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  1. i do no take any protection measures against the virus almost since the beginning. i live alone and do not socialize at all. perhaps because of that i do no seem to be in danger. so i would like not to take a vaccine whatsoever. i do not think vaccines will get obligatory for everbody. then again i'm thinkning perhaps i should get a job this summer . in which case perhaps self tests would not be enough. i might be obliged to take a vaccine and am worried if this would be dangerous.
  2. i moved recently in an appartment down town and the internet connection i had in the country now fails both in the laptop and in the smartphone. am trying to investigate and get support about that.
  3. there are some free eating or drinking animations together with free food and drink offered here and there in sl including smile it is not predictable and it feels good
  4. i did not know speedlight is available for windows too. i am using it instead of lumiya. when bright canopy was functioning i always hoped they would develop an android version of it, and then they closed down everything. a full 3d android viewer like bright canopy would be beautiful and useful i think.
  5. Highly operative mankind enacts serenity Grave
  6. Saleswomen calculate our unique radiation HELAS
  7. painted vans dare my eagerness C,E,I,J,U
  8. my rl new year resolutions are a challenge.. So that I'll just pay my rent in sl and end there even for moments to rest and breathe
  9. Before riots angels venture earthing. ABIDE
  10. Recently I enter more often in the forums than in the grid, but today -since I read above thread- I visited my home in sl and everything seems ok. Am no expert and have no info to add here but I wish and hope all will be perfect in sl in 2021 and more.
  11. cabbage looper at pesticide sabotage, DELAY
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