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  1. Medhue Simoni wrote: Just a thought, but what if, the morphs were stored locally within each person's viewer. So, a person sees a morph that they like, and they buy it from the marketplace. It gets stored locally, so that when you go to edit your avatar, all your morphs are there. You adjust your avatar, and when you are done, you BAKE it. The baking process would essentially create a brand new mesh, that get's traded amongst the veiwers. I personally would really like it if we could have 2 baked meshes, so that people could actually morph into things, like a werewolf. The problem with th
  2. You ask the question and provide the answer yourself, I'll repeat it for you: RosetteYoung wrote: Please contact Second Life Support if you see this error more than once." https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-contact-customer-support/ta-p/739385
  3. When I set my graphics to low, my mesh avatar turns white as well. I'm pretty sure turning on the basic shaders in the advanced graphics settings (or moving the slider one notch to low-mid) will fix this issue.
  4. Medhue Simoni wrote: Now, my technical knowledge falls off from here, but I've heard that morphs, or blend shapes would add a significant amount of data that would need to be shared amongst everyone. Who knows, there might be a good way to handle that. All I'm saying is, that there are many new and different ways that default avatar could work. I wouldn't know how the coding looks behind the process, but morphs are a bit like prims. Instead of having to send the exact position of each vertex (like in a mesh) or each vertex weight (like in a rig) you share a number of very tiny things o
  5. Perrie Juran wrote: CHUI is the ultimate proof of this. The fact that CHUI almost went live with out a chat bar and that we had to explain to them why the Chat Bar was needed was proof enough. What's a chat bar?!
  6. I had a passively cooled card on my previous computer. I can tell you that card didn't last long. Nor did its successor (the same card) do very well, with temps shooting from ambient to over 80°C in seconds. I fixed that by placing a case fan right on top the card. I'd never go with passive cooling again. If you want to be fancy, water cooling is less noisy. If you can get the airflow in the case right (preferrably one "duct" dedicated to your GPU), a passively cooled card with some big low speed case fans might work as well.
  7. Medhue Simoni wrote: I'm also pretty sure there is a way to see the physics shape in SL. I'm pretty positive, as I've done it before. It's in the Develop menu -> Render Metadata -> Physics shapes
  8. Gaia Clary wrote: However i am not sure why someone would want to do that. Apparently because the OP prefers a single attachment over two seperate ones, that way you can save an attachment point and possibly a (very small) script. Personally I'd go with unrigged mesh as well for editability. I wonder if rigged mesh (done this way) has a negative impact on performance, compared to unrigged mesh.
  9. The OP doesn't want the shoes to deform at all, transferring the weights will certainly not accomplish this. Since you're here, maybe you could tell how to set all the verts to 1.0 in Blender...
  10. britnibritt wrote: I'm not sure why the 3D programs I'm using matter because I need understanding on what to do afterwards. But Im using Maya and Zbrush. Where can I find the collision skeleton at? This includes looking around and smiling? That's exactly why I asked. Your issues go a bit further than the "after" part, that much was clear earlier. Cathy Foil made Mayafit. I'm sure she'll visit and point you in the right direction. I use Mudbox instead of zBrush and would strongly advice only to use it for creating high poly models for normal map projection. The rigs I saw from SL didn
  11. ChinRey wrote: If so, physics shape none sholdn't cause any increrase in land impact - it might actually reduce the LI. (Better test it in sandbox first to be absolutely sure though.) You can see what the effect will be for "prim" shaped physical objects according to the new calculation in advance. Just edit the object you want to change, then click "more info". The highest of the three numbers will be the new landimpact after the change. Setting any prim to "convex hull" or "none" can only lower that number. If you want to fool around with different setups, a sandbox is the place to go
  12. First of all it would be very helpful if you could post what kind of software you are using. britnibritt wrote: I've seen a lot of the how-to's but I still don't understand what they're talking about. What don't you understand before we all repeat exactly what you don't understand? You need a special SL to upload meshes? As far as I know you can upload in any viewer. You need to export your model as DAE file, then in SL you can upload a "model" in the "build" menu. This will open the import screen. What about the physic animations? Are they lost? If you rig to the skeleton bones,
  13. If there are no weights, there is no rigging. It's as simpe as that. If you want the rigged shoes to keep their shape while the avatar is animated, you need to make sure every single vertice in the shoe has the same weight. So the weights for the left shoe will be 1.0 to the left foot bone, the weights for the right shoe will be 1.0 to the right foot bone. How to do that in Blender I don't know, I use another program.
