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  1. I think I do, SL is a true pain when the letters are too small. Anyway, you're welcome!
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but if you want to see which object was added to your inventory, you should open your inventory and click the "new" tab near the top. That will show you all the items you received since you last logged on.
  3. In addition to the suggestons already posted, I'd like to add one more. You said your house is larger than the previous one. This is also a long shot, but it's possible that your house is on your neighbour's land, or at least partially. If they have an autoreturn, or if your neighbour frantically checks for encroachment, that could explain the behaviour. You should be able to see if this is the case either by the mesage when your house is returned or by finding the border of your parcel and checking if your house is over it. My money would be on the rental group though.
  4. Kitsune Shan wrote: I think comunication its very important here. Just in the same way as they ask us to understand why translations is so important, they have to correspond us and tell us why translations could be a bad idea otherwise none of us will understand each other. Guessing problems, whatever may be an issue can surely be avoided or minimized. Not everything have to be "translations yes or not". We could also add them to certain bones only or maybe to a certain degree and limits to avoid those possible problems. I still think that the best idea is to give users freedom about i
  5. Exactly, I understand the limits of only being able to rotate. I don't know the limits of the SL avatar regarding that. Some collision bones for example move with the morph/blend shape sliders. Current anim files are able to move bones if I'm not mistaken. So it's technically possible. LL must have their reasons to disable those animations, no idea which ones exactly, but it looks like a very deliberate change. My question was about the rig you plan to make in Blender. How would it differ, or maybe better stated, how could it differ from the one provided by LL if you want to use it for SL?
  6. Maybe it's just late, maybe I am missing something. First you said you'd need translatable bones for such a rig (excluding the shiny extras). In a rig like bento, what would have to be added? You pick up a bone and move it around. That can be done by hand, modifier or script. Without being able to translate the bones, wouldn't you just need a very short IK chain? Then you can again move around the end, be it in a limited manner. The art or hard work or combination of those two would be the skinning if you ask me and that will have to be done for every unique figure. So, back to "I am missi
  7. What you describe sounds very workable, if you don't mind the bigger amount of textures. One concern I have though, wouldn't there be very visible texture bleeding? especially if it's a bright floor with occlusion (very dark) on one end and no occlusion (very light) on the other? Depends on the diffuse texture type (tiles/wood/carpet) and lightness I suppose. (The tiling/rotating I described above has the same risk of course)
  8. So what was your point then? What can be done in a seperate dedicated 3d application? I thought you tried to give an example of what could be possible in SL with some minor additions. If you ask me, you're comparing apples and oranges, or apples and pears as we say over here.
  9. Qie Niangao wrote: Folks are taking this thing awfully seriously, compared to its real prospects of ever getting out of alpha.) So how many days to april? then we can close this chapter once and for all.
  10. Tenly wrote: also I have vision problem so would like a software program that lets me increase the size of text. way too many applications, including SL viewer fail to allow adjustment of font sizes for sight impaired. You should be able to change the user interface size of SL in your properties. Hit ctrl-P, go to the advanced tab and move the slider to the right. Works for me on a 4k screen, using windows 7.
  11. Wanders Nowhere wrote: However, if bone translations are locked/blocked, it will instead destroy my business and force me to leave Second Life, because I can't exactly make a 40-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex with the skeleton of a tiny winged human unless I can do some serious modification of the position, size and length of the bones. I think you misunderstood the bone translation issue. You can still upload avatar models with translated bones in the rig, you just can't translate them (anymore) by animating them. So unless you used special animations, you'll still be able to upload you
  12. Cathy Foil wrote: Don't get me wrong I don't have warm cuddly feelings towards them if they exist and would hope if they liked my work would eventually end up buying a copy. Actually that's how Autodesk operates too. If I'm not mistaken, they will give you a 100% discount on the software that was illegally used along with the fine . Hope you are having a very happy new year. So far so good!
  13. It might be missing language/character packs. From the firestorm website: Missing Characters If some characters now display as boxes, you will need to reinstall Windows language packs. Some of the more common language packs are Chinese, Japanese and Korean, though if you installed those and still see boxes, you will want to ask the person using those characters to tell you what language they are so that you can install the appropriate language pack. Log out of Firestorm. Go to the Windows Start menu and choose Settings. In the window that opens, click in the search field at the top righ
  14. I don't have a definitive answer, but you asked for any insights... Anyone can try to sue anyone for anything, so there's always the risk of that. More relevant might be the fact that if someone claims to have IP rights on the things in your pictures, they can have LL take down your items. There's nothing you or LL can do about that. You can file a counter-notification, but that means you will have to send a signed letter with your personal information. You can read about the DMCA policy here. The Second life TOS say the following: 2.5 You also grant Linden Lab and other users of the Servic
  15. Right click your desktop, left click the third button from the bottom, you will get a personal recommendation. As a bonus you can select your orientation for the next year.
