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  1. I'm away for a few weeks and everything changes.
  2. ChadUnfroyd wrote: It is difficult to test for something when obfuscating euphemisms have to be circumnavigated. There is actually no such thing as "race" - other than the human race - but political correctness demands that references to skin colour, religion, sex, shape or size of ass, nose or eyelids and other differentiating factors that have become stereotypically associated with cultural (or otherwise) groups are aggregated in a nonsensical taxonomical classification. I will stick to being stupidist, even if it means being called racist, sexist or discriminatory, the last of which used to be a good thing. I agree. It's good to discriminate, in the literal sense of the word. When you make a choice based on value, you discriminate. People have become so focused on the word discriminate, they forget that it's unfair discrimination that's the problem.
  3. Phil Deakins wrote: Amethyst explained it all really well. Take notice especially of the need to abandon your Linden home before you buy a plot of land, or you will be charged for the extra plot in the first month. The extra 10% for group-owned land is good, but not easy to achieve with small parcels. E.g. if you abandon your Linden Home and buy land for the group, as Amethyst suggested, you can have a plot of 512 + 51 (= 563) - 1126 for 2 premium avatars combined - but where are you going to find such a plot. It's easy if you start with a bigger plot - paying tier, of course - and cut it back to the right size, abandoning the rest, which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago. I'd had just about the whole sim and, through the years, cut it down until I now have only a 560. 560 because the quantum length for land is 4m. Another trick for dealing with the difficulty of finding exactly the right size parcel is to join a tier brokerage group. These buy up excess tier (pay to have someone donate tier to their group) and sell it to those in need (donate tier for a small weekly fee). They make a profit from the difference between the price they buy and sell at. So in your example, someone looks for an 1126m plot, but the one that suits them best is 1200m. Rather than pay for the next level of tier up from LL, they buy (technically, rent) the excess 74m from a broker. The one I use charges 0.25L$/sq.m, so that would only be L$19 per week.
  4. Kelli May

    Mesh body

    Naomi78 wrote: i have read it, but nothing wiser. my quesrion is, where can i buy the mesh, not the appliers If by "it" you mean the blog I linked for you, then you should have seen the extensive list of reviews, each of which has a map link to each product's inworld store.
  5. Kelli May