  14. You didn't mention if you created fitted mesh or "normal" rigged mesh. Not that either is going to give you a perfect match.... Rigged mesh won't change with all the SL sliders, fitted mesh won't move the same as the body does when moving the sliders. So if you don't use a mesh body (which will deform exactly like your clothing with both shape changes and animations) it's impossible to make a perfect match. Just get it as good as you can get it, then use an alpha mask if needed. If you want to build for one specific shape you can use normal rigged mesh and match the skin weights.
  15. I don't know all mesh bodies, but as far as I know, the majority will offer what are called "appliers". So contact the creators of the mesh bodies you are interested in for the possibilities. When you have a development kit or whatever they offer for adding to their bodies, you can use the SL template as a base for your tattoos. The mesh bodies I know have the same texture layout as the default avatar, so you absolutely do not have to build any mesh yourself. That also means they suffer from the same flaw, having mirrored arms. If you want to have unique left and right arms, you do need to bu
  16. love this comment from a daily mail article: The Portlander concluded with a bit of sage advice: "So, if you find some dildos in the street. Don't use them."
  17. I have a question about performance versus creative tools/opportunity. (especially for the new platform) It worries me that the new platform will require the users to have a more powerful system. While we can all see the minimum requirements for Second Life, more or less an off the shelf office computer from 2005, we all know you need a superior system to that to have a pleasant if not bearable experience. Brand new high end computers struggle with SL how it is in many places. I love the ability to be able to build whatever we want, but my obvious concerns when mesh was introduced, as well a
  18. ChinRey wrote: What do you mean with "higher settings"? The high or the ultra in the graphics prefs? A normal map that looks sharp and clear in high graphics settings will often be barely noticeable at all with ultra high graphics since it's drowned in the shadow effects. I think you misunderstood what I said. By "lower" I mean anything without normal maps (up to "mid"), with "higher" I mean every setting showing normal maps. So as an example, to show bricks, I'd use a very small diffuse texture on a flat plane, seperating the brick from the mortar. With the normal map not only would I
  19. ChinRey wrote: Don't use normal maps to add details, only to emphasize ones that exist in the mesh or the texture I can't agree with that rule. Low graphics mean you don't get all the fancy stuff, in exchange for better performance. Adding all the detail in the geometry means lag. Adding all the detail in a texture can look bad on ultra settings, especially baked in specular details (and probably needs a larger texture, again creating lag). I'd say if a build looks acceptable on lower settings and great on higher settings, it's a success.
  20. Xylphae wrote: Also, no worries about the warning of selling products with a student version. I didn't mention anywhere about selling this product.. just making it and placing it in SL to use for my self . That really doesn't change anything since you agreed to the following part in the Terms of Service: Except as otherwise described in any Additional Terms (such as a contest’s official rules) which will govern the submission of your User Content, you hereby grant to Linden Lab, and you agree to grant to Linden Lab, the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldw
  21. I won't be of much help, since I don't use Maya. However, I do use Autodesk products and I know second hand (luckily not first!) that they actively search and are not afraid to write you a hefty bill for using illegal or student software. I'm not talking about hundreds or even a couple of thousand dollars, I mean tens of thousands. So my advice would be to stop using your student version for SL or at least, so you'll be somewhat safer, to remove or adjust your picture. (This is assuming you don't have explicit permission from Autodesk to use your version for educational purposes in SL.) N
  22. I think that was me who said "go find out yourself", although in my recollection I didn't put it that bluntly. When Windows 10 is released I will upgrade my Design Suite to 2016, so in a month or so I will be able to let you know whether 3ds Max 2016 will export the correct dae files or if it will work with an older Collada exporter.
  23. It doesn't matter if I put quotation marks around it or whether you sell it or not. As I clearly said, You are simply not allowed to upload the model without having explicit permission, given by the copyrightholder.
  24. Thelindra wrote: Now I know. And now you don't. See this old thread Or this more recent article
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