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  1. You did the right thing!.We all get the person who can't read or maybe doesn't understand English all that well. Unless you want to be some sort of rip-off artist (there are a few on the MP), the $$ really doesn't matter in the long run And in the words of the Immortal Tom Hanks/Forrest Gump.................."Stupid does as Stupid is" ( I know it's backwards!)
  2. Perfection may be tough, there are lots of listings on the marketplace. I have one from the Gal that started Dark Delights. I think she still has an in-world store, not sure about the MP. I'm happy with it as a "sometimes" thing, but have yet to figure out how someone could ride on my back
  3. Since last night (WEdS) Have not been able to use voice in local or IM on Firestorm or singularity
  4. Spent a leisurely day perusing new stuff on the MP. Found 5-6 items of interest that I threw into my cart. Mostly low cost items, but not all. Came back an hour later and all was gone and order history shows nothing. I can't possibly re-construct what was there, so the vendors lose out. I'm sure I will miss what I already have forgotten I had. Another day in SL
  5. look at the shoppes at Magika and Wasabi.it looks like Mesh hair to me
  6. Sorry..i think I found it on the MP while doing a search thru all the "tango" entries......and there are a LOT of them!!!!!.......LOL
  7. There is a slight "bounce" script you can get for your Tangos off the marketplace. I cost about L$25 and only works as you are walking.not dancing or other stuff
  8. I have bought several over the years.some just clothing layers, some with a bit of dripping animation. Prices vary WIDELY.as does quality. I can't recommend any specific brand since I don't know how "visible" you want it to be. I'd suggest a walk through the marketplace, searching on that word and rank them by price...low to high...at one time, there were a cple of freebies that you could get as well as some demos.
  9. Thanks for the store suggestions. I already have bought those designers a condo somewhere with all the goodies I've bought in them (Vitamen in particular!). But some of my other outfits beg for some additional detail of "reality", hence my quest
  10. ooops.guess I can't use the c word.so **bleep** or male genitalia was the subject
  11. Sometimes I like to wear sheer things and a prim **bleep** would look silly. There are lots of tattoo's/undies for female genitalia, but none for guys. I once paid a designer L$1000 to make one for me. I like it, but I would love to have some "variations" (down the leg, bigger, different angle, etc) and for my alt. Alas, the designer is no longer on SL. Anyone up to the challenge? Seems there could be a whole line of these......cut/uncut///skin tones///position//etc
  12. They must have removed it.I see Boi skins....but no tattoo
  13. one alt now finally works again, but another is still having non-delivery issues
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