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Getting that feeling again :(

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On 4/2/2024 at 8:59 AM, NynieveOrion said:

And my suggestion to that - put an AUTORESPONSE TO NONFRIENDS...So as soon as a man IM's you he gets the message that you are NOT INTERESTED IN SEX, RELATIONSHIPS or whatever. And if he approaches you with it it's considered sexual harassment and he will be reported to Linden labs and instantly muted. Trust me.. this weeds out MANY PERVS hehehhe.

My autoresponse directs men to my profile picks where I state I am not going to be intimate with someone in the first few weeks of meeting them.. also ONLY if I trust them and feel comfortable with them. These simple words have done wonders for my SL. :)

Once I implemented this my daily pervert harassment went from about 10 to O. They get as far as "hi how r u?" and they see my message and scram. The men who do continue talking to me just want conversation or are trying for something long-term.

I did use your suggestion of putting my Autoresponse to Non-friends up for whenever I do get the urge to try to do something.


On 4/2/2024 at 3:50 PM, VenKellie said:

i get bored with sl at times too but theres so much to do other then clubbing or playing inworld games.
flying, driving, sailing, railroading all on the mainlands.
learn to play with prims or learn the inworld scripting language called LSL.
Find a roleplay community, theres tons out there both private and mainlands.
Firefighting is fun, so is driving a taxi for people.

I learned that I suck at flying, and all I know how to do with prims is slap a texture on it.  Scripting is way out of my league.

As for role playing, I took some advice and decided to take a break from it completely for awhile.  I don't know how long it'll be though.


On 4/2/2024 at 10:42 PM, Jordyn McGregor said:

I spent two years only logging in to shop, sort my inventory, taking pics to keep up with blogging, logging out.  I couldn't handle how SL made me feel for the longest time.  Then I thought I was ready to put myself out there again and started venturing into clubs, trying to be more sociable...but that bit me on the butt so stopped doing that.  Tried the relationship track - BIG mistake.  I'm back to where I was not wanting to be in SL again.  Thank goodness for Netflix!

I hope we both manage to pull ourselves out of this funk!

When it comes to socializing, I tend to shut down or just try to find someplace to sit by myself.  I think one of my biggest regrets was being in that relationship I was in for that long, especially if that was going to lead to how I'm feeling now, nearly a year after it ended.

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yep, I know what you mean.  I can find plenty to do but its kinda lonesome on my own, and I have no success making friends on SL, people say they want to be my friend and I have even been called family by some, but they never actually want to hang out. or when it comes down to it, they don't have my back when I need them.  Some have an agenda such as only adding me because they intend to spam me with invites to their club/dj set/event every time I log in. I find that generally people are rather shallow when it comes to SL  friendship, or maybe I just have a high expectation of what being a friend actually means?  Most of the people on my friend list never talk to me and I never talk to them. I feel so disappointed with the social side of SL, I really do.  I have no skill in making or designing anything either, so I mostly spend my time alone, exploring, or pottering on my land with a few breedables.  I do occasionally go to a club but I dislike the expectation that you must give a generous tip...  I can't always afford to give away my lindens. Why am I still on SL? because I love the strangeness, the weird and wonderful places I can find, and being able to escape reality for a bit. I am disabled in RL so its nice to have a safe outlet, I just wish it was a bit friendlier.

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Rather than trying to like  something, Find something you like  or love and  just stick with it until the doors start to open for you..

The great thing about SL is you can bring yourself and other things from outside in and try and make them work in world..

I think one of the most exciting things is being inspired by something from RL and trying to recreate that in here.. You could even excite and inspires others with your ideas or projects or whatever it may be..

The slogan for SL is, It's Your World, Your imagination. Something that hit home with me right when I really started to understand what this world was all about.

Sometimes just taking a break can be a good thing too.. Those can be very refreshing and get me out of my funk.. Sometimes, there is nothing like a good reset to get the creative juices flowing.. hehehe

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If I was able to reliably log on and be there for people when I say I'm going to, I'd seek you out and ask to be friends.

I almost shat when I saw your post above, about putting it on your blog and refusing to edit it.

I made that same sort of forum post today myself.

I keep all my ugh to myself usually because nobody who cares about me can do anything about it and nobody else wants to hear about it. I have Porphyria, AKA Vampire Disease. And a bunch of co-morbid other stuff.

You're not alone in how you feel. And you're not alone in being difficult to cheer up. Just know that others share your feelings, share some of the same difficulties, and wish they had the power to make it all stop.

I know it's hard, but be stubborn if you can. If I could say it without everyone thinking I'm crazy or that I watch too many movies, I'd say more. Take care of yourself, and know that you aren't really alone. Ever.

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In regard to healing over a SL relationship, not gonna lie, it's freaking hard.

Been there quite a few times. I learned my lesson. No more sl relationships, only friendships, and go on SL less. I log in now maybe once every 10 days. The humbness will go away, as the ole saying goes.. it just takes time. You will feel the sunshine again and feel the joy in your heart. It just takes time. 

I hope you heal soon. ❤️

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 76 days.

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