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  1. I loved him in the star wars and think he gonna be a good owner for the new business.
  2. I went for the little one, that only got the one floor - just right for me!
  3. I proposes that the new super premiums comes with emergency powers to raise a grand army in the galactic senate!
  4. They actually has elections in the "Democratic Simulators" region of second life - I has always wondered about that. Maybe I could run for president there and get everyone growing the wootberry trees or something.
  5. We needs magical fantasy homes for the elfs and such - them sort of folks is a big part of second life - it not all just about the normal homes. We needs somewhere for the magic and the dragons, with faeries and all that.
  6. Dis is just not true - we bunnehs not wantin to be the scapegoats for the code problems.
  7. It true that it hard to just hang out and chat these days.
  8. The place was pretty well known for not letting in anyone who was even a bit non-human lookin. That did raise the hackles of some folks.
  9. I wonder if one of the "premium plus" advantages will be the ability to create a custom last name, that nobody else has. They used to do that I hear and it was quite expensive.
  10. I has been fighting for last names for so long - finally we gonna get them. Dis a great day indeed!
  11. I was readin that the latest "bug" meant that male avatars just don't work.....all of them. I mean, I hear about this "get woke thing" but we needs the men, I tells you!
  12. So, if we gets Victorian, does that mean steampunk is "in theme" for that area?
  13. I get the issue of a locked door on that caravan when it is rotated.
  14. Good service from Abnor Mole, who was quickly on hand to remove a strange and dangerous object I found.
  15. Well, I has a camper, my dreams is real - gonna check it out soon!
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