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  2. Lindens have stated that more are coming......Be patient
  3. I have always put my money where my mouth is when I say I am all about the community. This morning I also placed one of those "REZ ZONE" signs in the water so it's easy to spot (though 75% transparent so it's not too bad an eye-sore). Enjoy!
  4. An "easy" trick you can use to determinate on which side of the door the user is, without going into complicated maths is to use a sensor with a half-sphere detection area pointed in one of the doorframe directions. When the user touch the door, fire a sensor sweep with their uuid: If they are detected by the sensor it means they are on side A, if no_sensor fires they are probably on side B.
  5. Unlimited storage for free (recently reduced to 'only' 1k photos with no real size limit) Handles a wide range of aspect ratios and resolutions Adult content friendly; yet also allows you to filter out such content Like/fave and comment systems that are just as good as the alternatives Groups help with self-publicity And a massive community is self-sustaining by nature On paper it's better than any major alternative, and the fact that every already uses Flickr gives it a massive advantage over any smaller competitor. A better question would be "why would we use anything else?"
  6. Yesterday's change to disable banlines and (soon) disallow all security scripts except the approved Linden version will draw a bunch of folks from the Mainland. Sure, a few folks will reject Linden Homes for lack of their beloved banlines and hair-trigger orbs, but they'll never move the market the way vehicle users and "freedom to roam" advocates seem to be flocking to the new continent. Especially in light of the new rules, it's very early days and there's surely too little data to assess impact on Mainland rentals in particular. But for those renting-out waterfront (Mainland or even private Estate parcels) around Blake Sea specifically, it may be difficult to preserve the very substantial premium margins they've enjoyed. Sailing on the new continent isn't (yet?) at comparable scale, but it definitely has appeal to those of us tired of getting separated from our watercraft by "privacy" measures whenever we venture anywhere near shore.
  7. This is why my OP that you responded to specifically said "...So figure out how to constrain and guide the mesh makers so that you can effectively optimize for mesh..."
  8. I give as much weight to the comments of people that honestly think this change will mean they'll get banned for having sex in their Linden Home, as I do to the comments of flat earthers. Disagreeing with these changes is fine. Disagreeing with these changes because of some utter nonsense that isn't based in reality opens you up to ridicule.
  9. In one way, yes but in another>>>>how great is it for LL that we want these new homes πŸ˜‹
  10. as a house with a small parcel isnΒ΄t sufficient for me IΒ΄m curious wether the other mainland parts will receive these ground textures at some point (or...an update... please?)
  11. Why would someone need to be next to a window to do this?
  12. I will leave the sex stuff to the experts but if you have questions on how to put together an avatar feel free to message me and I am happy to help. The main point of any effort to put together a new look is to demo everything a lot.
  13. Patch how about doing a better job of forecasting the need for new houses? Lindens have failed so far, as within 24 hours all the new house and houseboats were taken!
  14. I really dont know a lot about eyes at all, because im quite satisfied with the GA.EG eyes i bought for my head from the same brand, but even that eyes you can modify in every possible way. Resizing the pupil and the iris separately, resize the whole eyeball, let them pop out from the skull if necessary, change the angle of where the eyes are looking at, change the color of the pupil, iris, eyeball and the reflection. And a few more other things, if i remember correctly.
  15. I have no idea what you just said. Also english is not my native language either, I was born, raised and still live in germany. English not being your mother tongue does not keep you from using a spellchecker or at least making an effort to be coherent. With that said, I honest to god have no idea what you said up there.
  16. I too made premium to get one of the new houses or boat house. Very disappointed they did not make available enough for there subscribers. The old houses no one wants anymore they can just make them disappear faster and make more new available. And announce the date for future releases too.
  17. would probably it explained totally nothing because a Mole isnt a Linden, Γ‘nd the crux is in the bolded part in your quote: would probably ...means most likely but not sure. The absurd way the howling wolves in this threads go on is nearly unimaginable... demanding and insisting on cooperation, but the same time putting everybody who dares to comment on the chop block
  18. When I first toured the new Linden area I was impressed with the details and how it was executed. I was, however, extremely disappointed at all the ban lines. I find ban lines very distracting and quite frankly unnecessary. While sailing through the region I lost three boats in ten minutes. Was I intentionally trying to "invade" somebodies space? No! All you have to do is very slightly tick a ban line and POOF your boat is gone. This causes great frustration to say the very least. Upon a second visit to this new region I was overjoyed to see that the ban lines were all gone! It was boating time once again, and not one boat did I lose. I do not intentionally try to invade a person's private property or privacy, but an occasional tick in a tight passage is unavoidable. I do support security orbs for use on ones property with a delay setting to allow for a passing vehicle or boat in an area that is quite tight. Even with a delay, a security does it's job. It will eject those who are lingering for no good reason. It think ban lines should simply be banned totally.
  19. Halfway dressed for work, taking a break to drink my coffee.
  20. I tried direct post to flickr and its not working. SL instructions are: Opting in to Second Life Share for Flickr The first time you use SL Share for Flickr, we guide you through the process of opting in. Unless you disconnect your Second Life account from Flickr, you will not need to opt in again: Choose Communicate > Flickr... from the top menu bar to open the Upload to Flickr window. Click the Account tab of the Upload to Flickr window. Click the Connect button; this opens a browser window inside Second Life. Provide your Yahoo credentials as requested, then click Sign In to sign into your Flickr account. Review the permissions you will be granting Second Life in order to upload photos, then click OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT to complete the opt-in process. So it looks like it was a yahoo thing. We might need to ask the new flickr owners to make a path again for us. PS...I send message to Flickr team and will come back if I get answer.
  21. FISH HUNT BLOG CONTEST Are you a blogger? Now is your chance to show us your talent and earn some money! We are going to reward bloggers who will write best ARTICLE that will promote "FISH HUNT GAME" to new players. 1st prize: 8000 L$ 2nd prize: 4000 L$ 3rd prize: 3000 L$ *The winners will be chosen based on the quality of the article and the website traffic rank of your blog. You must have: βœ”οΈ An existing blog website If you are an active player of Fish Hunt this is of your advantage as you can share all your thoughts and experiences from playing the game and for those who have never tried this game before you are always welcome to do the research on Fish Hunt game and learn how you could promote it with blog article or video. Send us link to your promotional blog article for Fish Hunt to email: chloeisaks (@) gmail.com Deadline for submission of your blog post link: 15th MAY 2019 Winners will be announced on 18th MAY 2019 Fish Hunt Game in SL
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