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  1. They know already also if not in a direct form. Letting the Creative Direction, that is not a committee but a work group, to state his definition of art, public and subscribed by the artist that want try the experience, make the direction. Is not a danger, is a resource because in this manner always all is fresh and new. Obviously i don't think on a group with same background, but a mixed group of artists in many different fields. In anycase a big step up from the actual stuck vision by the old committe.
  2. I am very fond of LEA, it was a beautiful project that allowed me to make many installations with moderate success. All are gone on Destination Guide, and i am very proud of this. It allowed me personal growth where SL become a extension of my RL. So, all the glory to LEA. But... something gone very bad, and i see almost all the proposal here don't focus on some simple points that have decreed the LEA failure (never seen a so big failure in SL). I see yet talking about the so called "committee". Implementing a monolithic solution like this was a huge mistake. Flying over the failure to comply with the established rules, there are at least three levels of activity that cannot be overlapped. - Creative direction, a small group of persons that really have experience about arts and declare in advance what they mean by the word "art" and make choices about the proposals, making their choices and votes public with extreme transparency and with limited duration in time (one two years max). The next Creative Directors make a new statement about the word "art" and develop its activity accordingly. And so next. A definition not carved in marble, but in evolution, that can be changed by each turning committe in the respect of fine arts definiton plus digital fine arts. Without a clear reference, everything is worth and all are artists. It doesn't work like that, not even on SL. Members of this level, chosen among the best recognized artists, committed themselves and invited experts to lectures and courses on art, one hour each for month. The material produced remains published and at the disposal of the Linden Labs Second Life School of Digital Fine Arts. Why start with a definition of word "art"? Because SL is a multicultural ambient, and for sure for a european the word mean something that is very different from a american or a japanese. - Communications and PR. Well, apart a very unused blog i never seen one from the old committee taking care of this area. Obviusly is a fundamental activity, making connections with SL community, developing and proposing partnerships, etc etc. Is useless list here all the activities that should be performed by this level. - Land management - one of the bigger failure on the dead LEA was the complete lack of rules about neighbors activities. Last time i found myself closed between 200 meters high walls, alone in my sim looking desolated this strange panorama. More well, there was a rule telling leave a passage between sim, but largerly ignored and abused, and no one seemed able to resolve. Is not so difficult build parcels 246x246 and give to artist in charge the ability to build only in this area leaving free 10 meters for side, i think. And so. The unnatural mix between this levels all in hands of few people made a big mess. Just visit the remaining LEA for see something that remember me SLB but ten years ago. Sorry, is really horrible. And mixing good levels works with very low end installations punish the best effort, not the worse. All become worse. This is just one point between many, i think is the main because not solving this, nothing is solved. Make full sims, parcels, etc etc is something that come after, not the main problem now. And obvious i count in digital arts (and have to be represented) landscapers, musicians, designer... all this categories have to be represented in Creative Direction. I can continue for hours, but ok for today is enough.
  3. In SL, windlight is not tied to wind, so clouds can go in the opposite direction of wind. Bit rudimental, with EEP coming.
  4. It is already, if you go a bit around you can see. I am happy you agree with me, i think i am realistic and obvioulsy what i write is just what i think. I told same things to committee time ago, i am not telling secrets. I told to Ebbe also, but the problem is: found out that something in the actual mechanism is not working in a perfect manner, how repair? Because the people that actually compose the committee can't be condemned to be a committee member for life... I believe that this is the main problem and find a clean solution is not simple. And more than the bylaws new and old i think missing true artists in committee is a big problem. Now is arrived also Sansar, where the LEA is completely useless by a practical point of view and for artists is a very interesting platform. We see... but for sure is not attacking on formal papers the committe that something go change.
  5. but they do, where is the problem if LL give some resources for free?
  6. Why? LEA is a good business for LL, they get a lot with minimum effort... but for sure Sansar is a good alternative for art, you can have 3 "sim" for free, more good tools and resources. As many already started notice.
  7. well, i don't think that this action i did was the smarter of my life... but i wanted try and i have learned something interesting. By committee side, they acted in correct manner from all side, for me is more than enough.
  8. Yes, i understand what you mean, but in this context skills are not so important. LEA is not a museum or "the best of the best". Is some sims that LL give for no money as a sort of big regulated sandbox for make artistics or supposed artistic works. I have a classical formation and i am a architect. Sometimes i suffer a lot looking what people can do calling this art, but this is maybe a personal problem, i don't go around as self proclaimed bailee of the true meaning of art for this, as others do here as principal and only activity in sl. i learned that is part of game, and is good so. And at the end if someone is so presumptous to think build art but build *****, why this have to be my problem? In anycase is a good thing that he/she have a occasion for act, make things and not just blablablabla... they think to be the new Caravaggio? ok, don't go angry, before or after the reality come, is sure.
  9. Not true at all, you have to fill a proposal and be judged by the committee. Obviously they can't know what you build really until you do, is enough normal i think. So between the proposal for sure there is someone that is a good writer but a bad builder... same than in rl, you don't think? And if someone like to stand alone in the center of a sim thinking that is art, well, this can be also true. LEA regions are to be used to promote art and artistic endeavors in Second Life, this is the scope. The tech side is just a part and in my opinion not the most important of the game.
  10. I think they are conscious of this, and for what i know they discuss on. in anycase, the problem is how do, not what do. Also in this long discussion, don't seem come out one of principal points in my opinion: as stated in LEA Wiki Page, the committee have to be guided by "a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists, ". In time, committee composition is changed and a balance between artists and marketing is gone lost. Actually no one renowned SL artist is part of the committee, and i don't know at all at least two persons in charge. For sure they are all good people, but i have some doubts about the "artistic" side... also taking this word in a SL mood. Is enough make a visit at the welcome area, LEA3, for see something that the worse noob of sl don't build and is work from a committee member. For be sincere i don't understand much of this area, Eupalinos rubbish dump included. There are so many talented landscapers in SL, make the welcome area as all the other sim of LEA, giving a round to architects for rebuild the welcome area every 6 months. But ok, this is only my tought and i am going out topic. By my side the question is why the renowned artist are all runned away from the committee, i don't mind at all about perestroika or oligarchy, in SL they are words without meaning abused for make a bit of consensus without success.
  11. madame Selfie Oh, you are so classy. mmm i adore you. but don't follow apw suggestion, he is a bad boy.
  12. Yes, you are right and for sure the mechanism have to be improved. Is also true that LEA don't have a long life, long enough for make a solid and low errors prone system. I do outing, hoping that no one go angry :). I had the same suspects that many have, is normal have in this situation that i think is heavy and ambiguous also for the committee members. So i did a bit dirty experiment. I sent a application form with a very unknow alt that i have and i use as inventory helper. I writed a true proposal, but with someone unknow. Well, my project was good and my alt had the sim. I like to say in public because after i felt much guilty... but for sure no one asked me something strange or tried to take over my unknow alt. I was much embarassed talking with the committe helper that wanted take care of me because newbie, and also more guilty when the work of my alt is gone in Editor Choice of destination guide. But this is my experience. I can talk only for me, obvious, but this is very real and CLEAN.
  13. Is the same, i don't mind on oligarchy. If things they must be false (and i don't think is so in the case of our "oligarchy") with a public vote is also worse. In first case you can know at least who is the responsible, in your case no, is just pay someone for vote (as often happen in SL awards). Very open to all sort of cheats.
  14. Sorry but no, i don't leave the discussion. Again, is you that loose focus and mix topics. Is obvious that for lea sim is the committee that decide, you don't think?
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