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  1. it's black with sl viewer and green transparent with firestorm. Big as the whole bay, that is, and moving also on land. Asked the estate's support if they see it too from above they do not answer. Went there there is nothing on ground, into the sea or up to the air. Well, am asking here too, any idea what might this be? Thanks
  2. ..just half an hour, one the most? This time I took notice but I had the same impression previously in a number of times.
  3. Here I am scripting too and very happy about it (OK sort of scripting). I searched all over the market for martial arts poseballs. There are only 2-3, I bought them all but needed more. No way whatsoever to discover any more, perhaps if I could travel in japanese sims. Do not know nor find where could I go. Nevertheless there were lots of animations in the market sold without a poseball. The idea came to me I could somehow insert them to a ball, and thanks to the accepted as a solution answer in page https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Creation/Im-seeking-for-a-beginner-tutorial-on-how-to-create-objects-that/qaq-p/1251191 I have my first poseball I created with an animation I bought. Now the question I have is how can I insert multiple animations to a poseball without an options menu, I mean so that the animations flow smoothly one after the other. Thanks a lot for your help. P.S. I am optimistic about finding something I can do myself, not because I trust myself that much but because of the miracles that keep happening re my sl learning one after the other. You know, satisfaction when one discovers something through his own efforts... So in the mean time, from all and every info I discovered about my question, only the freebie poseballs in the market helped somehow. That is I have now a poseball with multiple animations and a menu, not exactly what I needed. Of course I'd be glad to hire a scripter, but where to find one and what is the approx amount I should pay? Have no idea and no friends to ask. But life is so much better without friends and happy than with them and unhappy I cannot describe the amount of it.
  4. ...as simple as it can be. I made 6 rings and a display. I find some 300 linden scripts that say I only can sell 4 items with them. So I must split the 6 items to two displays (am in 0 prim situation) and also I bought the demo version and tried to apply it but didn't work. The opposite would be a surprise. Is there any miraculously simple way to do as the subject line say? I can successfully add a giver script right now to objects while neverheless multiplegiver scripts do not function but for only one item at sl home. Especially the vendor script I tried it to a sandbox. P.S. I managed finally to make a mutiplegiver script function. Am not sure which one as I have 2-3 of them, hope I'll find it as I'm gonna need it again any moment now. Did not do same for the multiple item vendor script. Well it's not possible to make 6 one item vendors for 6 rings almost identical, it would be stupid. I decided to give them away instead of selling them for now. Not very professional? Back home in rl we have a joke, "just check the encyclopedia for the entry 'unprofessional behavior', there is your picture next to the descirption."
  5. I turn off all the light sources not only in the kitchen but in all the house, turn the sun in midnight position and still the kitchen shines. Tried to fiddle a little the viewers preferences yet this should happen to the other rooms not only in the kitchen. It is true that the bedroom too shines but less. I can tell that the living room, the hall, the bathroom and most of all the serra achieve to darken reasonably when I do all the above. I'd appreciate any advise. Tks P.S. (After yr answers that is. Obviously.) I have been postponing to ask this since I first rezzed the house that is last november approx. It's not a problem but it is strange. Now I looked in the houses walls object/edit/texture, glow is zero. If it wasn't this should affect the whole house and not just the kitchen. When talking about kitchen it's the room, the walls not the appliances. As per the local lights, given that I have very little sl knowledge as proven, could not find where to uncheck. Instead I managed that some rooms of the house, more specifically some walls and roofs became trully extremelly shining. I unrezzed the house and re-rezzed it this fixed that one. I am watching the avatars eating on the kitchen table. The slightly shining kitchen I must add now that I saw the (blinding) light...
  6. 1) Following line appears in a product in the market: "You are not allowed to give or sell these Mesh, or parts of them in any kind full permission away." Does this mean I can give them away or sell as copy/mod, copy/transfer, mod/transfer but not all the three of them? I believe this is true but I have to confirm it as it is a serious matter. 2) Does an object have to be full perm (copy, mod, transfer) to be added in a giver item and given away or is it enough to be copy., transfer? I believe the second, but I need to confirm it as I am so young and clueless, Tks P.S.: I consider this question as not having been answered and I need the answer. 1) Does the first sentence mean I can sell or give away items as copy/mod, copy/transfer, mod/transfer but not as copy/mod/transfer? 2) Can I add an item copy/transfer to a giver object so that to give it as a gift or the gift must be copy/mod/transfer? Thanks again
  7. ...to operate such small items. Is there some setting in the viewer that could help? Alternatively is there any outworld sofware simple and immediately accessible that could be used to create jewellery and import it inworld? Sorry to ask that again I believe that I have been given some info previously but could not sort it out then.
