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  1. I wanted to pass this along before I posted to the jira as a request since I think it would be a great feature to have and use. What if we merchants could see who has our items on their wish list? This would help us to track popular wish list items and can even send out products to those users on occasion such as their rez day or whatever.
  2. How does one get one since it appears the region is closed? Edit: its opened now
  3. Thanks for the great post Dakota, helps a lot. However, I did post elsewhere and hope its okay if I post it here again but I did have some questions on listing enhancements and it seems like you'd be the person to ask being it's related to your post. On the listing enhancements report in MP, how are these impressions calculated? Are these actual views at the time the java script allows them in their viewer or are they part of just that run of add in the java console at that time. Only 3 show at a time and am wondering if its part of that scroll since they run many scrolls meaning and that you may be in the loaded into the page but not actually seen yet. So, that number could be counted and not actually seen unless they stay on page long enough for all to scroll through.
  4. On the listing enhancements report in MP, how are these impressions calculated? Are these actual views at the time the java script allows them in their viewer or are they part of just that run of add in the java console at that time. Only 3 show at a time and am wondering if its part of that scroll since they run many scrolls meaning and that you may be in the script but not actually seen. So, that number could be counted and not actually seen content unless they stay on page long enough for all to scroll through. (and if you don't know on this, please don't chime in to just guess or tell us you don't know)
  5. I have had this happen a few times and was curious to see if anyone else has had this type of activity on the MP as well. Someone gets a demo from my store, then every 3 minutes, they get another and another and another. this goes on for up to an hour and sometimes more. All demos and all 3 minutes apart with single items. I can only assume its a bot but not sure why anyone would do that esp since it seems most items are random. Like getting both male and female, or grabbing old stuff that rarely sells with new stuff, nothing coordinated etc.
  6. Awww...i know how you look Madelaine and yes, I would classify you as Gorgeous!
  7. Happy, i know the quality of your stuff and am interested as my own schedule is getting too full for me to build my new store. Can you contact me in world to discuss?
  8. Are you a Steelhead Girl? Do you have that drop dead gorgeous country, biker or girl next door look? If so, I am hiring two to three models for my upcoming 10th anniversary line. Pay is $1,000 for a 2 hour shoot as well as all the clothes you will model. These are pre-release fashions that no one else will have yet. Photo and video from the shoot will be used in coming promotional videos and stills for a new line about to launch from Steelhead outfitters.. Please send photos and a note card with available times to Chelsea Malibu in world. Also include the mesh body types you have. I will contact all parties of interest to meet briefly and see you in person before hiring. Thank you!
  9. The description that is listed on the marketplace under Use it Now is a bit misleading and I was wondering if anyone has posted a Jira to have this changed. "This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life, unpacked and ready to use. No land or sandbox required." Since many of use wear to unpack scripts, the items are not technically unpacked in their inventory however, they do not need a sandbox either. If there is a Jira, I would love to sign it. If there isn't, I will start one.
  10. According to the National Retailers association in the US, when a customer is satisfied they still only have a 50/50 chance of returning to your business. However, if that customer has a problem and you rectify it quickly while exceeding their expectations, that increases to an 85% likely hood of them not only returning but becoming an advocate. You will find that a bulk of the good ratings you get will be from exceptional customer support, not just a good product. If you read the reviews on my products, a large number of my best ratings come from people who needed help.
  11. strange that it only affect this listing...they really need to find another way than just keyword indexing to flag these. i'll try that and thanks. Edit: Yes, that worked and how ridicules is that. I can see XXX but XXS???
  12. For some reason, all of my Rugby shirts have been flagged adult and I can't seem to turn it back to General. I have nothing even close to adult related in any of my items and cannot for the life of me fix this. Is Rugby now a dirty word now? Or perhaps the fact that I use the word Collared V Neck (which is clearly a common terms for shirts)?
  13. I too had this happen and it was suggested by my dear friend Sassy Romano that I turn off all my add ons in the Firefox Browser. That fixed it.
  14. You were trying to delete them or just move them to unlisted? Once you associate an item and make a listing, you can only edit it, un-associate it or delete it. If you lost it, its lost but that's not a big deal, just upload the item again and associate it to your listing.
  15. Here's a couple more ideas: 26. Learn grammar. 27. Shut of your PC and do something else...SL is what YOU make it.
  16. I'm looking for a space in a nice shopping district for my Menswear line that is nicely done, not grunge and not too uptown. Something rustic or retro would be preferred. I am posting here and not in the land forums since I want input from other merchants and their experience, not land barons.
  17. I've seen this before and though I cannot speak from experice as I was tanferred over from the old SL Exchange, I have seen were there might be a few things. 1. Your age in world though you are clearly old enough in world so we can elimnate that. 2. You have your billing info current. Have you purchased any lindens to make sure it works? 3. The system may be glitched. At present, I cant even log into the exchange as it appears to be down for me. You may want to try again later and see.
  18. Nope...just my normal firestorm. That java window works when I look up "Vew Contents" from the manage inventory section but not in the edit listing window. Rev---whatever it was, its working now. Rev II -- and now its not grrrrrrr
  19. Is it just me or does the Edit Associated Object not work for everyone? When I search to change, it pulls up nothing, neither Associated items or Unassociated items.
  20. Yes, though sometimes not immediately they do. How far back are your tracking? I believe if you open your database to a larger area, then you will see that many are returning and buying. The same thing happens when I have an inworld store open. They come and see it in the store but buy from MP so it gives the illusion that an in world store is a waste of time though when I close my in world store, my MP sales go down. Shopping to get ideas is common, then at a later date they ether have enough lindens or they make the decision to buy, which will skew your information unless you use a longer sampling period to evaluate.
  21. Thank you for that clarity Darius. At the root of this comes the money. When the cost of enforcement is outweighed by the cost of loss from no enforcement, then we will see them enforce these rights but face it, most of what we see in loss from Piracy etc in SL is pretty small by comparison to the cost of enforcement. Smalls claims court might be able to rectify these if you know the person out of SL and have a real contract but that would be extremely rare so here we are, asking LL to spend limitless money on our behalf which as we all know, just aint gonna happen. Personally, I don't see them enforcing the DMCA as it applies to in world content between in world creator but rather, will be using it as the enforcement rule for infringements coming from outside companies. An example would be Disney or Marvel content in world and they submit a DMCA removal request. Again, cost of enforcement VS the cost of loss from no enforcement. Cost of no enforcement from a Marvel or Disney could be a serious law suit. I really don't see them enforcing the DMCA for content that they already technically own at anything near the level we have seen in the past. As their TOS says, they have the option to enforce these rights.
  22. Yes, it does have some glitches if you still have some items set to Magic Boxes. Go ahead and resync everything, then try to delete the items. Don't worry if they don't delete right away, just do what you need to do then come back in a bit and they should take. Then resync again. Also make sure you refresh your page. The other option is to do your new listings as they work fine, then come back and remove your old stuff.
  23. They use a very fair and legitimate arbitration process of former judges and attorneys assigned by the AAA. As I recall in the past, they used their own arbitrators which to me was laughable. Few of these cases ever make it to jury trial (though the threat of a jury trial tends to prevent them from getting that far) which in part, is why arbitration works better anyways. Given what you are telling me in that they cannot effectively remove content, then content uploaded prior to the new TOS could very well be deemed exempt and would assist in any decision.
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