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  1. Herebelow is an article that appeared in local press in a tiny paragraph on the last page. "The people of Wuhan are gradually returning to their jobs. Gradual reopening of Disneyland or IKEA stores, campaign hospital closures: China is heading for a very gradual return to regularity after a month-and-a-half of draconian restrictive measures over the Covid-19 epidemic. The country where the new coronavirus was born at the end of 2019 has seen an outbreak of the epidemic for a few weeks on its territory as it spreads around the world. Although restrictive measures remain draconian, and many locals prefer to stay in their homes, every day as more and more pedestrians and cars pass by on the streets of Beijing. Traffic in the Chinese capital remains much slower than usual. Public transport remains virtually empty, with very few people on the streets without a protective mask. But in Wuhan, the 11 million-strong city where the virus appeared, many are hoping for a gradual lifting of the quarantine measures imposed on January 23. The city's airport announced that some of its executives had returned to work, with no information on the timing of the flight. Employees at all airports in Hubei province, capital of which is Wuhan, have been ordered to return to work on Thursday. Proof of the recession in Wuhan, 14 of the 16 campaign hospitals opened for residents have been closed, the Xinhua news agency said. These hospitals were located in factories, sports facilities and an exhibition park. Across China, 19,000 patients remain in hospital, compared with 58,000 at the end of February. A top official in the country hinted on Friday that the blockade of Hubei would come to an end soon. 'The day the whole world is waiting for should not be that far off,' Ding Xianjiang, deputy secretary general of the government, told reporters. Hubei residents are eager to take measures to allow them to get out of their homes, especially in areas of the province where no cases have been recorded for weeks." I believe that all this will be over in summer, as per the northern hemisphere, that is. Not sure if it will restart next winter. Where I live yesterday started total curfew, nobody in the streets on 25th march, national holiday and all shops closed. The other days the supermarkets and pharmacies remain open as well as a few other shops. One has to fill in printed applications about who he is, where he is headed to and why, so that if a cop questions him for instance downtown he cannot say he was going in the country or wherever he'd like anyway. I cannot understand though why they closed down all parks and recreation aereas in the country precisely, forests, mountains around the capital and so on. It's understood for the crowded places like department stores but forests? In the beginning I was very much afraid as I belong in a vulnerable group but when I got out and took a walk, all of a sudden I knew I am not going to get sick at all. I'm living alone and dont have normally any acquaintances so this is a plus now. One does not know what exactly he will face in advance. Some days ago my sink plumbing broke down. I would not call a plumber as traditionnally I'm fixing this sort of things but I needed an hydraulic cable, did not know anybody having one at his home, me neither, and the hydraulic shops were closed. The hugiene is crucial now and for a while this οccasion seemed dangerous. Finally I resolved the problem with boiling water. OK lots of things are new and must be dealt with such as. I'm optimistic though. Do not believe economy will crash and the end of the world will come.
  2. Recently I find lots of solutions in this forum. Today miraculously my firestorm os viewer did not have any more grid selections. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, I downloaded 3-4 other viewers open sim compatible, and finally I discovered here the ticking show grid selection in preferences/advanced. Thank you for being so friendly to me.:)
  3. Brightcanopy stopped as per January 1st to function any more. I'll be missing it.
  4. Upper lip and eyebrows are different
  5. I think I used a flickr account back in 2015 in order to compete in a photo contest then. Maybe I can reactivate it. I catch this opportunity to say second life is my heaven in the middle of real life torments
  6. -There is nobody in the following tab. It's about the trending tab which is full of unknown to me residents. -Thank you for your kind words. During the past year I resided in a fire victims camp. I will try for something better in the new year.
  7. I believe to be old resident enough to be seen as an idiot asking that. Yet, even when stressed because of real-life issues, I find an answer through sl and other internet forums, if only by asking it. Strange thing.
  8. On my profile page, (https://my.secondlife.com/) of all avatars (main and alts) home/trending tab, I receive dozens of unknown residents posts, snapshots as well as texts. I tried settings/privacy/ making all tabs (about, real world etc) nobody or friends so that they stop coming, yet they do not. Had not seen my profile of all avatars (main and alts) for a while due to the fact I've been facing real life emergencies recently (wildfire victim).
  9. So pretty answers never kickoff ANSWI 'll visit again
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