  8. As per https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/There-are-two-transactions-in-my-last-2-days-transaction-history/qaq-p/3001159 I am charged constantly 30 linden for group liability. Also a transaction that I did not make (the 50 lindens #1407102988 transaction). 1) 2016-02-02 01:31:45 ad5613f9 Destination: Seagulls' friends Group Liability L$30 L$20 2)2016-02-16 01:33:39 abfd86d4 Destination: Seagulls' friends Group Liability L$30 L$-30 Today again same event. A transaction I did not make took 30 linden and additionally group liability took another 30 and both left me with negative balance. 2016-02-23 02:58:41 6f58436f Destination: Commerce Linden L$ Payment Description: MKT2 Item Purchase Order #1409174180 L$0 L$-30 2016-02-23 01:33:02 7a996281 Destination: Seagulls' friends Group Liability L$30 L$-30 Thought one pays an one time 100 fee for a group. Is this alright? And should I file a support ticket again for the transactions I did not make? It's only 30+50 linden. It's sure I did not make them as not only I had the impression both times that something magically stole my last pennies but I checked both times in my order history and there are no such transactions whatsoever in that date. P.S. Perhaps something rezzed in my sim takes that money, and I should find out since 30+50 it's no big deal but if that is going to hapen regularly it is. As per the group liability I'd like to be informed really if I have to pay this or not and why is this happening. For now I just top up my balance and go on. P.S. 2 (After yr answers) . In about land I had indeed checked the show place in search. Is it enough to uncheck this or should I uncheck also the group to show in search? The question of the unknown transactions also, remains open. Is there a way to identify transactions that do not show in history? Perhaps they are due to some object having been allowed to access my balance. In such case can I find out which one from my account somewhere (not erasing one by one the suspects?) Must I uncheck also the option for the group to be found in search too?
  9. I go first right, then left, go back, come front. It's a tough one, am afraid I won't do anything no matter how I'll try. So I used to have a rezzed tv viewer bought for 10 lindens, could alright access the internet and see the first pages of some video channels but no regular uninterrupted video anyway. So I let aside the tv, dealing with other priorities. Finally I unrezzed this and got a radio, I hear I must deed it to the group. (The tv previously mentionned clearly it does not need to deed). Then somebody sent me a present today, a tv-radio set that also needs deed ( I believe I read it in the instructions). But when I'm ni firestorm I cannot even hear the estate's music (the one that the landlord I guess chooses for the whole territory unless if it's different for each estate), anyway I can listen to the music others choose when I'm in sl viewer while with Firestorm not. All music cases checked and put to the maximum top right of the viewers. I listen alright voices (in places that I visit) and all sounds (in my sim and elsewhere). I thought to check my computers video and music listening and vieweing capacity as I understand that sl video is somehow connected with firefox. Which I have installed and see alright videos and movies. (The computer by the way, fully updated with windows 10 version 1511 fully updated security suite, and vpn the last one when I'm out of sl). So 1) How I can deed a radio or a tv to my group? It's already set to the group and the deed button is deactivated. 2) Why I can listen to the estate music with sl viewer but not with Firestorm? P.S. I pressed after all the deed button in the edit of the current radio I have (thought to try this first before the newly obtained tv-radio set) and it said "if you press this button the radio will give or take -do not remember- money to this group." I pressed anyway, now it's again deactivated -dim- and nothing else happens. The radio does not function. I sent a notecard to the owner-seller, its a freebie anyway and not everyone has the patience to deal with all sorts of newbies problems like people on this forum, so she never answered back. It's not a money question I flashed down the toilet lots of money already I just do not want to buy an expensive tv when do not know how to make it function, I read in this forum others who did so and am reluctant. And read also that seeing tv in sl s tricky.
