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  2. Considering you are possibly competing with who knows how many other people that are also constantly refreshing, partial seconds can make a difference. If another person happens to refresh and see the same location half a second earlier than you do, it would still likely show on your main page, but then be gone by the time you clicked through the acceptance simply because he is a half second ahead of you in the getting through the pages.
  3. Where do I see this bigotry? By reading the comments, in seeing that yes, people do judge by appearance, either the commenter has seen/experienced it or freely admits it. The OP is about it. I don't see in my comment where I wondered WHY people are judgemental, I said that I too, can wonder why people don't update. Obviously I didn't discriminate against my partner due to his old, old avatar. We partnered. Wondering why someone hasn't updated (and I KNOW why he didn't) isn't the same thing as not wanting to hang out with someone with an older avatar. I think you just misunderstood what I was saying is all.
  4. I am going with Continental style home and planning to create the little rural mini ranch in the middle of suburbia, in classic "American Barnyard Red", of course. Like the little house in Pixar "Up". Hahaha. I'll put the rezzer out front so it can be seen from the road, also.
  5. My, you're a real wizard with light too. Seriously, never seen someone do such lovely wonders with these old, cr*ppy homes! Maybe I should go back to an old home too!? Nah, got me a houseboat to decorate. 😉
  6. So many words. Words fade with time. Why bother? ❤️
  7. i made my account when i was under 18 and ive learnt my lesson the hard way. ive found new ways to earn in game cash. thanks everyone
  8. you agreed to the TOS or you wouldn have a account in SL, and you agreed to the rule not to buy illegal game tokens. Asking the thief is he's a thief?... no of course he won't tell you.. rule is simple: don't. Dont worry about being the only one, there are many. not very likely they'r gonna tell you
  9. i had nice friend from twinktown Jimmie - in rl he was 18 years old,but in rl looked like 8 years old boy (i don t remember how this condition is called).He spent lots of time in sl because his life was between hospital and home. and in one day his heart just stopped.and thats was final.Twink town became very silent then. He was truly sunny kid,who always believed in love and kindness
  10. I have used that search term - most of what comes up is for the Avatar (I think "Teeglepet" will also bring up "Teegle" - MP trying to be smart, so it's okay. To the thread: I should have my Teegle Horse Rezzer up tonight or tomorrow morning. So you can drive or ride your bicycle to my place and grab a horse, then come back and drive or ride back home (Because I allow rezzing with 10 minute AR) I'll post SLURL here when it's up. And as a mini-update to my Water Horse / Teegle comparison: I am *really* loving my new Teegle. I want to say both are outstanding, quality products from wonderful, talented creators. Owning both and now intimately familiar with both, my recommendation, if you want an Animesh version, is to go with the Teegle for this reason alone: Equal quality for a lower price of approximately 3000L (about 1500L for nop-copy version WITH forever updates AND redeliveries, plus another 1500: for tack, etc, if you want it) and a new coat (skin)) whereas the Water Horse is 5000L (but you do get all the tack and multiples coats to choose from) - though if you're looking at the Water Horse Animesh, the TeeglePet Animesh is only 1000L more and has all the features of the 12,000L Water Horse with the same capabilities. Just saying. Now if I could only remember to join this group when I'm in-world! Grrrr
  11. Annie, no one seeing what you've accomplished with your avatar is going to doubt that you have an "artistic eye," trust me!
  12. OMG I love this gown. There is nothing like a posh frock to kick me out of a butch phase Please ignore the mismatched makeup. I was in a hurry to share
  13. Thank you both! I owe it all to clean living . . . and Genus, The Skinnery, and Barber YumYum! A slight digression: the weakest link, so to speak, in putting together a "realistic" look for closeups remains mesh hair, I think. I'd pay serious money to someone who produced even a handful of shorter styles in different colours and sizes (or unrigged) with much higher detail. And yes, they would probably blow my avatar complexity through the ceiling, but I swear I'd only wear them for photo shoots, and not to clubs and busy places!
  14. Since the Terms of Service (which you "signed" in order to use the SL platform) specifically bans money purchases from outside sellers --- AND you got a warning, thinking about buying illegally again is very dangerous. You will most likely lose your account next time. Either use a legal method of buying lindens or decide to do the "money free" version of Second Life. There are many folks who never buy lindens. And there are jobs that you can get to earn money. Another alternative.
  15. the link: https://www.virtual-vancouver.com is rejected by my security .. it tells me this is not a safe site and is risky therefore, I did not go there. But I would like to be able to go see what tor is talking about. Would there be another link that is more secure that might give me some insight into this issue. I can't really see if any of my items have been pirated if I can't see the items in question.
