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  1. I also haven't been able to log in for the whole day. It'd be great to know if it's gonna be down for the whole weekend or not..
  2. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: If you want your shadows, occlusion, dirt etc baked in, I'd suggest tiling your diffuse texture so it stays sharp, then use an extra plane, sligtly above it, with the baked in effects. Those effects usually don't need a lot of detail. Thanks for your response! I've thought about that, but it would really work only for a few selected surfaces that are also flat. I'm sticking with playing around with the UVs for now, I start getting a hang of it I believe. @ChinRey: "those fake looking static baked shadows that are so fashionable these days"... TBH the last time I bought an item without occlusion baked onto it was @Xstreet SL
  3. Hi, I have a floor, for example, and option 1 is to UV-Unwrap it once, assign the floor texture and bake it. Now if the floor is bigger then the texture becomes very blurry. Therefore option 2 is to select multiple pieces of the floor and assign a differnet material with the same texture to each of them. Now either UV unwrap each part separtately and fill the UV-space with each of them, or UV unwrap only once, slice the UV parts and fill the UV space with them. My problem with option 2 now is that this is very tedious to also make sure that also the relative texture size of the pieces is the same. Is there any best practice of increasing the texture quality of a larger mesh by assigning multiple texture files to it?
  4. UPDATE: I've got a simple Chat Client working by now, what I haven't achieved yet is the following: - Receiving all avatar's offline friends (I get the OnlineNotification and OfflineNotification but that doesn't cover offline friends who aren't logging in) - Downloading a texture (I get an AvatarPropertiesReplyPacket, extract the ImageID and send a RequestImagePacket. But I don't get any response) Is there anyone who might want to give me an advice? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes I'm using the OpenMetaverse.sln trying to understand the login process but I cannot find any documented references about what to do after sending the circuitcode, all I can do is run the openmetaverse code and try to guess why it's doing things which is not really easy for me..
  5. Hello, I'm trying to write a Client from the scratch, and so far, using different kinds of googled information, I made the following very few steps: 1. I authenticated towards the Login server with an XMLRPC message 2. I sent the received CircuitCode and established a UDP socket connection Actually it's what http://justincc.org/blog/2011/05/26/opensimulators-login-process-and-common-login-problems/ shows. Problem is that I don't know what to do next. I listed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 12th UDP packet that I received from the SIM after sending a UDP packet with the circuit code. I've read that there's a sequence number, and apparently there are bytes 5 to 9 incrementing. Reading http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Packet_Layout on the other hand, I believe it says that the sequence number is suspposed to be byte 1 to 4, which doesn't make sense to me. Could someone please explain to me how I have to read the UDP responses, and give me a hint what to do next?
  6. Hello, according to my knowledge Linden Lab has been hosting part of the sims at Amazon in Washington, aside of those hosed in Texas. Tracert taken from 3 years ago, I'm from Europe: ---------------- 11 111 ms 114 ms 107 ms LINDEN-RESE.edge1.Washington12.Level3.net [] 12 102 ms 111 ms 106 ms sw-core0-81.dca.lindenlab.com [] 13 148 ms 100 ms 104 ms sim20595.agni.lindenlab.com [] -------------- My ping was around 120ms on those sims. Nowadays I noticed that those 120ms sims have gone, or do I just not find them? Instead I found several sims that are located in San Francisco.. where I didn't see any sims 3 years ago. I'm not overly fond of seeing sims move west. I mean, if I were using a text client I wouldn't mind a ping increase by 1/3 :smileyindifferent: Does anyone know?
  7. Thank you a lot for the very detailed explanations :matte-motes-smile:
  8. Hiya, I'm trying to rigg pants but I've got the problem that the waist area of the pants shifts when hips are moved, and trying to resolve it doesn't work: I smooth bind the pants to the skeleton, then select the waist area of the pants and set it in weight painting mode at hips left and hips right to 0. This way it looks definitely better but the upper back of the pants is somewhat distorted when standing still already. Do I need to paint something else? Thanks in advance! Edit: Oh and I've got another question: does someone know what to do with the "Avatar Weights Source" that comes as a layer in the standard sizing package? Edit: Oh dang I think I got it, I copied the source to my pants and it seems to work now without manually painting even!
