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Brooke Spoke @ SLCC on DD - Anyone have the Stream?

Toysoldier Thor

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I just heard in one of the other streams that a Linden said Brooke spoke about DD at another session but I could not find a stream where she spoke.  Does anyone have a link to this stream or have details what she said.

She doesnt like telling us Merchants any details in the Merchant Forums but maybe in the presence of cameras and her senior management she might have been more willing to reveal some details.


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This was the perfect Stream I wanted to see. 

Jeff Linden (Sr. Director Business Products @ Linden Lab) spoke first and he went thru the actual Q2 2011 charts and spun the Q2 Economy with a lot of positives on numbers that were vague or incomplete at best.  BUT even Jeff gentle admited that the User Logged in Hours was an issue to be addressed. 

But basically the analogy is that we all looked at the same set of stinky smelling dung laying in the field - most of us know what it is ... we can see it we can smell it and its not pretty.  But Jeff tries to tell the community that it actually smells like roses and this is awesome and its actually chocolate cream pie not what we all know it is.

So instead of Rod Humble answering my Blog post questions and concerns on the Q2 charts being obscure and misleading and the bogus spin doctorinig.... maybe it needs to be Jeff Linden.

So Jeff - if you are reading this thread ... please read my blog posting assessment of your Q2 Economic charts and respond in this thread.  Tell all of us how you could actually interpret good news from these vague stats or spin them as good news?




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There is nothing wrong with being a noob, we all started as a noob. More important then being a noob  is if the ceo is able to make a good analysis about the situation of the noob.
From the 100 sign ups in SL less then 90 log in for a second time, after three months only 1 of the 100 is still active in SL. So there is a lot to win at the gate. Not only LL will profit from more newbies that become residents, but the whole economy.

One of the things the lab is now focusing on is the experience of the new user, the aim is to stimulate that a noob becomes a participant in the economy. If that is the result of Rods noobness, it's not so bad at all.
He is not a noob on the terrain of game development. With a game you also have to learn the new player the 'rules of the game', in such a way that is not too difficult, but also not boring, you must guide the player along the knowledges and skills he needs to play the game. Ofcourse, SL is not a game, and you cannot put a method that is used to learn a new player how to play the game one to one on SL, but the knowlegde of those methods and experiences with it can help a lot.

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Well, all I gotta say is that Ustream sucks. I have a higher end PC, and I was lucky to get more than a few frames per second, no matter if I used Firefox or IE. How does a site that's whole business is video have so much lag on their own site? I use to be on streaming sites all the time. Now, with all the unwanted commercials, pop ups and ads, they are unusable. Worse that TV now, and that is why i don't own a TV, cause it is just a commercial box. Even Youtube is getting bad now.

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The video is pretty bad. Ustream itself is a mess, picking for videos at one point only to realize that I'm only looking at one channel, there are 3 channels, slcc, slcc2 and slcc3 with no clear consolidation.

@Mickey, thanks for that other link. Regarding the noob thing, some of that is err ... Being Humble.

Seriously though, I think most of that noob reference is in regard to the mixed bag that Second Life is. He gets the business, the platform, resources, technology and I'm sure he knows his way around a general ledger.

Like Madeliefste pointed out, he gets the gaming industry, which is the most similar thing to SL that exists in many areas.

When you're up against people who are (how old are our oldest residents, 8, 9 years old?) experienced with Second Life and certainly not dummies, it's best to consider yourself a noob until you've gotten a handle on it firsthand as a consumer of the product. I think I was a noob my entire first year and I got the gist of what SL was before I ever logged in for the first time.

Noob beyond experiencing it firsthand, is not just the overall nuance, but that we're made up of a crazy amount of sectors, each with their own nuances. Merchants, art, education, non profits, music, romance, adult, socializing, etc.

Here's a for instance, knew this one employee of someones who was hired as a project manager. His first day, the CEO comes up to him asking him why the hell he's sweeping the floor? He said this was his way of learning the company from the bottom up. So, rolling my eyes at this story when I heard it. It starts getting silly after a couple of weeks, but as it turned out, he's watching everything, asking questions, chatting it up with everyone and his performance ended up being pure gold in the end.

He was qualified before he got in the door, he was deadly afterwards.

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I'm sorry.  fish out of water here.  raised in a mega-marketing environment, and in that environment you create EXCITEMENT every single day.  If you don't feel it when you walk in the door in the morning, you dang well better feel it by 10am or you're out of business.

Just can't grasp this tech industry.

Boring as hell to watch people twiddle with buttons when they can create EXCITEMENT without a button.

If you can't figure out how to give that "noob" (and I HATE that word - that in itself is a problem - people who log in are NOT noobs)......EXCITEMENT the first day....

I just don't get what the picture is.  Don't see it.

But one bonus is that I can go in and roleplay it.

Thank god for that....because that "talk" I just watched was a complete downer.


even the smallest detail....supplying a decent video for your supporters to watch.  The Smallest of Details. 


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Beyond the flaws with video and lighting and what not, to me, there are just too many secrets or not enough full concepts for what is coming. Most everything was generalized, or we all already knew about and they been working on for a long time. Just about the only part that i liked, was some concentrated talk about bug fixes, but we've heard that many times. In my peticular field, animation, things are, in reality, worse than when I started and they have added nothing else to it. No morphs, no fingers, and no real direct plans for any of that, besides what is related to mesh. So, if not for mesh, I have nothing to be excited about and no real hope they will fix 4 year old animation bugs. I can only pray they don't break another part of it.