    Mesh body

    Stock answer: First take a look at the Mesh Body Addicts blog It won't answer every question, but it'll show you the kind of things available and where to get them. From there you can start experimenting. Three words: demo, demo, demo. Play around. See how the different body parts look to you. Learn how things fit together. Are the clothes and skins you like available for that body? Does your AO make it look weird? Don't rush into buying and don't believe anyone who says you *need* a mesh body.
  6. entity0x wrote: I still use the classic avatar shape at least, mostly classic textures as clothing. Firstly, I don't like the freakish proportions the mesh bodies are at, secondly would have to rely on products made specifically for them (I want standards in SL, not monopolies) and thirdly the appearance of my avatar is least important to me. The few mesh clothings I have purchased always were a bit off, making me look frumpy or out of proportion as well. I'm pretty much at the standard height as well, which is still a bit bigger than I would like, but if I go to 6 feet or under, the avatars look like children compared to their entire surroundings and other Minotaur-sized avatars inworld. Freakish proportions aren't a result of mesh bodies. I've been seeing crane-legs, invisible pony-rider hips, hulk shoulders, T. rex arms, and all the other crimes against human proportion since my first day in SL. People are perfectly capable of creating oversized, freakish and ugly avs with the default components alone.
  7. Syo Emerald wrote: I'll make it short: ... Heh
  8. Syo Emerald wrote: RoyBlakeley wrote: My avatar is a werewolf because I think they look cool. However, is it likely that someone will assume I use that avatar for some kinky reason? If your avatar is anything else, but a flying toaster, someone some time will assume you are into kinky stuff. Some types of avatars (like demons) provoke those ideas more than others, more neutral ones. Some people with werewolf avatars are into stuff like that, others aren't. I wouldn't worry too much about it. What makes you think there isn't someone into flying toasters? 
  9. Phil Deakins wrote: CipherSplash wrote: Is it ok to get demo items at the market, in say 10 quantities for free and contiue to use it every time it expires (After 2 mins) or is that against the rules? Just want to know before I do it, since I don't want to be accused of anything bad. You haven't been back to this thread, so I assume you won't be back but, in case you are, I want to comment on what entity0x wrote:- entity0x wrote: In the end, you know if you're cheating or not I like that thinking. My opinion is that, if you have an inner feeling that you shouldn't be doing it, then it would be wrong for you to do it. That doesn't just apply to the specific question you asked. Some people have said that it would be immoral, while others have said, go ahead, it's fine. It would be wrong for me to do it, because that's what I would feel inside, but that's just me. So I think that entity0x made a good comment. Further to this, I would suggest that when people ask "is this OK?" they often mean "I know this is not OK, but will I get into trouble?".
  10. Something I might not have been clear about in my previous post: a script to detect the online/offline status of your account doesn't have to be (and usually isn't) on your avatar. It's something the person doing the checking would keep ownership of. Furthermore, if they had it in an object rezzed in-world, they wouldn't even need to be in SL for it to check and report to them (scripts can run on a timer and send emails). So if you're worried you're wearing a 'bug' that tells your stalker when you log in, you probably aren't. Scripts that do other nefarious stuff to your avatar *usually* need to to be worn by the victim, but not always. If it makes you feel better to check everything youre wearing, then go ahead.
  11. lolgirl001 wrote: Ok, so someone put a collar on me and before I knew what I was getting into, it was too late. I saw on my chat saying locked collar and now anything in main chat will be seen to who collard me. I did ask him to take the collar off but he wouldn't do it. So I took it off and also made sure the rlv in preferences wasn't checked off for enable and it wasn't. Even with the collar taken off and rlv not checked off he is still controlling me. Sometimes when I try to walk, I can't, I just freeze. I try to find an object to click on so I can sit and then I can walk again. Also sometimes my keys on the keyboard freeze and I can't type anything. Other weird stuff happen. He seems to know when I log on to do this to me. I don't have him on as a friend so I don't know how he is doing that. This is also effecting my other alts or I would just delete this alt and be done with it. I didn't delete the collar in inventory because someone told me not to. It is called a Posture Collar V1. Is there a way to stop this script from running? Should I try getting another collar and just setting it to myself? Would that work? Thanks for any help. Two things in the section I highlighted. That this is affecting your alts suggests that your problems are down to laggy region conditions, your connection, your computer, or some combination of the three. Nothing done with RLV can affect separate accounts. As far as knowing when you're online, there's nothing you can do to stop him knowing this. As well as various social engineering methods, a very simple script can report the on/offline status of any account in SL, friend or not. He won't be able to tell where you are (although he might be able to work it out), but he can tell if you're in SL. Block him, move on, and file an Abuse Report if you have evidence he's harrassing you.
  12. Pamela Galli wrote: The polite thing is always to list whatever it is you have tried, so people do not have to play 20 Questions to eliminate options. Rule of thumb: respect people's time. And if possible, explain where you found the image. If it's from a blog, someone here might know the author. If you took it yourself but the location has gone, someone might remember something about it. A Google image search didn't help me, but presumably you have an idea where it came from?
  13. ℜαυ# ℜυ.ℬlσσdℜσ#e# Ƿσ#ηƬє Ðυ#αc The characters I replaced with a # do not appear to be supported by SL when I copy and paste your name into chat. It looks like the system truncated your name when it found an unsupported character. Generally I do the same when I see a name I can't parse, unless it's part of the language the name is derived from (then I copy and paste it, if I need to use it).
  14. agentronin wrote: This hair is not visible. Inventory shows it is hair that is worn, but does not say where. It remains worn when other hair is worn on the skull. Although it is not visible I want it gone because I do not need it, and it was not there before. I checked in my Library. It is 'system hair', which is now often referred to as a 'bald cap' or 'eyebrow shaper'. All avatars wear one and only one at all times*. Once they were used to deform your avatar's head into a lumpy, unrealistic hairstyle. They still function as a way to tweak the position and expression of your eyebrows. It's not worn on the skull, or any other attachment point - it's just worn. What people normally refer to as hair is a prim, mesh or sculpted attachment worn on the skull. This is not the same thing as system hair. Wearing a hair attachment will not replace system hair. Here's another avatar from the library to show the difference:  The 'Musician Male' has attachment hair (shown by an orange cube) and system hair (shown by a vaguely head-shaped icon). The 'Professional Man' only has system hair. As Alwin said, you can't remove it, only replace it. Before you wore the 'Professional Man Hair' you would have been wearing a different piece of system hair, even if you didn't realise it. Somewhere in your inventory you will have the system hair you were wearing before. If it matters to you that much, you'll have to work out which it was and wear it. * Your avatar must also have exactly one skin (the half light, half dark head and torso icon), one shape (the icon that looks like two figures side-by-side) and one set of eyes (icon looks like an eye). If any of these are missing your avatar will usually show up as a cloud. I've had a glitch where inventory has shown me to be wearing two shapes at the same time, but it should only be one of each.
  15. Find an area with ban-lines and trampoline on the 'roof'. Put on a freebie fashion show with friends.
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