  9. Oh okay I didn't know that, so far I was of the opinion that I'd save vertices if I don't apply a subdiv and it's just a matter of configuration settings. Thanks for your help
  10. Hiya, I've got the following problem: Usually I press 3, see my non rigged mesh with soft edges in Maya, export it into SL and it's displayed correctly with soft edges. I tried the same with a rigged mesh, but already in the SL preview window, the Mesh has got no soft edges anymore: The preview of the correctly working non rigged version, it's a simple cube with 2 extrusions. Below the preview after having bound it to skin. Suddenly it's back to hard edges. The way I'm binding my mesh to the skin: Has someone got an idea of what I might be doing wrong?
  11. Hello, I am curious which skin creators actually are capable of making seamless skins. Currently I'm wearing a Glam Affair skin, which has a noticable seam between upper/lower layer (while I do think that GA skins are the best skins regarding naturally looking details - by far). Today I stood next to someone who was wearing an absolutely seamless skin. It wasn't a matter of lightning, so it got me curious. I have looked through a lot of skins during the past days. I also almost fell in love with a YS&YS skin, up to the point when I noticed that there is not only a seam between upper/lower layer but the lower layer also starts blurry. One of the most recent skins. Is it really this tough for "pros" to evade such flaws? Which skin brands are actually seamless?
  12. Chosen Few wrote: Can you show a picture of what's happening in both Maya and SL, so we can get an idea of what's going wrong? I do have to say your UV map is about the most biazzare one I've ever seen for a sphere. Is there some reason you want it to be that way? I created the sphere only for testing purposes, to get to know the process of exporting and uploading. The problem was simply, using the fbx-plugin, that the textures on the sphere, in SL, looked weird on the mesh, like shifted, repeated, rotated, everyhting, as if the uv map got corrupted. This problem is solved with the opencollada-plugin, I did everything the same way but exported with this other plugin (same uv map too), and the textures applied in SL are 100% correct now.
  13. [Update 3: I eventually made it. But it only worked with the Opencollada-Plugin from http://www.opencollada.org/download.html for Maya.] Hello, I've got the problem that, after uploading a mesh into SL and applying textures to it, the textures look as if a different uv-map was used. Here is what I did: Created Polygon SphereAssigned 2 materials to 2 different face-areas on the mesh. Everything looks fine in Maya.Exported mesh as .daeBaked textures (light and color)Uploaded mesh and both .tga files into SL.Applied textures to both face-areas. I use the 2011 3_1_3 fbx plugin. Did I forget a step in Maya? Edit: During my various attempts I made it 1(!) time to upload the mesh incl. textures correctly. I don't know what I did differently, when I wanted to repeat it, it messed up the textures again. I think I assigned different materials. But: In SL I can use the textures coming with any messed up mesh and put them on the correctly working mesh, the textures look about the same. But I cannot take the textures from the correctly working mesh and put them on the screwed mesh, it stays screwed. Update 2: If I follow the mentioned steps without baking textures, it works (but looking at the uv-map, both textures cover the whole uv quadrant space). I can uploaded the textured mesh. But as soon as I bake, it breaks. And if I create a uv via autom. mapping, so there's nothing overlapping, it looks very fine in maya, the textures fit into the uv layout after baking, but it is messed up in SL. This is the uv map:
  14. Hiya.. I've got the problem that I want to re-position the little toolbar showing group chat and notifications (the tiny horizontal toolbar, not the actual IM list container) and it's not working fully out yet. What I've found out so far is that you can move the bar by making following changes in the panel_toolbar_view.xml: Where it says "chiclet_container" (used if the debug setting "ShowGroupNoticesTopRight" is true) or "chiclet_container_bottom" (used if the debug setting is false), you can change the "bottom" value to move the bar up/down, and add a new property "left" to move the bar left/right (the left-value should be negative, or it'll be shifted to the right out of the screen). So that way I can place the Group Chat/Notifications bar where I want it, but.. when there are new IMs, they will add to the left side of the bar, and I guess will eventually move out of the screen. So my question is, how can I change the direction of new IMs to the right? Update: Anyway roblem solved, got the IMs now at the bottom center, and new icons popping up from left to right.
  15. Hello, thanks for your reply. With "themed" I was rather referring to a pre-build environment. Something like the Beacon Hotel, if anyone remembers it.
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