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  1. Recently I find lots of solutions in this forum. Today miraculously my firestorm os viewer did not have any more grid selections. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, I downloaded 3-4 other viewers open sim compatible, and finally I discovered here the ticking show grid selection in preferences/advanced. Thank you for being so friendly to me.:)
  2. Brightcanopy stopped as per January 1st to function any more. I'll be missing it.
  3. Upper lip and eyebrows are different
  4. I think I used a flickr account back in 2015 in order to compete in a photo contest then. Maybe I can reactivate it. I catch this opportunity to say second life is my heaven in the middle of real life torments
  5. -There is nobody in the following tab. It's about the trending tab which is full of unknown to me residents. -Thank you for your kind words. During the past year I resided in a fire victims camp. I will try for something better in the new year.
  6. I believe to be old resident enough to be seen as an idiot asking that. Yet, even when stressed because of real-life issues, I find an answer through sl and other internet forums, if only by asking it. Strange thing.
  7. On my profile page, (https://my.secondlife.com/) of all avatars (main and alts) home/trending tab, I receive dozens of unknown residents posts, snapshots as well as texts. I tried settings/privacy/ making all tabs (about, real world etc) nobody or friends so that they stop coming, yet they do not. Had not seen my profile of all avatars (main and alts) for a while due to the fact I've been facing real life emergencies recently (wildfire victim).
  8. So pretty answers never kickoff ANSWI 'll visit again
  9. It's about being popular when simply an idiot. Everybody can see that
  10. An airplane passes above my head ( I believe a passenger charter)
  11. Today it's Sunday, I took my dog and the car and we travelled a little. Not so far from home.
  12. I used to like learning how to landscape, build and decorate, also to customize my avatar and alts. Also learning how to make jewels. Now I like to swim, to drive an airship or balloon, to shop in the marketplace for new clothes and furniture, to eat in a restaurant, to fly and lots of other things.
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