  10. There used to be more than a thousand, they were all mine before to create the group. Recently they were 0 as I checked them all and either erased, replaced, or set to the group all of them so that it will be easy to return eventual objects belonging really to others when I'll make the sim accessible to visitors. But now I see 19 of them again and I realized that by mistake I had removed the group's tag from my avi, so I looked around and found the most of them, recently rezzed and corrected this also I weared again the group's tag. But there remain some of them which cannot locate. So how can I see to whom do they belong those left belonging to others as per the about land/objects tab? P.S. The thing is except of a miracle all objects here belong to me or an alt of mine. I try to have them all set to the group so that 0 objects belonging to others appear in the tab and so that whenever other people comes to set autoreturn to 1 and return them immediately eventual malevolent objects. Do not want though to return my own as they are needed. They must be small or hidden that's why cannot locate them. So this remains unresolved unless if I take a detailed tour around.
  11. In its instrutions says: "It can give your visitors: :: Gifts :: Your landmark :: Directions :: Notifications :: Your journal or magazine :: Advertising :: Photos :: Items more ... The visitors only need to click on the trunk and this will deliver directly. It's very simple to use: save the objects you want to give you just leave it in the inventory box, for this you have two options: - Select the inventory item, press and hold CTRL and drag the object into the trunk. - Or you can edit the object, go to the last tab CONTENT and drag and drop. Please note that the objects must be copy and transferable" So I managed (difficult it was) to put inside the item's contents a full perm gift. But when I click the item it does not give it. Perhaps it does not give the owner but only to others? Will it give to the group members ot neither to them? It is set to the group. How can I test it? Should I open the sim to everybody and test it with someone who is not member of the group? P.S.: All the time that anything goes wrong always I thik it's my mistake, but not, I do alright all the necessary things. When one does not know what he's doing he knows it. When he does not know what he does wrong again he knows it. This time (again) I bought something that does not work for 11 linden. I replaced it with another one for 50 lindens that is a doll. Works fine. No scripts, and alt tests etc. For Christ sake! P.S2.: This has been clarified and it was not due to the first item's creator neither. I underligned many times in my posts that strange things happen to my sim, my account, my inventory, that I needed a firewall etc. Will not expand any more. The fact is that all those instances benefit a lot from the fact of my sl ignorance. In this specific occasion I found in the market single and multiple objects giver scripts that turn to giver anything, applied and they function alright.
  12. ..wear it. But cannot find the script info needed. A little help would be appreciated. Thanks P.S.: Βut to me all the time happen things like that. That's why I said "silly, early, juvenile". My first boat I attached it on myself instead of rezzing it. The house I used to constantly delete it until I discovered that if I take notice of its whereabouts (place and rotation) it's a piece of cake to replace it exactly where it used to be. And the ring, I kept it in my inventory until today cause I thought it needs a script. As per the merchandises in boxes or bags all the time I attach them on myself. Indeed, when I click something on my inventory often something happens and instead of rezzing it it attaches to the avatar and erases its clothes (it remains with the alpha). I think that the best thing to do is to eliminate all dead lines from one's sl. That is have fun discovering and not being obliged to anything, Included not making mistakes. Or else it's so difficult to survive here...
  13. This could be something else than everything else, but do not know where else to post it. All this time I was dealing with appearance (of the sim, and of avatars etc) but cannot yet touch the media question. Cannot see television not listen to music other than the default one by the estate owners. How can I listen to this radio music (as per the seeing television I will post the question in another thread). Thanks P.S.: As I said elsewhere, here is what the about land/covenant says: "This sim comes with FULL estate manager rights and has NO COVENANT. You can do on it whatever you want as long as you respect the T.O.S. of Linden Lab." Do not think it's the landlord, it's awkward me who cannot fix the media in my land.
  14. if it is online and where exactly it is in a given moment? P.S. Did not mean against the will of the avatar. Pay enough efforts to avoid eventually willing ones, would not add efforts to pursue unwilling ones. Finicky me, wanted to make sure I did my best. Legal you said. Powerful people step on the law, while powerless ones cannot find a refuge in it. Not even denounce it, more often than seldom. Either of two I am, useless to mention the law. There is only one case worthwhile to mention, when the law is used to frame innocent powerless ones. "If the person is aware that you've given HER the device". I'm the her and god knows why I'd give to another her a device. I wouldn't. OK. I cannot avoid to confess. I saw somebody I liked and I teleported home immediately. That's what I do. Did not even take notice of the avatar's name I just think I remember it. I thought if I could see him again I could confirm it's the same one (although he might have changed avatar). So I am very lucky I did not enter sl to make relationships as my way wouldn't be successful.
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