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  1. "@snip1 ~ Its as if everyone thinks Linden labs doesn't do anything but Secondlife. Not like they are working on Desura, or other business expeditions." Desura and friends were recently acquired and probably aren't in profit yet. Again, paid for with the profits of the main SL product, not with "investor" money. Some were not successful and were recently cut (tried to tell them dusting off Interactive Fiction from the 80's was as much of a dud now as back then).. Blocksworld is apparently profitable according to the new CEO, Desura is iffy, the others such as Patterns are probably not in pr
  2. What are you on about? Content creation and specifically CG work is brought down to pennies here in SL relatively speaking. It's independent work. LL provides the framework and the people. I could say they deliver the buying power here in their walled garden although they do that horribly in some cases (oversold advertising on the marketplace for example). LL's entire business model is built around content of their customer. Aside from land, the rest of their model is built on free-play mechanics designed to leech money from every area of the service from sales and re-sale of the funny mone
  3. MIstahMoose wrote: I am just tired of seeing all these complaints tbh, because they don't even have to offer this platform for the public. Nor do they have to allow you to make money here, but hey, lets throw rocks at a company who is in the midst of switching CEO and is trying to please their investors while keepign the community from falling apart. Sounds like a good idea, lets..ya'know, try and tell everyone how crappy linden labs is when we should really be promoting them. Sure, it has some Flaws, but if you look to a virtual world A.K.A. VIDEO GAME (Oh no the cursed words of death
  4. "And I do agree with Ebbe when he stated most of the times the things people suggest are "wrong."" I do and don't. It goes about as far as any other blanket statement, which is to say not very. It applies when the user doesn't have all the information such as stats, an inside look at the code or design or the big picture. On the other hand, employees in the trenches often know more than their employees and go off to start "better" run companies. Users (some of whom may be as qualified as the employees) when informed can and sometimes do know better. A for instance example: None of the c
  5. Welcome to our world, where the least important priority is establishing trust in commerce and transactions. About those ancient bugs like multiple billing on marketplace enhancements and the oft-requested return of things like charts and reports that were coded by a single individual once upon a time ... Off to shop on Amazon where I receive a refund before I actually knew I needed one, or in the case of a rare mistake, a replacement item on my doorstep before I've even shipped the original back. Pro Tip: Explosive tipped suppositories work wonders, shy of printing out help wanted ads and
  6. Agree, it's a big deal. My content depends on having the ability to completely control the license and the rights specific to each scenario it's used in. LL's ToS makes that impossible for me to do on many levels. Because of many issues (like the one in another thread where after 2 years people are still multiple charged for enhancements) I've soured on SL. The one that caused me to stop all content creation and future plans for SL though was the ToS. Because their response was nothing but a dodge on the issue and because it doesn't look like LL is going to back down, I'm done with SL. My S
  7. I can do a wait and see. I've gone quiet on this for the most part. I'd almost hate to put that cheerleader uniform on again though ... who knew shaving your legs was that much work?
  8. At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious sub human, after this many years of fumbling on commerce website a chance to succeed would be showing them the door and allowing them to well ... go succeed. The only real progress we've seen is the initial rewrite from Apotheus PHP to Ruby and Spree. After that, not so much. Partial direct delivery implementation, oversold and occassionaly over billing ads. Horrible search, blah. If he wants to salvage the people, put them elsewhere and get some talent that can do it without taking years for a single feature or fix. Thankfully, it's not my call. By
  9. CommerceTeam Linden wrote: ... and have seen no continued problems in this area. Please file a JIRA if you see this or other issues in the future. Yes, that does seem to be a thing.
  10. Better for LL to have 100 duplicate Jira's than for everyone to know that there have been many instances of a problem for quite a while that haven't been fixed. Also better because people can't add up the sum total of a financial "oops" based on Jira. Also because it justifies the breakfast burritos, swag, and a $60-$80k salary for employees on code that is beyond the ability of the team to maintain. Also because voting and watches on public Jira's gave LL staff a bad case of hives. They much prefer working on what they want other than features we request. Also because we haven't had a CEO
  11. Who better to offer the most accurate analysis of a CEO than the business folk of SL? That would be Merchants and perhaps Land Barons who are like Merchants without so much ethics and the need to work so hard.
  12. Sassy Romano wrote: Magnet Homewood wrote: Your thoughts? Rod who? +1
  13. We should have known from day one where this was going in hindsight, and I know you mentioned that interview early on. The difference between Kingdon and Humble is that Kingdon approached LL for the job, while in Rods case, it was LL that recruited him. LL must have agreed to his terms before he was hired that he wanted to develop other products. I can see why they would have agreed to the deal, it sounds good to expand. They should have looked at the tiny sample games he built on his own first ... they were indicators of well, not much. His position and work with EA were impressive enough to
  14. Agree, Phil seems to be something of a one hit wonder, unfortunately. Giving Rod's reign a thumbs down overall. The most important being his performance as a CEO. Region loss in double digit percentage each year. Invested in multiple products that seem to be all duds, meaning that he's wasted money in those products by acquisition and the employees that were hired. Expecting those hires to be let go when it becomes clearer that many of those products are losses. Some were purely boneheaded business decisions such as the new products that dusted off Interactive Fiction from the 80's and
  15. I measure "told you so" in region loss. Collectively and consistently these decisions one after another shrink SL. You're welcome to my old pom poms though. May they keep your reality rooted in a fluffy place.
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