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  1. I has had a little hideaway house parked on some forgotten land for years now. There is a lot of mainland out there with no owner, no activity and seemingly forgotten even by linden labs themselves. I sees myself as doin a service really, as I got quite nice stuff on it and otherwise it gonna be covered in junk and shopping bags.
  2. Maybe, which is why we needs to hear positive news and have things to talk about. If things go quiet, that when people get time to complain or be worried. Mostly, folks is very positive, but they wants to be able to fill the silence with happy chatter about the things they is looking forward to.
  3. I sure they can spare 5 minutes to chat about them - it not like that gonna impact work on the project much. Even "we is still workin on them" would be a good thing to hear.
  4. It not that hard to talk about the trailers in some way, they was happy to show them to us, after all. It interesting to consider how they is different to normal homes, and perhaps they could talk about how they gonna be set out, cos they not gonna be around roads like the houses are. We gonna get parks or forest areas for example? As to release dates, it possible to make a rough estimate for a date, within a month or so. It not the case that keeping quiet to avoid getting it wrong is the best idea. It quite possible to give an estimate date and to achieve that. After all, they could have simply not announced the trailers at all, or shown them. They did so to increase interest and if they wants to do that, then it a process that needs a bit of a push at regular intervals, like spinning a plate. Even small information or a mention from time to time is a good thing and can be achieved without too much hassle or effort. We loves the trailers and looks forward to them and wants to keep interest in them, both in ourselves and others.
  5. Well, I am happy with Soon, but they can still talk about it - there a remarkable lack of information about these trailers, even though the lab made big point of showing them all off. I wants to keep the hype train going, so folks who waiting for them still has hope.
  6. Ok, so....it been a while since all those trailers was shown to us and the excitement definitely fading at dis point. There is a lot of us who gave up on trying to get the lands in Bellisseria and we is instead waiting for the trailer mass release, which is probably the only chance we got to actually get a linden home of the new sort. And I not hearing anything about them anymore. So....when we gonna see all them trailers coming?
  7. You not noticed that Sansar advertises its avatars with "left shark" and a dalek on their steam page. It not that different, except maybe that you likely gotta pay to get avatars in sansar, where in vrchat you be anything you want, for free.
  8. VRchat did everything Sansar wanted to do and better.
  9. Dis suggests a change, usually if there was a bellisseria home, it would be the first shown and the down menu not needed. Maybe they changed it so clueless folks just go for the old homes as the first one they see.
  10. This a problem that the lindens may be forced to deal with. If the number of auto refresh users keeps goin up, then the site may crash under what is becoming a ddos attack. Carryin on as we are may become impossible.
  11. The quicker we gets the trailers mass release the better. With demand bein what it is, the moles could work flat out for literal years an not meet it - they needs to toss in a few "cookie cutter" quick areas as well as the fancy, individual ones. Trailers could work well with this - they not all need to be on super fancy individual plots, we could have a few bunched together around a feature, or near a "park communal" sort of unique area.
  12. I just getting that error message now, maybe they pulled the plug or it crashed.
  13. Well, I was going to hold on till them trailers came out, but I thought I would try my luck with this auto refresh thing - but even with that, it down to a matter of seconds and it looks like most of us here had no luck, so there must be countless people all trying, its ridiculous.
  14. Even I got one of them autorefresher things now.
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