  16. ChinRey wrote: A third alternative is to study some works of some of the real texturing masters and see how they manage to create low lag wonders using just a handful of relatively low resolution textures. Just split up the area to texture into bits that have reusable textures. That means tiling and rotating and mirroring small textures that will seamlessly connect in various directions and between various unique textures. (mirroring normal maps in SL won't work, so be aware of that) It's more or less what I suggested at first, so it means baked in textures will be nearly impossible,
  17. I think you're asking the wrong question. You can tile your texture in SL. That of course means you can't bake in your shadows, unless your floor is symmetrical. If you want your shadows, occlusion, dirt etc baked in, I'd suggest tiling your diffuse texture so it stays sharp, then use an extra plane, sligtly above it, with the baked in effects. Those effects usually don't need a lot of detail.
  18. As far as I know there are no debug camera settings for mouselook. If there are, they must be rather new settings. What you can do is change the camera zoom (Ctrl-8, Ctrl-9 and Ctrl-0), or you can go into your preferences (Ctrl-P) and turn off "Show avatar in Mouselook". Of course the latter can only be used if you don't use a mesh head.
  19. Wow, what an opinionated post. Cathy Foil wrote: I lived long enough and am too old to worry about the small stuff anymore. I have learned long ago that worrying about something that the chances of happening are so minute that worrying about it will paralyze you from doing anything. I don't see how that applies here. I am not suggesting to stay indoors because you could get hit by a car or by lightning. ___ The entire part about the cell phone...I can tell you I do not connect to any WiFi networks automatically. On top of that, your (US?) law doesn't apply everywhere. In Germany for e
  20. Medhue Simoni wrote: Here is a little inspiration for you guys at the Lab. We could totally have rigs like this for our SL characters if LL gave us the translation feature. I'm pretty sure I posted that video a long time ago Too bad their homepage is non responsive and their social media seems to have stopped well over a year ago as well. The setup looks quite a bit more complicated than just some translatable bones in a rig, so I don't think we can totally have rigs like this in SL, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately... we do not want "creepy", do we? (I think I posted this one
  21. So partially based on the chances of getting caught, your advice is to break the rules? I agree the chances are slim, but the chance is real and the penalty is huge, especially for a student. (Think tens of thousands of US dollars) My advice would be to contact Autodesk before using an educational licenced version of Maya/3ds Max/Mudbox etc. to build content for SL. Explain what your educational goals are and how SL fits into the picture, make clear you will not sell the items and explain the LL TOS. Of course that puts you on the radar, but it will eliminate any unknowns completely. Autodes
  22. Cathy Foil wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: I take it that means you have an educational licence.... That means you are not allowed to use your copy of Maya for SL. I am not sure you have that quite right Kwakkelde. From what I understand you can not sell things for money with educational licence for Maya. So as long as you don't sell the things you upload to SL Autodesk doesn't prohibit this. I'm not a lawyer but to me the SL TOS seems pretty clear. Except as otherwise described in any Additional Terms (such as a contest’s official rules) which will govern the submission of your User C
  23. EBM5555 wrote: I feel kinda lucky to have the program to play with for free, and I will have it for free for the next few years. I am am looking into courses at my college but running into trouble. I take it that means you have an educational licence.... That means you are not allowed to use your copy of Maya for SL. Anyway, as far as getting started with Maya, if I'm not mistaken, it has excellent "in-app" tutorials. (Autodesk has them for/in 3ds Max) Just follow them from the start. I have no experience with online courses, but my experience is that using a tutorial book helped me
  24. I understand this is a rather old question, but if you're still around..... It doesn't restart, it eases out. Nothing is wrong in Poser, just loop the last part of the animation; check loop and set the in% near the end of your animation.
  25. Eggy Lippmann wrote: LL / SL died three CEOs ago. When did Ruth die? Anyway, YOU survived! (and so did your 8000 posts I think, in the archives)
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