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Time Portal - Community for Time Travellers

Jo Yardley

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There have been shops and malls in Second Life that had historical themes, where you could buy vintage, retro and antique stuff but often they catered to a rather specific era or sold things that weren’t quite authentic.

Not that long ago my 1920s Berlin Project was neighboured with such a mall and it was nice for visitors to Berlin to have a place to go shopping nearby.
But Berlin moved and that shopping sim has since vanished.
My friend Sonatta Morales and I were without mainstores and we started thinking about setting up something new.

So, coming to Second Life (right next to 1920s Berlin);

Time Portal; Time Travel Community

A sim that will not only offer you the chance to shop with some of the best vintage, retro and historical creators in Second Life but where you can also rent an apartment, visit a club, see a show at the theatre, watch a movie at the cinema or learn something new at constantly changing exhibits in the museum

A place where shops will sell the best in historic clothing and items from any era up to the 1960s, where you can live in historical buildings, where we have a club and theatre where you can enjoy historically themed shows and even a museum with historical exhibits.
And of course, everything you see, from goods, buildings to entertainment, will be historically themed.
It will truly become a community for Time Travellers and history lovers.
You may be a Victorian Urchin living in a dirty old attic, your neighbour could be a 14th century princess living in a tower, while the guy living across the street enjoys walking around in his Roman armour.

Time Portal will not be a role-play sim (although it will of course be allowed), there won’t be a dress code, anyone will be welcome.
You can listen to someone playing Live 17th century music at the theatre,rock ‘n roll by the jukebox at the 1950s diner, enjoy yourself at a 1940s dance in the hangar, learn something about Medieval architecture at the Bauhaus style museum or just hang out with a bunch of Victorian pickpockets.
Try and imagine a city where Time Travellers live, shop and entertain themselves in-between time travelling and you’ll get an idea of what Time Portal will be like.

Time Portal will be build and managed by me, Jo Yardley, builder and manager of the 1920s Berlin project, a sim that has been successful for over 7 years and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.
And I won’t do it alone, my team of admins, advisors, event organisers, entertainers and performers from 1920 Berlin will also help out, all experienced people who know what they are doing and will make sure Time Portal will be a safe, fun place with plenty of customer service for visitors and tenants.

We are preparing Time Portal now, funds are gathered to buy the region and if everything goes well we’ll be able to start building next month.

We’re accepting applications for shopkeepers now.
If you sell good, authentic items or clothes from the stone age up to the 1960s, let me know!
And if you build and sell authentic and historically accurate buildings, also get in touch.
We’ll be filling the sim up with buildings from different eras.

BUT as everyone in Second Life knows; buying a new or even second hand region, investing in a pile of buildings, props and  furniture, and then grandfathering it to make sure you can keep paying the tier, costs a bundle of money.
Hundreds of real non virtual dollars.

To finance this new sim we’ve decided to ask for help.
We’re starting the fundraising today!

To help Time Portal become reality you can help us by visiting our Fundraising display outside the gate where we hope to open Time Portal, you can find it by clicking HERE.

You can make a donation in the donation meter (and get a free toy Tardis!) there but you can also support the Time Portal sim by buying some of the wonderful items on offer there!

One of Second Life’s best vintage designers Sonatta Morales has an amazing offer; Buy 4 unique, custom made dresses (original mesh) before they become available to the general public and get a unique black and gold evening gown and jewellery for free!
This gown will ONLY be sold as part of the Time Portal fundraising and will not be sold afterwards!
So if you’ve wanted to own an extremely rare Sonatta Morales dress, this is your chance.

We're also selling other clothes, posters and interesting items around the time travel theme.

And all the proceeds for these sales goes to the buying and building of our Time Portal sim!

So if you want the community & shopping area for time travellers to become reality in Second Life, come on over, make a donation or buy one of our special items!

Make sure you follow this blog and join us on Twitter &Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.


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Here on the SL forum?

I barely use it.

And my sim?

I assume you mean 1920s Berlin, not Time Portal as this is the first post about that.

But yes, of course, when I post, I post for a reason and that reason is usually to get people to hear something about one ofmy sims or to go read my blog.

That is my job after all.

Making sure your sim is a success and survives for over 7 years is hard work.

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Maelstrom Janus wrote:

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If someone thinks something is in the wrong category, I have never understood why you don't just report it. I've never been upset to see a moderator moved my post. It's really not a big deal. 

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