The part i pretty much disliked the most, was about search. It's the same old junk, they actually think it is better. I would say it is marginally better than it was 1 year ago. I fear from their tone, they don't have a clue. They also made a statement that the old search was plagued with cheaters, and this new system has less. That is a crock. It is now easier than it has ever been to game the system. I never once had to do anything extra to become 7th in a search for animation, where as now, I have to constantly go over every single product's keyword, and have to check search constantly just to stay in the top 100, beside many other things. There are many people way ahead of myself, and really great animators, that have nothing at all to do with animation, other than mentioning in their keywords. Please, some1 explain to me how the heck a store on a 512 parcel gets ranked ahead of me, and the search team claims good relevance?

They are also making assumptions about search based on data that, IMHO, is not really saying what they think. Before, we heard them say that they were surprised at how long the search queries were. Yeah, no sh#t, if you are looking at old timer residents. Newbies are not doing 5 word searches. It is the newbies that businesses need, the old timers already seen you, and like you or do not. When I did my last survey, which basically was mostly filled out by newbs, because of how I set it up, 70% simply used the word ANIMATION. Duh!

Then we have the whole classifieds section, which they screwed all of us with. I pay 5k every week for 1 of my ads, centered around, you guessed it, ANIMATION. Because they now rank these on the main classified section by relevance. What f....ing relevance? What relevance could their even be. The word and the price, that is it. What other fields they are using is BS. My ad is not even in the top 100 for the word animation, and people with 50 linden ads are way ahead of me. That is total BS. If they want a relevance category, it should not superceed what we actually pay for our ads. Relevance should be the category you actually have to choose, not the default.

Finally, I was just very dissappointed by the total lack of focus on the merchants. Sure, they talked about how important we are, but besides the marketplace, we were a sidenote, and almost all focus is on landbarons and events. They also talked about the Adsense like program that they ended and why, which again tells me they didn't have a clue why no1 used it. I had every intent to use it, but all I ever heard was that people's ads where not showing. I was not going to spend good money on it until it came out of beta, which it never did. So, hear we just went another year, with no focus at all on merchants. We aren't even in the login screen Destination Guide, which looks like that was done on purpose.

The only bright spot that I saw, centered around social media, but who knows how that will go. Plus, what scared me, is the secrets. Again way too many secrets. Rodvik threw out a few things that were so vague, I have no clue whether my latest HUGE project will be completely destroyed by the next thing they won't talk about. So, to me, the SLCC gave me very little to smile about, just more ulcers.

Overall tho, I did see some things that look promising, but we won't know until they happen.

Oh, and Charlar did actually talk about 1 of my meshes, but never even mentioned my name. Is my name that hard to remember?:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:

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I liked Rodvik's speech, but then I didn't have any great expectations -- I think it is ironic that they even have a RL convention at all, instead of a SL based one.  Agree though that it is discouraging that they are congratulating themselves on search.

I did sit right down and write a rather pointed blog post about Rodvik's comments that there were some secret plans to do something or other about griefing and "piracy" -- excuse us if we remain skeptical.


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  • Moderators

Mickey Vandeverre wrote:

No Big News.

nope - you don't hold a convention once a year and report that you have "No Big News" 


Please keep in mind the name of the convention.

SLCC = Second Life Community Convention

This is a convetion that is put on by SL Community members, other users, not Linden Lab.

Employees of Linden Lab are invited to attend and invited to present at the convention and they must purchase tickets to attend just as every other user out there who wishes to participate each year.

Any video and audio that is provided to those who did not attend are provided by those who did attend or those who hosted the convention and is not within the control of Linden Lab.

If you have ideas or suggestions for how to make SLCC better we recommend that you contact the committe that controls and hosts SLCC each year and voice your opinions regarding the convention to them directly.


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I've actually been to SLCC many times and was being nudged by some to come back this year.  In fact, I have spoken there twice and overall, it's was a good experience and given the fact that we are not hiding behind our avatars, it becomes very productive.

That being said, I saw the last "new ceo" speak during his "noob period" and he did not impress anyone.  Overall, the theme is always the same and is led in large part by Philip's "Isn't this just all so cool" approach to business.

However, we have a new CEO with a clear background in gaming but not in social networks.  Again, we are challenged with the fact that almost no one has a deep background in the virtual world and those who have become experts through their employment at Linden Labs have moved on showing that from their high rate of turn over, there is an issue with their "Isn't this cool" corporate culture.

In the end, it is my hopes that this new CEO can get Philip out of the way long enough to manage SL like a real company, that shows accurate reports and is transparent in the policy planning.  That allows the commerce engines to work freely while not competition with those who have made them what they are (us).  To listen to resident experts, many of which have been here long before most at the Labs where here and to open dialogs that facilitate the needs of those businesses in SL.  All of which have been over promised and under delivered.

But, this is is still just a beta in the Virtual Social Society and we are just little rats to them in the light of it all.  Yet keep this in mind, if we are the rats for this experiment, then our behaviors dictate the results of this experiment.  Keep vocal and keep patient I say, in the end, we always get heard as long as enough of us make noise.




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