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What are you listening to?

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20 minutes ago, examining said:
I'm listening to the fan. 
I recently moved to the city center from 
the countryside where I lived during the last
20 years. 
There, in the summer, I needed a stove, 
here I bought a fan. It makes a uniform, 
steady, pleasant noise.

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When I moved from an A-frame cabin on a dirt road on a forested mountaintop at 2600m down to a desert town with traffic driving past at 65km/h nearby all day and night I went a little bonkers for a while. You could always hear the locomotives signaling with their horns as they pass each intersection, as if their purpose was to let nobody sleep. You could hear the street racers on whatever they brought, you could hear the police and ambulance sirens. Although I did get used to the night sounds a little, eventually, I still wound up taping up the corners of all those leaking 1930s awning windows with gaffer's tape and that dramatically cut down the noise. A plug-in air filter provided the white noise. I know how it is. Cities are mostly only livable if we make that a priority. When I got there, I discovered that I was so sensitive that I didn't really even want to walk the 1.6km down the street to the office where I worked mostly because of the exhaust and engine and tire noise coming from these dreadful six-lane super-roads crisscrossing the city at ground level.



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