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  1. Well, a lot of people justifying having the many homes by saying they has paid for them - so now, there gonna be an option for super-duper premium plus....and that may have some bigger land and fancier homes, if you wants to pay for them. So, all you folks dat has like 5 homes, you gonna get all jealous when us super premium folks gets a mega-mansion. I challenges you to stop having the many premium accounts and instead have one super expensive one. That mean you get a fancier house but it also fairer than taking up everyone else's houses.
  2. Yup - we gonna be the kings and queens of Bellisseria - which is kinda funny cos i not even able to get a home there at the moment. We gonna have the exclusive parties and like, if you just got a houseboat or something, we gonna be like "release the hounds!"
  3. I very curious to see if the super premium getting larger tier and thus they bringing in a larger plot of linden home - a super linden home, I guess it being called or something. We gonna be like the royal family of Bellisseria with swanky, mansion type places to live. Mainly though, I in it for the surnames, which I has wanted for nearly a decade.
  4. Dis remind me of when lag happens during an avatar outfit change - you gets bits of the old outfit sticking around and not bein removed.
  5. Perhaps such levels of premium provides immunity to tickles?
  6. I definitely sure it contributes. I interested to hear it possible to upgrade, though I unsure how this gonna affect price if we gonna upgrade to something at full price, when we has paid the cheap price if we renews an annual premium early. Also we gotta express our excitements for these things or they think we not want them. We gotta make the noise!
  7. Yup, I reckoning it for the new ones they gonna show at the second life birthday.
  8. so, they announced they gonna do like a new premium that is like "everything you could ever wants from second life" or something like that. I kinda wondering what that gonna be - some people saying maybe that how people gonna get the new second names, but what else could it offer? I welcomes the speculations! Also, I wondering, is it worth holding off on my yearly premium renewing so I can instead get this level of super premium instead? They encouraging us to renew early to get the lower price, but I wanting to pay like, the higher price to get the fancy stuffs.....but only if they worth paying for. I unsure on all of this and curious if others also thinking about it.
  9. Hmm, maybe the houses underneath is like, the normal style and the funny covers is because those houses is gonna switch to a new, larger style shape?
  10. You ever thought of going to raglan shire and becoming a member of the tiny community? We big on the rabbits, though they is kinda the sort of rabbits that walks about on the two legs, though we not furries, we is tiny folk.
  11. *Edit* All I say is - this all serious kinda upsetting news. I gotta try not to let the drama get me all mad about this.
  12. Bring back last names and I happily pays more on my premium for dat to happen. I even offers to pay for getting a name - I pays the big bucks - takes my money!
  13. Dat quirrel knows whats good in life - he got the house, the girl and the waffles.
  14. I is curious to see what this "new theme" will entail.
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