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  1. If you abandon your Linden house, you can go and find any available 512 sqm place you like on the mainland, free of tiers. You'll have to buy the land, but that is rather cheap nowadays. You'll also have to build a house yourself. Well, or you could place a tent, palace, shack, bunker, treehouse.... anything you want.
  2. Darkwingz99 wrote: The first link on the mainpage is the marketplace. It doesn't really look at all like a free to play model. Eh wait... you mean THIS mainpage?  EDIT... If you want to build for free, search (ctrl-F ingame) for "sandbox". That will limit you to the inworld building tools since uploading things costs a couple of cents. Free textures you can find in the library part of your inventory. If you want a real free try of SL building, try the beta grid. You can upload and build anything you like over there and it won't cost you a penny. Of course the "experience" there is
  3. It's "all the young dudes", performed by Mott the Hoople and David Bowie at the Freddy Mercury tribute concert at Wembley stadium. Maybe this one works...
  4. ChinRey wrote: If we couldn't study and learn from what they did, we'd be just stuck reinventing the wheel over and over again. Although I agree with your post in general, this is just not true. First of all, LL reinvented the wheel themselves with their building tools; mesh is a lot older than Second Life. More importantly, a lot of people who are used to SL and not to mesh modeling are very limited in their way of building, trying to "prim build" in a 3d program, something that makes no sense at all from any perspective. If you want to move forward in SL building, the last thing you wa
  5. Touche..maybe the Mona Lisa isn't the best example. but Adding doesn't necessary mean changing. So, as long as no damage was done to the underlying layers, which I seriously doubt, no changes to the original were made, only additions. If one was to remove that awful smirk and paint a real smile, we'd have a true change. (which can't be undone).
  6. I deal with history and authenticity in RL quite a lot. We can't compare RL to SL though, even if the same sentiments are shared between the two towards authentic history. If one wants to change the Mona Lisa as mentioned, the original is gone, probably forever. In a virtual world this is not the case, the original (assuming it remains on the LL servers) will always be the original. (BTW how original is an SL build anyway if there are multiple copies around?) To be short, you keep authentic objects unchanged as long as they serve their purpose. If that purpose is showing a true old SL build,
  7. Nalates Urriah wrote: Also, the import format for SL is Collada. That measn you'll need AutoDesk's FBX converter. You can use autodesk's DAE exporter without a problem in 3ds Max 2013. As far as I know this will work for 2016 too. ...and be aware that things are changing. Project Bento is changing the basic avatar. You can see what is happen with that project by attanding the User Group meeting in SL. See Bento. I can't imagine Bento will break or change anything for clothes meant for either the default avatar or current mesh bodies available today. Think of the four years of broken
  8. When an object moves out of view, it is still selected. If you press ctrl-Z (for undo) the object will pop back into its previous position. Just make sure you don't click on anything else, which will deselect your lost object. You might have to deselect the "limit select distance", not 100% sure about that. Naming your objects in advance will help you find back your object with the techniques already mentioned. It might feel a bit annoying, but it's really 3D modelling basics to do so.
  9. First I thought you didn't, wrote the post, then I thought you did and pulled the post, then I again thought you didn't and reposted...but apparently you did
  10. ChinRey wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: So there is nothing extraordinary happening here, that hasn't happen in 2010, 2008 or before. Actually there is. You should have said 2011 and you'de be right. Because 2011 was the year SL's decline began and it's been shrinking at a fairly steady rate of about 100 sims a month since then. So if you've been away for eight months, you come back to a grid with about 800 fewer sims and that's noticeable, very noticeable. Going by user concurrency, 2008 is the year. The SL grid size graph is a bit biased for the simple reason the sims before 2009 or so w
  11. As far as I can see you didn't use the wing bones for the manes... that would look nice I bet
  12.  As you can see pop tarts do react. Not so sure if they'd be this layed back if you ate one of them. Then again, this one seems to be quite content. 
  13. Syo Emerald wrote But you know, after all the whole food industry tries to cheat on you. WHAT!? Are you trying to say cherry, strawberry or banana tasting foods are actually syntheticly flavoured? Outragious! (btw that banana stuff is really disgusting )
  14. I was just kidding, never mind my odd humour. But... The picture of the vanilla sugar is also from Walmart, so Karen shouldn't have any problems finding it.
  15. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Oh my, I've never seen this product on the shelves here in California. I must try it.! Yet Walmart sells this.... 
  16. Spica Inventor wrote: Constant price pumping by LL, particularly in regards to land costs has kept tons of 'marbles' (read customers) out of the game. As far as I can find, the land fees haven't changed for the past decade at $295 a month for islands and $195 for mainland sims. The setup fees have come down quite a bit even. The setup fee for an island in 2007 was $1675, now it is $600. How is that price pumping? Price pumping to me means increasing the price constantly. Do you just mean land is expensive?
  17. What Alwin said, for the regular viewer it's C - Users - [username] - AppData - Roaming - SecondLife - Giha Salmson IM converstations are stored in a .txt file with the name of the person (for example Kwakkelde Kwak.txt), open chat is stored in the chat.txt file.
  18. If by "mesh items" you mean textures for mesh items, sure you can. Plenty of people here use Gimp to make textures, myself included. Adobe's CS is obviously more sophisticated than that, even one that's a couple of years old.
  19. I'm not sure if it is the only time when that error message pops up, but the only times I encounter the issue is when one of the lower LoD models has a different amount of materials than the highest LoD. I'd search for the problem in that area. Is it possible that you have used either several textures/UV's/materials or that you have a very high poly mesh? You can use bone translations in your model, you need to check the "include skin weight" and "include joint positions" boxes. Since you didn't check those, the avatar you built conforms to the standard skeleton. If you can't, something is wr
  20. The mix between single and repeated textures is quite common in SL. I repeat or tile when I can and don't when I can't, so I mix all the time. What would be great (and what is used in most games I suspect) is a blend map. With those you can add tons of variety using tiled textures. On the other hand, given the way a lot of SL creators use their textures (as many large textures as possible), I'm glad we don't have that option. Maybe in the future?
  21. If I understand your question correctly..this video might help you. Using repeats is always "better", your pixel density will increase without using more memory. For the best results using a single repeat (or no repeats really), make sure you use as much of the UV map as possible. If you're not sure if this might be an issue inyour case, you could post your current UV layout. Questions don't sound stupid, well not often anyway The only dumb question is a question not asked they say...
  22. Sure you can use multiple textures on mesh, up to 8 per object.... but it would help if you could post what kind of 3d program you use, so the people using that can respond. edit..oh you already did so...duh! I'm sure some Maya user can tell you how to set up different materials for your objects...
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