  16. Let's hope that never happens. If you had a home on that region and couldn't get back into it because it was full of flock, you'd be seriously annoyed! If you did get back in, you'd probably find the sim was on its knees because of all the scripted hair, re-sizers, "personal bits" etc. that folks seem to think they'll lose if they don't wear them all the time. Definitely not a good idea!
  17. Even something as basic as that would be an improvement. However: "Poly-count is important. Keep your model in tris and quads." - This is hardly relevant for Second Life and for game engines like Unity and UE4 too since none of these applications have any support for quads or n-gons. All meshes are triangulated when uploaded/loaded and stored that way. --- "Too many triangles/polys is bad. Reduce them as much as possible while keeping the silhouette intact." "Remove faces the user can't see." "Don't remove too many though." + Obviously but it's amazing how many people don't know this. And why should they? How a 3D environment works, is hardly common knowledge nor will it ever be, --- "Use as few materials as possible." +/- This is a two edged sword in Second Life. Reducing the number of materials can reduce the number of draw calls but this doesn't happen automatically. As far as I know, SL doesn't have any way to concolidate draw calls so there may not always be anything to gain from it. And more materials can open for more options for reusable assets at that may more than compensate for the added draw calls. It's hard to say what the right balance is here. It's not something we've discussed, there's no official info about it and I would love to learn much more about it myself. --- "Make LOD models by simplifying your model or removing parts of it." * That's very general advice but a good reminder. But we have to be aware that SL hadnles LoD models in a very different way than other 3D/game engines. The crucial factors here are that SL doesn't have adjustable Lod swap distances and it doesn't have any formal support for impostors. That means we have to adjust the complexity of the models to the swap distances rather than the other way round. It's surprising how much difference that makes to how we need to approach LoD model creation to get the best possible result. Now, if anybody believes like what Wulfie listed is too basic, here is a simple quiz. I dont' expect many to be able to come up with exact answers but if such basic info is too basic, SL content creators should at least have a enough feel for it to come up with reasonable guesstimates: You use Firestorm "out of the box", medium graphics, default rearview camera position. There's an 0.5x0.5x0.5 m mesh object on the ground in front of you. How close does your avatar have to stand to that object for you to see the high LoD model? Same Firestorm "out of the box" settings but this time the mesh is much bigger: 64x64x10 m (sounds like a ground mesh to me). How far away do you have to be beofre you see the mid LoD model? How many noticed that both #1 and #2 are trick questions? --- "I search for models under 10K triangles." - Viromedia "For desktop platforms the ideal range is about 1500-4000 polygons. [1500-8000+ triangles] Reduce if necessary." - Unity - What a good polycount for an item is, varies wildly of course but these numbers are way too high as averages for a well performing SL environment. It's too high for many Unity builds too. I saw a discussion at the official Unity forum about tree complexity and the concensus there was that 300-500 tris was about what one should expect for a good tree. How many triangles each asset is made from, doesn't really matter much, it's the total number of the whole scene that counts. SL environments tend to be made from far more components than game scenes so here are less resources available for each part. This is especially important for textures but it is significant for geometry too. There's also a difference between desktop platforms and streamed virtual reality here. Once we start streaming the assets thoguh the internet, file size becomes a crucial factor. Polylist meshes will never be low on file size; Avi Bar-Zeev -c reator of the SL prim and more recently co-oniventor of MS' Hololens - actually went as far as to say they aren't suitable for streaming at all. Whether we think he exaggerated or not, we certainly don't want those files to be bigger than absolutely neccessary if we want good performance. --- "A model needs to be optimized/rebuilt especially when sourced from high-poly applications. [Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Poser]" - Unity  + That turns out to be something very few even among the professionals are aware of. All 3D modelling I have ever heard of are firmly geared towards high poly slow rendering models because that's where the big market is. Some of them have additional tools that allows them to create "game assets" too but those tools are never high on the developers' priority list and they tend to be hidden away and hard to find if you don't know where to look.
  18. Got that haunting melody and have to hear it now in full length 💬
  19. I didn't ask (only) you but anyone using the Evening Star - including @Blush Bravin off course!
  20. Ask Blush. If someone know it, it must be her.
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  22. One thing I do not like about the evening star is that you cannot get to the upper deck without just zooming and sitting on the chairs I put there. There is a ladder on the side of the houseboat. It even has a ladder- climbing animation. But when you sit on that you climb and end up hanging like a monkey on the ladder just a bit UNDER the upper deck without any elegant way to get ONTO that deck. Or did I just miss the trick to do it?
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