been in SL for two years very shortly. Last Saturday - for the first time ever - I received a massage saying I could not buy $L because of some problem with my credit card supplier! That day, I spent freely on the card in RL. No problems. The next day, I spent freely on the card, again, RL. No problems! The common denominator is.....LL.....step forward and take a bow, chaps for yet more customer mayhem. LL have clearly done something with their payment system. I managed to pay the rent, however with what I already had in my account, thankfully! But....no, I am not going to talk with my credit card supllier, LL, because the fault is on your side. Overwhelmingly. If, in two weeks time, I cannot pay my rent, then - frankly - I will have had enough, my rental will lapse, and will spend no more in SL. If you don't fix this, you do not get any more of my money. Simple as. I suspect I will be joining a growing throng of residents who have been here a long time but finally had enough. :matte-motes-angry:
  5. One of the strengths of SL is it's broad variety of roleplay options. Most of the sims have good information at the TP in areas, to assist new seekers of adventure, such as huds, rules and, frequently, free weapons for those wishing to dip a toe in the water. Gor sims, based on the John Norman books, vary from themed to BTB, By The Book , sims. Despite the negative slings and arrows by many of the politically correct, Gor sims are among the most scenic and detailed to be found in SL. Search for the Gorean Information centre or the Gorean Welcome Centre, both of which give excellent introductions and information to new members. Sci-Fi sims are also well represented throughout SL, and again can be very atmospheric and detailed to add to the roleplay experience. Doomed Ship, is well worth a look, among many others that can be found in Search. One of my alts - and alts are priceless, imo, when it comes to roleplaying different characters - roleplays in a cool manga sim called High School of the Dead, based on the manga tv series (check it out on YouTube ) ) of the same name. A well thought out RP sim, with info area and mall, and helpful Game Managers all add to real involvement, but perhaps one of the best aspects of HOTD is the placing of programmed avatar zombies, rather than zombies rezzed from spawn areas on the ground. Vampire, fantasy and dark gothic sims are just waiting to be explored, too. I have not had time to explore these, yet, but I did have a absorbing walk through Bentham Forest, and it is one of the finest sims I have seen, which says a lot as there are some truly excellent RP sims just waiting to have sword swung or spell cat in. Have fun, and check SL's detination guide frequently for some interesting sims to visit, too.
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