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  1. @Whirly Fizzle After a complete reinstall of my entire system (unrelated to the double click issue) I came to realize that the SL problem was an application that came with my new Samsung monitor - Easy Setting Box https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/solutions/monitor-solution/easy-setting-box .... Once that is not running my double click in SL is back. Odd, it did not affect any other applications that I am aware of but i definitely do NOT recommend it for use with SL!
  2. @Whirly Fizzle I only get that weird cursor over the radar map - i thought i was getting it all the time but it just happened that i had that up under the blue menus so the cursor was flashing with that as i changed menus. Without map there no strange cursor. So, guess that isnt it. This is a very unhappy situation for me. I sure wish I knew why it fixed itself, however briefly, and how i do that again!
  3. One thing i have noticed that while clicking around in sl into popup menus and whatnot, my cursor doesnt look right, it is a white Plus sign looking cursor that has a round ring with a solid gray background behind it... Perhaps sl is using some sort of precision mouse or something that I didnt choose? Hmmm or maybe that is only over the radar map. grasping for some explanation here.
  4. @Alyona Suwhen it first happened it was all of windows - but once i went in and adjusted the doubleclick speed it was fine for everything except SL/FS. I usually use Firestorm but tried the LL viewer too, same issue in both. The weird thing was it started working last night out of the blue, and then the windows update killed it again. @Whirly Fizzle I tried administrator now and sadly that isn't helping (in FS atm). I even completely uninstalled all SL and Firestorm stuff I could find and reinstalled FS fresh just now, still no change. @KT Kingsleythe mouse is fine (that was the first thing i checked), i have tried different mice, including my husband's which i know is working find on his computer. Both of my mice are the same maker, so I tried husbands which uses different software and it still had no double click in SL. An odd thing, if i am uploading files and SL opens an explorer window, double click is fine, but I am assuming that that is due to that module being a windows thing and not an SL thing. Any other ideas?
  5. Hi all, after a windows update a few weeks back I noticed that I was suddenly no longer able to double click in SL. I do not mean just to teleport but to open files in inventory or anything. I went through all the settings, reinstalled mouse drivers and a dozen other things suggested around the internet, nada. Last night suddenly it worked, and I had not changed *anything* that I am aware of. I was ecstatic. Then windows decided to update itself overnight and I am right back to double clickless again. I just tried the uninstalling of the drivers, of the LL viewer, and Firestorm (had same issue in both) and reinstalling. STILL no double click. This makes using SL a real pain. You don't know what you have until its gone, lol. Is anyone else experiencing this double click problem? Is there some fix I didn't come across? Why would it suddenly start working again out of the blue? The why it broke again must be related to the MS update. Suggestions?
  6. They should roll the page back until such time as they can get to making more useful changes to it. JMHO.
  7. @Grumpity Linden I see that your intentions were good, and it is good to see you all trying to please your users! *thumbsup* That said, as someone who has been using that existing transaction page for over a dozen years it was an unwelcome change. Granted *most* SL denizens are probably not merchants and don't have a boatload of transactions showing... but for those of who are, and who do this change hard! I would like to propose that you change the page in the following way to best suit the largest number of users of the transactions page. 1) Return to the default of "today's" transactions. Add quick filter links for Today, Past 7 days, Past month, Past 3 months. ...........it would be really awesome if these links were static URLS that we could bookmark that would always just set the date range for us click free - always to the correct date range. 2) To appease those without daily transactions to see - rather than an empty page (which is disconcerting for some I am sure), include a small table showing current linden balance and a note that they can do a quick filter to see older transactions. If you were really feeling fancy you could simply show the last transaction they have on record so they can see how far they need to go back to see anything. That second one would make the page less confusing if there are no transactions to show. There are far fewer people checking their daily transactions that do not have any, than there are of us who peer in to see how our shops are doing today on a more regular basis. I hope you will consider this arrangement. Anybody else agreeing with this sort of setup? ----------------------------- EDITED TO ADD: Sorry I had not seen your screen shot with the quick filter links (not sure how i missed it) - I would suggest that you put the quick links *above* the csv/xls download buttons rather than underneath as shown. It seems more logical to me that way around.
