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  1. my rl new year resolutions are a challenge.. So that I'll just pay my rent in sl and end there even for moments to rest and breathe
  2. Before riots angels venture earthing. ABIDE
  3. Recently I enter more often in the forums than in the grid, but today -since I read above thread- I visited my home in sl and everything seems ok. Am no expert and have no info to add here but I wish and hope all will be perfect in sl in 2021 and more.
  4. cabbage looper at pesticide sabotage, DELAY
  5. It almost healed by itself, I only applied some calendula ointment from time to time. Now I'm looking out of the window, it's a glorious dawn. Also bird flocks are passing by -apparently with a destination. I feel like saying thanks to sl for reading and answering my messages from time to time...
  6. Today I registered for my second writing course. The previous one was about creative writing generally, this one is about movies script writing. There are people everywhere with problems and I am ashamed to complain about something so small. But today -also- I was stung by a wasp and I feel anxious and sad. I have nowhere else to tell. My right hand was swollen (palm) and I took an antihistamine from the pharmacy. I read on the net that the swelling can last from one to a few days (it itches, too). I'm worried, should I go to the doctor? It is difficult for me for several reasons. I a
  7. If it will be only once, it's about 83 usd approx, I believe. It's not about a huge amount of money. I think that money laundering needs more than that. Often in RL Ι wonder what would I do if I'd found some wallet with a big amount of money. I always focus in eventual dangers that might arise for me, and then I consider the possibility that the owner perhaps really needed and could not replace this money. But I do not think -speaking to myself- that I would willingly return it or give it away. I only try to dream a situation where I might take advantage of my luck without bei
  8. In my country (located in Europe) the coronavirus pandemic ended recently with just some hundreds of dead. Now that summer brought tourists something starts to happen again. People locally do not pay attention, but the government enacts again restrictive measures. Lots of countries in Europe finished with the pandemic like us some of them with a heavy toll. Personally I believe I am immune and I pray for my own relatives. Did not lose anybody up to now. I wish with all my heart and pray for all humans and countries affected to heal and leave behind this torture, especially the st
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