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fascination/137/128/21 L$ 7699 a week with full estate rights. Land price is first month's rent L$ 30796 - plus one week free (five weeks for the price of four). After that rent can be paid weekly or monthly. Need help setting up, getting the land textures and terraforming sorted out? I can help with that, included in price.
  9. Hi all, I understand that it is possible to increase the prim count for a region by paying an additional monthly fee. My question is this, do we get any server increase with this to help offset additional scripts and whatnot? Or is it just the exact same server configuration with just more prims? Is there any increase to the robustness of the sim when you pay to have this increase or am I just borrowing more lag for everyone if I do it? Anyone know?
  10. Hi again, thanks for the replies. I am exporting OpenGL, I am exporting only Diffuse, Specular & Normal maps and I am not trying to bake "shadows" per se. What i have been trying to do is make a proper bumpy looking leather texture. To do that, the little specular highlights need to be baked onto the difuse, otherwise in sl if someone doesnt have their advanced lighting on the texture just looks like crap. @Dassni, I sent you an IM in world, thanks. @Cube Republic I am not sure how to do this, could you please explain?
  11. Hi all! I have Alegorithmic's Substance Painter application and it is so great for getting great looking items... that is until I TRY to get the darned things into SL - then FAIL. The app has a "baked light" filter that gets some detail on but you really don't get that fully baked thing going on. I have been banging my head against this for weeks trying to find SOME way to get these great textures OUT of SP and into SL. Has anyone found a way - that does not require the use of Blender - to get the textures rendered out looking anything like the originals? I am a Maya user. This is so @#$ frustrating I am ready to go back to Photoshop and give up on rendered textures. Anybody have a Maya-Substance Painter-??fill in the blank??-Second Life workflow that doesn't require gyrations, hair pulling, and the burning of rubber chickens?
  12. I have to say I disagree that this is bad. Yes it is a bit self serving for LL, it ties us in to our sims beyond the six month time horizon when sansar will go into beta. Frankly, that doesn't bother me one bit. I have a sim for business and one for a large long running club. I have been pondering how on earth I would afford to have my stuff in both places. I have no intention of just releasing my sims the moment sansar opens because, personally, I feel that there will be a rush of people over there, but I KNOW intuitively that a goodly portion (maybe even a majority) will NOT be giving up their SL that fast. Their inventories are here, their established friends. They know their computer RUNS the current SL. Sansar is probably going to work best on high end computers and a huge portion of SL residents do not have those high end grafics needed to do it justice. As for reducing tenant lease rates, start in six months when the buy down is paid for, nothing lost for you then. They should understand. If they up and leave you the moment sansar opens, well you still havent lost anything from the buy down. Plus the *content* in Sansar is going to take a looooong time to ramp up. Even if it opened its doors to us tomorrow, it would be months or even a year before its really useful and the bugs are shook loose. For me, this means I am going to be paying tier on my two SL sims for *at least* another year or longer. USD$ 1200 saved per sim for that year... yeah, I'm good. Chances are pretty even that I will just turning around and dropping that money into Sansar for two sims over there in whatever land arrangment they have come up with. But that's just my take on it. I am really glad they did this. And you know, I havent noticed the big land barons doing much to their prices. They have always had lots of grandfathered sims, and that never seems to have affected the rates people (over) pay. But if you want to give up your land for feeling that your tail is in a twist. That is up to you, of course. Nothing says you have to buy down, it's not like they are making us do it. Me, I couldn't get it done fast enough!
  13. I would hazzard a guess that the most recent changes have been due to more people selling lindens to pay for the new tier buy-down. At $600 for regular estates or $180 for homesteads per sim, that has to have a lot of people cashing out more than usual. I did. I expect it will die down when summer settles in on us.
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